Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Update on Solar Cycle Twenty Four

I haven't heard any news report yet. And it may be squashed, due to the nature of it, but the scientists will still make their report. One thing they have found in very simple terms is that "the coronal holes which push these mass ejections are much more powerful than originally believed." That is a quote from Mitch Battros who discussed this on coasttocoastam.com last night. The scientific report is supposed to come out of laboratories in the state of New Mexico. Solar cycle twenty four is now expected to be up to 50% stronger than any cycle before it.

This year, expect a powerful hurricane season. And while we may be having global warming right now, expect that trend to reverse in a couple of years. This is likely to be a wild year weather wise as it is already showing to be. Expect it to get worse.


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