Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Few Notes Before March 1st

As I said I have been torn between posting and not posting due to the new laws being put into effect in the U.S. but the main problem is google. The SOPA and PIPA acts have been put on hold as there has been too much of an uproar over these laws. So, I may continue on in a new format after March, perhaps with a new computer and with a regular website not google related, and strictly I Ching or esoteric Christianity information.

People do not know how dangerous the situation is now. One of our top political leaders recently made the statement that there is an information war going on, and we, (the elite) are losing it. That is why there is such a hurry to stifle information on the internet. The mainstream newsmedia is locked by elite interests and any real news is not to be found there. The only way to get real news is through uncontrolled sources such as the internet, and the elite are doing everything in their power to shut it down, and I have no doubt that they soon will succeed.

At any rate, around March 1st, I will either be no longer posting, or I will post on a regular website. In the meantime, there is so much to post if I just get around to it. And here I will post something I thought about last night, that I think may be interesting to many people. But first, let me remind people that the thrust of the kind of work I do relates to the I Ching as a unique voice, conscious and aware, and it speaks wisdom to us. It is great to do readings and find out information about things going on in our lives, and about relationships, the daily things, but it is of paramount importance to understand the deeper spiritual aspects, and this is what this is all about.

In that vein, the I Ching has something very important to teach us in line two of hexagram forty eight. The lines say, "At the wellhole one shoots fishes. The jug is broken and leaks." When we go to the well to catch fish, the I Ching is not being used for the purposes it was meant to be used for. Not only are we not using it correctly, but the "Jug is broken." The jug is broken when we do not properly understand the message that is being presented. Our understanding is limited. This is related to hexagram twenty line two when we "see only through the crack in the door." But here, not only is our understanding and perception limited, it is actually faulty, and not only is it faulty, but it is being used in the wrong manner. We can use our perception in the wrong manner when we do not approach the sage in childlike innocence, as in hexagram four line five, or when we have ulterior motives which we are only vaguely aware of and are using the I Ching for selfish purposes rather than our own spiritual growth. The commentary says, "...and whoever comes to it comes only to catch fish." They do not understand the value of the water, and how it can replenish them, give them understanding, like the "man who has the secrets to make the kingdom flourish" in hexagram twenty line four.

The same is true in our relationships when we do not recognize the value of our partner. It can be true in our businesses when we do not recognize the value of the business, when we handle our relationships on a superficial level, and do not bother to discover the real problem in our relationship, or in our business partnerships. We can deceive ourselves into thinking everything is okay when it is not. We have an idea of what is needed but do not take it seriously enough to actually do it.

When we try to grasp water it simply rushes through the cracks between our fingers. When we try to hold onto relationships and businesses without proper understanding of the problem, without a basis for a true realization for the extent of the problem, it is like "the jug is broken." We cannot hold onto what we have. When the jug is broken we lose that which is most precious to us. When we lose that which is most precious to us, the water leaks out of the jug.

The commentary also says, "This describes the situation of a person who has good qualities but neglects them." We neglect our good qualities when we do not take care to maintain our relationships, when we do not attend to business as appropriately as we should. In this way the line has a relationship with hexagram sixty three, where everything is in order, but left to itself will surely deteriorate, and it takes a superior man who cares to maintain the situation. If we leave our relationships to themselves, and do not maintain them, in time they will fail. The same can be said of our businesses, our families, our social organizations. All things have this peculiarity about them that if left to themselves they ultimately deteriorate. The proper use of the wellhole, is the spiritual nourishment we receive from its teachings, not mundane day to day things per se, although if we seek the spiritual first, "all these things shall be added unto you." If we want a life that is blessed, we must attend to the things that are important in our life and keep them from deteriorating. And we must drink "from the living water that lasts forever."

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Deeply Torn

I am sorry that I have not posted in a few days. I am deeply torn and troubled about the current state of the union in the U.S. and things that are happening to the country and to the internet. I do not know how much longer I will have internet and/or cable service. If I drop it I will be totally isolated from the world with the exception of a few neighbors etc.

I feel the times are very troubling. I have a lot to write about. I do know however, that there are enough books out now, and magazines, or such, that the material I present is not unique to me, but many people know it. I do feel however, my approach to the I Ching is somewhat unique. I know of no source to get the type of material I am putting out. Much of the same "TYPE" of message however, can be found in esoteric Christian sources, such as books by Malachi Tao, one of whom's books is called, "The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas." Scientifically speaking, a great book has been out for some time called "The Holographic Universe," by Michael Talbot. A book called "Oneness" by Rasha is also very good. Peter Novak's books on "Division Theory" are very good. There are also some Indian Buddhist and Hindu masters who have written great books on the gospels from their perspective. Their names are too hard to attempt right now though. I will try to get some names tomorrow. The esoteric and spiritual sources of Christianity are very similar to Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist texts, but the church has changed them and created doctrines for their own purposes of control. When we see from fresh eyes, not the eyes of the church, we get a whole new perspective. For now I will try to get back to writing. I have been in Albuquerque a couple days this week and last, and I have been perplexed as to what to do, but I will try to continue with the best information I can possibly put out as long as I am online.