Friday, June 10, 2011

A Short Look at Part of the Sequence

We discussed briefly the sequence of hexagrams eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, let's go back to hexagram sixteen and do a very short listing of the sequence of the hexagrams through the upper canon in relationship to our interaction with the sage.

Hexagram sixteen tells us that in order to grow spiritually with the sage, we must first gain an enthusiastic approach to life, and find something within ourselves that wakes up a germ of desire within us. There are spiritual forces around us that begin to enliven us, (see hexagram sixty one) and when we become inspired to follow hexagram seventeen tells us that we must find something within us that resonates with us, (hexagram sixty one again) and causes us to follow that lead.

In hexagram eighteen we learn to prepare ourselves for a spiritual path by cleansing ourselves of undue spoilage within our life. Then we can prepare an approach to the holy ones, (hexagram nineteen) or in modern terms, our teachers, and observe their ways and actions. (hexagram twenty) When we have gained instruction then we must bite through, (hexagram twenty one) and act upon the instructions we have received. But our actions must not be harsh or brusque. We must learn to soften our actions and refine our life. (hexagram twenty two)

Once we have begun to act, and also learn refinement, we must seek out our old belief systems (hexagram fifty seven) and systematically prune them or strip them from our lives,(hexagram twenty three) then replace them with the right belief systems, putting ourselves on the correct path and renewing our energies. (hexagram twenty four) When we correct our path and return to the right path, we attain innocence, (hexagram twenty five) which leads to a building up of internal power and a restraint of our wilder nature. (hexagram twenty six)

When we build our internal energies, and restrain them to make them grow greater, we receive a power within upon which we can engorge ourselves. We feast upon the teachings that we have received, and the results of the right actions we have performed. (hexagram twenty seven) In doing so, we become spiritually heavy, or shall we say, spiritual giants as we digest the material that has been given to us. (hexagram twenty eight) As such, the excess weight can put us into a bit of danger if we do not handle it properly. We can especially become arrogant about our spiritual growth, and forget the sage. But if we follow the central path, the two light lines of hexagram twenty nine, we pass through the danger unharmed, and receive deeper teachings from the sage. After following these steps correctly, we finally reach the final hexagram of the first canon in the book of changes, and become enlightened. Even more so, if we really understand the teachings, and "practice chariot driving and armed defense daily" (within ourselves, hexagram twenty five line three) we actually envelop ourselves in a body of light, and become like the "wild geese" in hexagram fifty three who "have left the earth far behind."

More later.

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