Saturday, June 18, 2011

Non Local Consciousness

Apparently I deleted the video which is too bad because it fit the topic and was very interesting. It was a video in which Deepak Chopra was interviewed and had to do with non local consciousness. Well, you might ask, "What has that to do with anything?" Just this. And this is backed up by the latest scientific discoveries. The significance is that consciousness is not in the body. It is non local. For years science has tried to tell us that consciousness is just an accidental byproduct of neurological and chemical activities within the body. Well, the latest science does not concur. In fact consciousness is not local and specific to an individual at all, but all of the so called material existence is that consciousness. Now, the rest is my own take on this. Consciousness only becomes specific to us when it is filtered through our own DNA, then through our belief systems, which can also be related to DNA, and to our own specific structures. So the consciousness that exists as a unified whole in the cosmos is watered down as it is filtered through our own mental or brain structures. In other words, our brain filters out much of the consciousness awareness before it reaches the conscious mind, it is still there in the subconscious, but is restricted from reaching the conscious mind by our attitudes and beliefs toward the cosmos. It is really incumbent upon all of us to review our belief system and try to determine exactly what it is that restricts us in our interaction with the world, and why we create the troubles in our life that we create. Consciousness is available to us, yet we filter out 90% of it to operate in this specific reality. Why is that so? Perhaps we were created specifically for a purpose that we are not aware of, and given a genetic structure that would allow only for so much data to reach our consciousness. And yet, there is no doubt the possibility of restructuring ourselves so that we have access to much more of this non local data and become much greater than we presently are.

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