Friday, April 25, 2008

A short note about timing...and hexagram 7 line one.


Hexagram 7 line one was mentioned which goes to hexagram 19 as well. Just a quick mention about timing. It is apparent that the I Ching is very much about timing. We can see it in the sequence of the hexagrams, and we can see it in the progression of the lines. The first line relates to the beginning of a time sequence. In hexagram one, line one, we see that there is "a hidden dragon," and we are couselled not to act. In hexagram 2 line two, we see that it is the time when things begin to freeze over, and we must make note of the seasons. Since hexagram seven line one is yin, we look especially to hexagram two line one to understand its meaning. Line one of hexagram two says, "...solid ice is not far off." in other words, we are seeing the beginning of the forces of decay. In hexagram 7 line one, we are once again required to "look to the order of things." If the order is not good, disaster strikes. We cannot move forward until the fundamentals for union and for discipline are setup, so to speak. In a relationship, this could mean that we need to look at the signs of the relationship to determine where it is going. And in determining where it is going, we can look to the requirements for making that relationship stronger, for until the basis for unity is assured, we can make no progress in attempting to "close the deal" so to speak. We must "get our act together." Until we have unity and discipline within ourselves, we cannot expect it in relationships. It is only when we have taken control of ourselves, and controlled the hidden dragon that lines within, that we can have any success. "An army must set forth in proper order.