Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Global Warming Story

I will make this very short, but it is important. The government is now telling us that we either accept the global warming story or we are a polluter. Let me tell you how this works, and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am right. Global warming will continue throughout this present sun cycle number twenty four, which should last until about the year 2013. After that, the sun will be going into a calmer state. Much calmer than it has been for a long time, and that will mean cooling. Some scientists understand this, but some do not. Global warming, whether it exists or not, is a political tool to force us into buying expensive green equipment, including the green light bulbs that are starting to appear on the market now, but will be required next year.

In order to create a one world government, the power of the U.S. will be broken. This will be done by creating situations in which the stock market collapses, (the present downward trend may very well be short lived, but it will start again when they are ready to implement their plan), and millions of people will lose their life savings, their retirement funds, all so the international bankers and elite can take control and create a one world government centered in Europe, in which all money and property will be owned by the state and will only be loaned to people to use as long as it benefits the rulers. The global warming story is another plan to break the economic power of the common man,, as will be gas prices. Gas prices may go down for a little while, but believe me, they will not stay down. Global warming may be true for now, but it is being used as a political tool to destroy the economic power of the little person. If you don't think so, well watch it happen.


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