Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watch Some Movies

There are a number of movies that have come out in the last few years that subtly display exactly what is happening in the U.S. and the world today. The first and the oldest is the Star Wars series. The character Palpatine, who turns out to be a Sith Lord, and becomes Chancellor, and eventually rules the Empire, uses subterfuge, sets up foreign wars of terrorism and finances them, then when they have served their purpose he turns on them and destroys them as well. After years of fighting terrorists which he had set up and financed, he then turns on the Jedi and calls them terrorists. Is this really so different than what is going on today? The U.S. finances terrorists, then sets up phony wars against them, blows up their own buildings and blames it on terrorists, then eventually turns every U.S. citizen into a potential terrorist. Turns the constitution upside down, (see hexagram fifty line one) then turns the entire country into a police state even though it doesn't appear to be such. (The best prisoner is one who doesn't know he is in prison) and eventually turns all freedoms into tyranny, and people don't even realize what has happened. Finally Chancellor Palpetine turns the Republic into an Empire. The same is happening here. And the biggest sorrow I have is that no one wants to see it. No one wants to face what is happening. But I recommend you watch the movie series,

I also recommend the "Matrix series" which tells a very similar story in the same way. The people think they are free but they are not. They think they have choices when they do not, and much of the story revolves around whether one can or cannot make choices. Do you really have a choice? Or is the choice you make really someone else's, someone who controls the news, who controls the information that you receive? That is telling you a half truth, and leaving a lot of the news out? Just things to think about. Are you free, or are you eternally in the "train station"?

There are also other movies who have issues hidden within their storylines that are a parallel of life on present day earth. They would be very good to watch.


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Courtney said...

Have you seen 'V is for Vendetta'? I recommend it if you haven't!