Thursday, September 29, 2011

Relationship Between High and Low

In the I Ching there is always considered to be existing a relationship between that which is above, and that which is below: between heaven and earth, and between male and female. Each person in a relationship of any kind must determine his or her proper role for him or her self, and the proper role in relationship to the other. There is also throughout the I Ching incorporated the concept of service. But who is serving who? It is always assumed that the servant serves the master, and so it is, but that is only part the story, because any relationship voluntarily formed between two people or a group of people is formed with the understanding that it is to be mutually beneficial. Therefore, while the servant serves the master, the master also in a different way, serves the servant. It is the duty of the master to only allow the servant to do only as much for the master as he can without diminishing the servant. As well it is the duty of the servant to serve only so far that it does not diminish self. Hexagram forty one line one's commentary says, "But the man in a superior position who is thus aided must weigh carefully how much he can accept without doing the helpful servant or friend any real harm."

As such in all our voluntary relationships, of any type, we must understand that there is a mutual reception within the relationship, making it a delicate issue that there be a relatively fair give and take. This should not be done by counting the tally and fretting or becoming enraged when it does not equal. Rather it should be a recognition within ourselves whether we are giving too little or too much. We do not need to focus on the other person, we need to focus on ourselves and how we ourselves are interacting.

In the same way, a relationship is formed between our lower selves and our higher selves. The higher self is not indentured to us in such a way that he/she gives us everything thing we need. We do the work we need to do, but the outcome is the gift of the higher self. Only it sees the greater picture and knows perfectly the path we are meant to take. We simply do the work. We work in the service of the higher self, but at the same time we work in service of ourselves. We do what must be done, without "counting on the harvest while plowing." We leave that to the higher self. When we are obedient to our ruler, here speaking of the higher self, which is enlightened, then as the commentary on hexagram thirty five says, "An enlightened ruler and an obedient servant -- this is the condition on which great progress depends."

In every relationship, we must understand our own role, and complete it. Sometimes we may fall into relationships, at least temporarily, where more is demanded from us than is given, but when we are in relationship with our higher selves, there is no possibility of being deceived or treated unfairly. We know that as we complete the tasks given to us, and when our questions are answered, that we will be rewarded, and given to fully. The way of the superior man is the way of recognizing and following the true higher self. We must recognize the higher self for what it is, and not be deceived by imposters, (parts of our own self that lead us astray, wishing as the ego does to be in control and run our lives for us, though it does not have adequate overall perception to do so.

When we choose our teachers, when we choose our gurus, our masters, who have gone before us on the spiritual path, we do so because we can see clearly that they have true capabilities that we do not have. Otherwise there is no point in accepting them into our lives or qualifying them as masters. They are only a master if they have truly mastered something, and that is something that can be demonstrable. We choose a master to follow because we know the master knows the way, and can help us improve. But the highest master of all, is that which is inside of us, waiting to come out and reveal him and her self to us, so that we can be "obedient servants," and like the dragon in hexagram one, "he completes the six steps at the right time, as though on six dragons." The higher self will never demand to much of us. it will teach us fairly, as we follow its lead, and become obedient to the enlightened master. But it does expect us to do our part, which is to follow its lead.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seeds Falling to the Ground

In keeping with the concept of cycles we find a very blatant passage that discusses cycles clearly and with commitment. The commentary on hexagram twenty three tells us, "The light principle is invincible because in its sinking it creates new life." The dark forces, as always, tend to undermine the light force, not confronting the light force directly, but discreetly, until it splits it apart. However, the commentary on hexagram twenty three also tells us that "The light principle cannot be wholly split apart." While the dark undermines it, it cannot fully subjugate it because just as fruit must decay before new seed can develop, so to, the light principle as it sinks, like fruit, renews itself. This is an eternal principle. It can never be changed. (See hexagram thirty two.) The same principle is discussed Biblically with the story of a grain of wheat falling into the ground and dying. It is also said that the early Church flourished by the blood of its martyrs. This is important to understand, that there is always a cycling of light and dark, high and low, prosperity and scantiness, good and evil. And we, when approaching the I Ching for our spiritual growth must decipher just where we are on the sine wave curve, and our proper action or non action based on the wavelength height and broadness that we are placed on. In this case it is said that "The superior man does nothing because the time has not yet come." In order to accomplish our will, or our duty, it is essential to understand when something can be undertaken and when it cannot. It is hubris and foolishness to at all times try to enforce our will.

In hexagram one we are told that "time is no longer a hindrance but the means of making actual what is potential." When we understand the signs of the times we can prepare properly, either with non action if it is called for, or action. But action must be based on what is right. Hexagram thirty four tells us that, "being intent on movement, we may not wait for the right time." If we act consciously and willfully, we act without the benefit of the highest principles. Hexagram twelve line four says, "He who acts at the command of the Highest remains without blame." In other words we must dispense with conscious will and forced action based on motives that are not pure, and do not come from the sanctity of a heart filled with love for the universe. We can make a lot happen for a while with conscious effort, but when we do so we become in synch with the dark force of hexagram twenty three that eventually undermines the light principle. We do not act at the command of the highest but from our own impure motives. Therefore, like the inferior man of hexagram twenty three line six, "Our house is split apart."

Sometimes we have to "wait for the rain" as in hexagram five. We are the small force of hexagram nine which can not produce the rain of its own, but when the six stages pass the rain comes in its own due time, not ours, and there is rest. If we try to force the issue we are "not plowing the field for its own sake," and we are "counting on the harvest" in contrast to the council given us in hexagram twenty five line two.

Finally, it is often when things seem their worst, when we "fall into the pit," as in hexagram five line six, or we "stray into a gloomy valley" that the "three uninvited guests arrive." (We receive help from spiritual sources.) Or "the man with the scarlet knee bands suddenly arrives." Things are not as they appear. It is only when we have full confidence in a power greater than ourselves, and yield (hexagram two) to that power that a light develops out of events, and we suddenly see the way. First comes the darkness, then the light,and as that is so, we should never despair.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It Always Cycles Around

The whole key to understanding the I Ching ultimately is to understand cycles. The I Ching is replete with warnings that one must wait for the right timing to attempt anything. It's way of saying it is to "cross the great water." Secondly, one must understand the principle of balance. One must ultimately balance the principles of yin and yang and incorporate them into one's way of life. Hexagram five is a great example of the first principle in that the message comes through loud and clear that we must wait for the right time. The commentary on the Image says, "Fate comes when it will, and thus we are ready." But the second principle is incorporated into the hexagram as well. While it is important to understand that we can only wait for the rain, we must also work while waiting for the rain. In this way we use action in conformity with the principle of non action, as describe by Lao Tzu. The principle of non action does not mean that we do nothing, we must prepare, but we do not presume upon the actions that we perform to create the rain, it comes in its own time. In this way we balance yin and yang naturally and harmoniously.

And here is a third principle. While it is true that all things are performed through non action, (although we prepare the ground) it is our own inner attitude that ensures success when we apply these principles. Man cannot make it rain, he can only prepare the ground so that when the rain does fall he receives its harvest. But he cannot presume upon the results. He can only make sure his inner attitude is correct. "The commentary says, "It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any sort of self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized." It is only when we have this light that we can perform "actions" which are in accord with the principles of the universe, and that when the cycle peaks we will be ready and be "fortified" (line five). When we produce the right kind of actions, based on inner truth, (hexagram sixty one) when the cycle comes around we will be ready to receive (hexagram two and non action) the fruits of our labors. Actions are merely in harmony with the inner light of understanding that is only given us when our inner attitude is correct. We cannot tempt fate, we must "go out resolutely to meet it."

The commentary on the image says, "We should not worry and seek to shape the future by interfering in things before the time is ripe." Worrying and actions contrary to the signs of the time (Hexagram two line one) would result in failure. We must understand the cycles and properly balance yin (non action) with yang (action) Hexagram one speaks of the great man climbing the stairway to heaven by doing the right thing during the right cycle of time, and thereby becoming a "Chuang Tzu" or a "self realized" person. Non action does not simply mean doing nothing, but doing the right thing at the right time in accord with the cycles of heaven. One reaches success in this way. One cannot fight the flow but merely go with the flow. By going with the flow he or she is doing actions that are in conformity with the principle of non action.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Correction, and New Info

I made a mistake in my math in one place yesterday. I feel very foolish. I checked it maybe three times, but it seems if I don't set something a side for a short time, I make the same mistake each time I check. Begotten Son does not come up to 132. It comes up to 136. However, his only son comes up to 150 which is the gematric equivalent of 151.

Now, that being said, this subject is too vast and too deep to give it any kind of substance. Just a few things in passing and we can move on. If any one has the original version of "City of Revelation" by John Michell, (it has long been out of print) they will see how we used phrases in the original Greek in the verses in Revelations 12:18, ("Here is wisdom, Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. and his number is Six hundred, three score and six.") that in the Greek Gematria, the number of the beast is the equivalent for the number of Jesus Christ. It works differently in English, but you can get a slightly variant version of this same message in the English, But we can see it even more in Revelations 17:5. So to make a long story short, and save time, lets just look at the variant meaning of the verse by the rules of Gematria. There are many translations possible, all giving a very similar message, But here is the translation I wish to convey today in the interest of time.

"The number of his name Jesus(or his son), the mother of Jesus's, an image of the best, of the devil."

Now, one might say, how does this make sense? Well, the book of Revelations was written on one level, and only one, it has many meanings, as an attack on what became the official Christian Church, the Catholic and all the protestants. Mother of harlots refers to the mother church, the Catholic, and the harlots are the protestant churches that come out of her. Now, that is not to totally impune the present Christian churches, but the message is that the truth truly is a "mystery Temple;" that it is not for the common person to know the truth, the common folk cannot understand it, it is unfathomable to them. The exoteric version of Christianity is like a "beast? that consumes itself in anger toward everything that would disagree with it. The history of the church is one of torture and horrendous acts of cruelty against any and all that would threaten it. This actually has some truth regarding all religions. The exoteric version of religion creates a fanaticism that is undiminished in its hotility toward all that is opposed to it. The esoteric does not have this quality, but includes a universal understanding of the meaning of all as brother. Doctrine does not matter, only love matters. But most people must pass through the exoteric in order to get to the esoteric. Just don't get stuck there. We will talk more about this on occasion.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gematria and Mystery Bablyon

There have been a few books out lately about Biblical codes and electronic space sequencing to find revelations in Biblical writings which have caused controversy. Many people just do not believe they are there because it boggles their mind. Many people do not believe many things simply because it boggles their mind and that is not a valid reason for not believing something. When we see evidence of something that shakes our world view it is wise to question our world view, not just throw the evidence away. And many, many people are guilty of this very thing. It can be very scary to see our world view shaken.

But we must allow our world view to be shaken; we all, all of us have a limited world view. We see life through rose colored glasses, and this is true because we underestimate the reality of "Spirit" in our world. The ancient Jewish Scribes knew centuries ago of many types of codes in their sacred literature. The Kabbalists even today write of many such codes, although the deeper ones are kept secret. The thing that really blows me away, is that we can find at least some codes even today in the English language Biblical text as long as we use the King James version. For example, letters can be changed to corresponding numbers and words with the same number correspondent can be substituted for each other. There are two variations in this in English, each of which can serve a purpose. Today, I will only be utilizing one of them. The first is that each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a number with a equaling one, b equaling two and so on up to z which would equal twenty six. The second version would consist of a equaling one, j equaling 10 and k equaling twenty, then s equaling 100 t equaling 200 up to z equaling 800. I will concern myself only with the former here.

There is not time to give detailed explanations. You can do the math for yourself if you wish to see if I am correct, and I am certainly capable of making addition mistakes while I hastily do this to try to prepare, but the overall system is correct. And since time does not allow, I will simply use a very famous quotation in the book of Revelations to show how this works. That verse is found in Revelations chapter seventeen, (seventeen and multiples of seventeen) is a number that comes up consistently in Revelations. The exact verse is five. Revelations 17:5. the words are capitalized in the king James version, showing that it is extremely significant in its implications. And I quote: "And upon her forehead was a name written. "MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." You can do the math yourself or just believe me that the numbers are correct. In transferring letters to numbers we have the following, starting with the capitalized letters only. 125+71+33+51+33+79+21+93+19+132+21+33+52.

No, we will break these down into phrases,starting with "Mystery Babylon." Mystery equals 125 and Babylon equals 71. 125 is 5 to the third power. (squares and above are extremely significant numbers in the code, but we won't concern ourselves too much with that right now.) 125+71 equals 196 which is fourteen squared, or seven squared times two squared. Now, it just so happens that 71 is also the number for temple. So in gematria codes we could substitute, then we have mystery temple. Next appears the words the Great. The great together equals 84, By the rules of gematira we can change one digit by one, (on rare occasions two) so we can change it to seventy four which is the equivalent of Jesus. The equivalent of harlot is 74, and the number for Jesus is also seventy four. So now we have mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's. Next we have and abominations the combined words and abominations comes out to 151 which is the numerical equivalent of Jesus Christ. So now we have, "Mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's Jesus Christ. Finally we have "of the earth." Of the earth is the numerical equivalent of "of the Devil." So we have "Mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's Jesus Christ of the Devil. But there is another way we can read it too. Begotten Son equals 132 which is the numerical equivalent of abominations. So we could read it as "Mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's and begotten son of the devil." But 74 is also the number for energy. So we could read this as "Mystery temple energy, Mother of energy and begotten son of the devil." This could go on, but it is meaningless unless we find a way to apply it. That will have to come later. This post is getting too long.

More later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Side Post

I have been listening to several, many talk shows lately, and reading as much as I can, and have received information recently that is blowing me away, when I thought I knew pretty much everything. I cannot even begin to pass much of this information on. Most of the material is not new to me but has been put in such a light I have to redigest and regurgitate this material on a regular basis to fully understand it. So many people automatically assume that when you talk about 2012, conspiracies, weather patterns, etc., you are just trying to instill fear or reacting fearfully yourself. Nothing could be less true. There is a golden new age coming and it is going to be unbelievable. It is appearing more and more that in this new age people are going to become fairly adept at CREATING THEIR OWN REALITY. Yes, I mean exactly that. This is coming. But the world rulers, the elite, who operate from behind the scenes do not want mankind to know this or be able to put it into practice because it marks the end of their rule. That is why we see in mainstream news daily more and more information that those in the know would understand as a financial rape of the world's economy for the sake of the elite. The hum that many people are reporting hearing in their cities is caused by the creation of underground bunkers as those who are elite, and have a technology that is not available to the common man, to be used to protect themselves from the mayhem that is coming. At the same time, they are forcing inoculations on people presumably to protect us from flues and viruses, but really have cancer causing ingredients in them, as well as other dangerous substances. See the story about inoculations in Texas where young women are being brain damaged by drugs in vaccines. Of course the drug companies dispute it, but it is being reported all over Texas.

There is too much to talk about. Who knows what comet Elenin is all about? There is much speculation on it. I don't know what to think. So many things happen that those in the know realize have deep connections in the human psyche, but don't create any disturbances big enough for the who are strictly on the literal level to notice. This is an exciting time in many ways. We are gaining so much knowledge so very rapidly, yet the majority of the world still concerns themselves with such things as "Dancing With the Stars" or college football, at the expense of any real education. Education does not end at the senior year, it is a lifelong challenge. And there is far more to the world than what we learn in college.

As I digest these things, and come to understand them better, I will try to pass on all the information that I think is really valid. As the apostle Paul said, "Wake up, thou that sleepest." And as Jesus said, "When you see these things happen, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh." These things are not to be taken necessarily literal, although sometimes there are literal aspects to the story, but the real story, in all sacred literature, is allegorical and symbolic, and not to be taken literally. The trouble is there is no end of learning the meanings, and will we ever get to the bottom of it? Well, the book of Daniel says of the last days, "Many shall run to and fro, (traveling from place to place regularly) and knowledge shall be greatly increased." We are living in the last days, (of the Piscean age) and knowledge is beginning to be greatly increased, more so than we can imagine, even about the allegorical meanings of the books. A new age is coming. There is much destruction in the meantime, but we will survive overall, and face a glorious age more than anyone can imagine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Continuing with "Involuntary Relationships"

Finishing up with the individual lines aspect of hexagram thirty one, the commentary on line five says, "What takes place in the depths of one's own being, in the unconscious, can neither be called forth nor prevented by the conscious mind." Here we have further discussion revealing that there is a deeper part of ourselves, and that deeper part is a connection with the universal subconscious, or what some might define as God. Universal attraction works to "bring those together who belong together." (See hexagram forty five line two, and hexagram sixty one.) True relationships, ones that are meant to be, are natural and develop without conscious manipulation or plotting. They truly come from the primal depths of the universe. Hexagram sixty one gives us further information on the meaning of this where the commentary says, "This force is not identical with simple intimacy or a secret bond. Close ties may also exist among thieves; it is true that such a bond acts as a force but, since it is not invincible, it does not bring good fortune. (And the next part is paramount) All association on the basis of common interests holds only up to a certain point. When the community of interest ceases, the holding together ceases also, and the closest friendship often changes into hate."

We must, review our motives and definitions of the relationship which we hold close to us. Is it one based on true universal attraction, or is there a hidden motive within us that drives us to maintain the relationship; perhaps for the sake of status, or financial gain, or lust, or fear of loss?" Only we can answer those questions within the depth of our being. But we must be honest with ourselves. If the motive isn't pure, and it isn't love, the relationship cannot hold as we cross the wildernesses and trials of life. The sixth line carries on the same theme. It speaks of "superficial ways of trying to influence others." Mental exercises designed to manipulate or coerce will not work in the long run, and will in fact backfire eventually. Talk that has nothing behind it does not truly influence those that are really meant to be with us.

When the second and fifth line changes, the resulting hexagram is thirty two, which in some ways carries on the same theme although in a slightly different context, but more on that later.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Involuntary Attraction

We think we make conscious decisions on who we re attracted to and why. But do we? The commentary in book three on hexagram thirty one says, "...hence it represents an influence that is unconscious and involuntary, not one that is conscious and willed. Relationships that are conscious and willed are more likely to be based on baser desires, not true spiritual love. The commentary in book three for line four says, "Thereby it limits its influence, everything is shifted to the conscious plane, and the inner light darkens. As soon as we use manipulation, as soon as we use force, as soon as we contemplate, we lose the inner light. We know longer have the feeling for who we really should be involved with. We know longer allow that inner "secret force" to operate. We operate in darkness, not in light. The conscious mind, the ego, thinks it knows all. It thinks it can manipulate and control everything to its advantage, but it ultimately fails because it does not have that "inner light."

It is not easy to let go of conscious manipulation. It is difficult to understand, even more so to maintain that "inner light." What is it? When we allow the "secret forces" to work, then things come out as they should. The commentary on the decision says, "The holy man stimulates the hearts of men, and the world attains peace and rest." It is to be understood that the holy man has no conscious intention of creating effects within the common man that would be beneficial strictly to the holy man. We affects others, and stimulates them because of the nature of his being, and exudes an energy that others can at least unconsciously recognize as of a superior quality. Thus they naturally want to be like him. In such a case the superior man creates an effect not even known to himself necessarily that creates peace on earth. It creates peace on earth because he has already created peace within himself.

In our relationships it is necessary to that we create peace within ourselves,for that peace will also affect our partner, who in turn will feel more peace. This is the real confidence that should be attractive to women. All too often, we are attracted to a superficial kind of confidence that really amounts more to arrogance, and is surface only. When we are the right person, we are attracted to and attract the right person. When we are not, we don't. Everything depends on letting go and trusting. Everything depends on letting that "inner light" shine in our lives. Everything depends on following the natural way. The more we can follow the natural way, the more our lives are enhanced and we live in harmony with the universe.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Quiet Force of Character

Many lines of the I Ching are based on explaining the "natural way" of attracting, and how it must be truly natural, not forced. Hexagram twenty five especially depicts the power of the natural way. Conscious effort is limited, and sometimes destructive if not combined with the power of the heart. As the Japanese would say, "Pen and sword in accord," so we might say, "Head and heart in accord." Both must be present and utilized, but it is the trust in that deeper aspect of ourselves that keeps us free of hubris, humble, and free from the wrath of the universe.

Therefore, the commentary on hexagram thirty one line four says, "Here the place of the heart is reached. The impulse that springs from this source is the most important of all." In our relationships it is the heart that matters. We cannot logically induce a relationship to be effective. It must be a matter of feeling. But that feeling cannot be simply consciously induced. It must spring from a deeper source. If it does not come from that deeper source it is an act of lust and not love. The commentary goes on to say, "When the quiet power of a man's own character is at work, the effects produced are right." That quiet power comes from following the "natural way" (hexagram twenty five). It cannot be merely a conscious effort. Woman intuitively understand this. It is just their nature. Men are more inclined to be cerebral and consciously act. But when we follow the "natural way" the universe produces the right effects for us at the right time. We can trust this "natural selection." For it corresponds to a higher truth spoken of in hexagram sixty one. "Its young answer it." In other words, there is an inner affinity which the conscious mind knows nothing about, but the heart strings are pulled and there is an inner knowing beyond the consciousness that makes us realize that this relationship is natural and approved by heaven itself. Then we understand the truth of hexagram forty five line two where the commentary says, " There are secret forces at work, leading those together who belong together. We must yield to this attraction, then we make no mistakes." We do not try to force things. We let them flow of their own nature. We must follow the inner promptings without conditions spelled out by the conscious mind.

The use of force leads us to conditions spelled out in hexagram thirty four, where the commentary says, "But its strength has already passed beyond the median line." The median line is the balance between our conscious and subconscious minds. When we go beyond that point, we start to try forcing things to fulfill our personal desires. The commentary says, "Hence there is danger that one may rely totally on one's own power (soley on the conscious mind) and forget to ask what is right" (forget the power of the universe and its willingness to guide our lives, hexagram two) The conscious mind knows nothing of the "secret forces that are at work." It sees only its own needs and the conscious way of forcing the issue. The conscious mind does not know about the timing of the universe, and therefore, by not asking, "being intent on movement, (fulfilling our desires) we may not wait for the right time." We cannot force an issue. it just doesn't work, because it goes against the flow and the timing of the universe, and disrupts the "secret forces at work that bring together those who belong together." Hexagram thirty one and forty five have a similarity of message in this respect. The commentary on line four says, "All those who are receptive to the vibrations of such a spirit will then be influenced." They are influenced because of the nature of the universe to complete all matters in the time frame prescribed by the inner workings of the universe, not our conscious efforts to manipulate.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Encouraging Others to Approach (More on Thrity One)

The image of hexagram thirty one says, "Thus the superior man encourages people to approach him By his readiness to receive them." But in order to be ready to receive others who approach us we must make ourselves available. We make ourselves available by going out into the world and accomplishing something that others can take notice of. To throw ourselves at people never works. It doesn't work for either sex. To throw ourselves at others almost insures a reaction of abhorrence and backing away. Attraction is very slow. (See hexagram fifty four.) Line one tells us that the movement or attraction is first just an impulse and in the beginning is not even noticeable to others. We should do nothing to make it known before it is time. Line two tells us that "tarrying brings good fortune." In other words, we should not make our desires known too quickly. Even after the earliest stages, it is advisable to keep our desires in bounds and not let them become noticeable. The commentary says, "One should wait quietly until one is impelled to action by a real influence." In other words, we should wait until the attraction becomes apparent and obvious, meaning, we should be able to see it in the other person as well as within ourselves. We must be sure that the attraction is real and not a mirage or one sided.

Even then it is wise to be careful. Line three tells us in the commentary that "he should never ignore the possibility of inhibition, for this is the basis of human freedom." We should never show our hand too quickly. We should never do anything that is going to put pressure on the other partner to make a premature decision about the depths of their feeling for the other. It has been said that "the one who cares the least in a relationship has the upper hand." This seems cruel in a way but it is true. Oddly enough, not caring translates into caring because it relieves the other partner of all burden of responding. It leaves the other person free to become their own self and choose their own path. It seems senseless and yet is very sensible, and not caring is caring.

The upper lines will be discussed later.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Little About relationships in Thirty One

I know some people came here to hear about relationships and not the more esoteric portion of the I Ching, and I want to try to please everyone as much as possible. My big thing, and my greatest knowledge lies in areas regarding our "personal relationship" with the I Ching, and the way the I Ching speaks of itself in every line, and every comment. Nevertheless, most people are more mundane in their desires and understanding and I will try to accommodate that.

Relationships are tricky, because men and women do not understand each other. Some men understand women quite well, and are successful with them because of that, but even they, in the long run, will run into difficulties that they cannot understand or control. Even in Ni Hua Ching's book of the I Ching, he states that his own mother told him that even highly advanced spiritual men have trouble with women. How smart she was. When I was younger, I sometimes heard first the man speak of his problems with his wife, and later hear the woman state the problems with the husband, and upon hearing their arguments, I would come to the conclusion they are not even talking about the same spouse, it was as if they were married to too different people. The arguments weren't relating to each other at all, and it seemed as if there was a complete disconnect. Because of that, I came to be under the illusion that I understood women fairly well. Well, no, I didn't, and I paid a high price for my lack of knowledge. I had no idea, in many cases, how I was coming across or what the other person was thinking. It was a language foreign to me.

Here is a problem some men have with women. Hexagram thirty one line three says, "Every mood of the heart influences us to movement. What the heart desires, the thighs run after without a moment's notice." When men see something they want, they go after it. There is really not a lot of thought put into it, they just go after it. This is what they have been taught. In a football game you keep slugging away until the competition folds. A shoe salesman doesn't give up on a sale the first time he receives a no. Men tend to go directly to the goal. This is their upbringing and their nature, and what makes them successful; which is ironic because women want men who are successful, but the very means of becoming successful are the very means that so often turn a woman off.

So what is the solution for men? Well, first of all, it is necessary that we hold back. Too much interest too early can drive a woman away fast and can have really negative effects on his social life, which he is not likely to understand. His initial reaction to the rejection is to think, "women don't like me." He is totally unaware of his own participation in bringing about the rejection that he receives. The line goes on to say, "In the life of a man, however, acting on the spur of every caprice is wrong and if continued leads to humiliation." It is essential for men especially that they learn to hold back their own desires and cravings, whether it's love or lust, and let things flow normally. Women are more in tune with the natural flow, men are more in tune with "making things happen." It works in the outside world, although even there with many qualifications, it does not work with women.

But women too can be guilty of this. It has been said that too many women wear their wedding dress on the first date. It is different with women, and it is only likely with someone they are really, really attracted too, but it can happen. If we show our eagerness too much it puts a pressure on the other person. They other person is pushed into deciding right away how much they like someone, how well it will work, and is it what we really want.

The commentary goes on to say, "First, a man should not run precipitously after all the persons whom he would like to influence. but must be able to hold back under certain circumstances." This comes in the hexagram called, "Attraction" or "Influence," or "wooing." It is one thing to hear these words, it is another to be socially experienced and learn how to skillfully put them into practice. That is the difficult part.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Short Note on "The Matrix"

In reference to the popular movie: I watched the first one of the series last Friday, and I was struck by a couple of things I might discuss right now very shortly. First of all, we should not take many of the screenwriters of Hollywood lightly. This people often get their story lines from something that is going on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. Or at least most of us don't. It is questionable whether these people get the ideas for their movies based on their own inside knowledge as being part of the "elite" or whether they have information about the "elite" that we do not have. Some have suggested that the elite have this notion that they should always tell their "victims" what they plan to do in story form, or some secretive way, making the "victims" responsible for their own demise because they did not listen. I think in some cases this is true. Another film coming out of Hollywood I have heard about is about some mysterious disease that wipes out much of humanity. In actuality, this is planned by some of the elite in order to reduce the population of the earth. So the question remains, "Where do the Hollywood writers and producers get their story lines? Will we ever know? Before I sound too conspiratorial, let it be said that there are those elite also who are on mankind's side, and are trying to help us as much as they can, and they may be writing these stories as well in order to help mankind in the dangers they are facing in the near future.

All of that being said, back to the Matrix. If you have seen the movie, perhaps you remember the part where Morpheus is captured, and being raked over the coals for being human, so to speak. The evil personality, Mr. Smith tells Morpheus that mankind is an evil "taker" who destroys what ever there is to consume, and moves on to greener pastures where all other mammals tend to strike a balance with their environment. He says something to the effect that humanity is a "cancer" that needs to be eradicated. He considers them useless, spineless, and a rash upon the face of the earth. His intention is to do his part in wiping humanity out. This is not unlike the thinking of the elite who wish to decimate the earth's population through whatever means necessary. Some even go farther and wish to wipe out all mankind, except themselves of course, and a few totally crazy ones wish to wipe out "ALL" of humanity, including themselves. This is well documented in their own written statements. (No, I can't produce them, but they do exist.)

Now, here is another reason the elite wish to wipe out humanity now. The elite have always existed as the extreme upper class of society, and have always used the lower class as peon's and peasants, paying them with little more than the opportunity to exist. They cannot stand a middle class, and they cannot stand a super knowledgeable, highly educated society. For this reason they lie to us continually in our educational system, and they are doing everything right now to destroy the middle class. The world's economies are presently in serious danger of collapsing. But here is the biggest reason it is happening now, and it is discussed in the movie Matrix. What Mr. Smith is concerned about is a coming time when there will be "a world without boundaries or rules: a world where anything is possible." He does not want this. His existence, and the very existence of the elite on this planet is to make sure that there is order (which comes out of the chaos they themselves create) and there are boundaries, and mankind knows nothing of the technology which could truly set him free so that nothing at all is impossible. Mr. Smith cannot tolerate a world without boundaries. Mankind must be held in check. This is exactly what is happening on earth right now, and the writers and producers of this show and several others are telling us in a way that for most people only the subconscious picks up on, but most people do not want to think, they only want to be entertained, and see nothing serious in this movie. Yet we know the truth, and as such will eventually take the world to another level where "anything is possible," and they cannot stop it, thought they can create a lot of destruction in the meantime. World without end. The new age is upon us, if we will only respond, and allow it to overtake us.

Friday, September 09, 2011

When Ribbon Grass is Pulled Up

Hexagram twelve line one tells us that "When ribbon grass is pulled up, the sod comes with it. Each according to his kind." Whenever we discover a truth, there are almost always other truths that come with it. When we uncover a truth about another person, someone we are related to, or a business partner, or when we uncover a truth about a given situation, we also uncover the things that cling to it. When we find one thing we find everything that is attached to it, at least if we are open to it. And in the I Ching, when we open one door, other doors come open as well.

Therefore, and we will make this real short today, when we learn the meaning of a given line in the I Ching, we learn the meaning of many lines, for they are all connected, they cling to one another (hexagram thirty). But everything must be in a given context. Without a context, nothing has any real meaning. If we are trying to find direction, and look at a given object to help us get that direction, we must of necessity have a second object or point of departure to make any sense out of it. It we look at one object, without any second point, if even that second point is just the way the walls are facing of that one object, then we are as lost as we always were.

Therefore, in studying the I Ching, it is extremely, and I mean extremely, important to recognize that there is no one meaning to the lines. The lines mean nothing except in relationship to the context we give it, even if that context is nothing more than our own inner perception. As such none of the lines have any meaning. They are just out there and have no value until a value is given it by a perception. Therefore, while the lines of themselves have no meaning, since the means of perceptions are infinite, so is the meaning of the lines, and the only way to ferret out the meaning for ourselves is to understand the context in which we are placing those lines. As we do this, we grasp the meaning by the "sod that comes up with the ribbon grass." In other words, what clings to the question that is posed? Even if that question is one of mere spiritual guidance. What clings to this line? What clings to our answer? And we can only develop that within ourselves, and no one can do it for us, for if someone else is giving us the second point of departure, it is not according to our own kind. I do not mean that to mean no one can do a reading for you, I mean that in the sense that the point of departure must be clear in your own mind. When we allow the answer to infiltrate into our deeper mind, and then surface, (see hexagram sixty one) then we understand it in a way that has meaning to us. Therefore, the value of a blogsite like this is to only point to the moon but cannot be the moon itself. And the meaning I ascribe to the lines is only true in a certain context, and should not be taken as the gospel truth, only as a second point of departure, so that when the answer does come up, the sod comes with it. Always look within. Others can be a guide, put they can only point the way. They cannot take you there, because they do not have your point of departure.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Inner Attitude

Hexagram forty nine line two speaks of the need to have a proper "inner attitude." The exact quote is, "The first thing that must be considered is our inner attitude toward the new conditions." It is a truism to say that inner attitude is everything. That is not necessarily the outer attitude, or the attitude we show to others, but the real feeling deep down inside that creates our reality. Hexagram thirty gives us a slight hint of this when it speaks of "The Clinging." There can be no yin without yang and vice versa. There can also be no yang without yin. Yin cleaves to yang and yang to yin, because, while they represent two equal and opposite forces, they are really one. The commentary on hexagram thirty says, "So too the twofold clarity of the dedicated man clings to what is right and thereby can shape the world." Our inner attitude must be one of 'clinging to what is right." When we do this we are in harmony with the "Source of all things," that great universal subconsciousness, and create the reality that is right for us. Before we can do this we must have a transformation of, (revolution in) character. Hexagram thirty five tells us that "The real nature of man is likewise originally good, but it becomes clouded by contact with earthly things and therefore needs purification before it can shine forth in its native clarity." That transformation,revolution, purification, are one and the same things. When we transform ourselves, creating a revolution within, and purify ourselves, then we are able to "shape the world."

But let not a person think that he or she can do this by him or herself. One must have contact with, and cling to the 'bright" and allow that action to work within. One must "retreat" (hexagram thirty three) from the lowly and the mundane, and put his sights on a much higher goal. In this way he does not serve "kings and princes, but sets himself higher goals" (hexagram eighteen line six). The key to becoming a "superior person" is to "develop oneself to such a high degree that they are justified in letting the world go its own way..."

Hexagram forty nine line two also says, "When one's own day comes, one may create revolution." One's own day comes, when he "brightens his bright virtue, and becomes the "superior man." We have "revolutionized ourselves, and created a person who can let the world go by. When we become the superior person then we can create "revolution" in our world. But the "inner attitude" must be correct. We must recognize the "Source" of our power, and not think that we, in our "little" selves can create great changes in our world. We only do so by creating change in ourselves and then change in the outer world comes automatically, with us realizing nothing, except noting the changes within ourselves. Attitude is everything. Our inner attitude creates. We must "practice chariot driving daily" until we forge within ourselves the understanding of the true nature of the universe. When we have changed ourselves, then as line four of forty nine says, "Remorse disappears. Men believe him. Changing ... brings good fortune. We create our own reality.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Alchemy and Other Things

Well, President Obama is going to give a speech on Thursday about his new plan for the economy, and he has already given a hint about it. Of course his hint had nothing to do with his actual plan but his request that congress stop stalling. This is a very serious matter and can lead to a lot of speculation as to what is going on. I am more curious about this than anything in the past since I know the signs of the times, and we are seeing unusual things happen. Political leaders, and I think Obama included, have called the tea party part of congress economic terrorists, and his speech may, and I am only saying may, be a preclude to the installment of martial law which is going to happen within the next couple of years. This is almost guaranteed. Even presidential candidate Ron Paul recently said this is the plan, that they are getting us ready for this. For those of you out there who don't believe this, when you see it happen, it may be a wake up call and will make you realize then that there is a bigger story on this planet. Enough said for now. We will see what his speech entails.

A new book is coming out that supposedly debunks all the conspiracy theories about the destruction of the twin towers. I look forward to it happening. It is time someone debated this instead of just laughing at the people who question the official story. Years ago there was a debunking of sorts in the "Popular Mechanics" magazine, the debunking was superficial, it had a lot of incorrect data in it, and the author is by all appearances a disinformation specialist. I suspect the same thing of this author, but we will see. I will try to read the book.

For those who like books, there is one on alchemy, and the means of creating long life, available on a website called, The book is free. Go to the site and click on "The golden age has begun" to download the book for free. I think people will find it quite interesting.

The earth is heating up; I am not talking about heat wise as in global warming, although there is an aspect of that too, but activity is getting very serious. Earthquakes are, while not in the news, happening all over the globe. Volcanoes are set to go off everywhere. This can no longer be denied, but you will see very little of it in the daily news. We are about to implode. I am not talking end of the world, but I am talking about a desperate attempt by the global elite to elicit final and full control over all humanity. They will not hesitate to kill billions in order to achieve their goals. This will happen soon because they know we soon will have the technology, thanks to books like mentioned above, to live very long lives. We are going to advance immensely soon in technology as well, and if they do not act now, they will not be able to control us any longer.

There is a new movie out about the Apollo eighteen mission. For the public, there was no such mission, but secretly there was. I look forward to seeing the movie, as soon as possible. The story line is about something very strange on the dark side of the moon. I have known about this for years, and do not see it as fiction. Those who care to see the movie can make up their own minds, is it fiction or not. I suggest it is not!

Monday, September 05, 2011

An Available Man

Well, this post may not be exactly what it sounds like, but there is a connection. A play on words, there, connection, because as I have so often harped on, there is the need for a connection with a "superior man," in other words, with the higher self. Hexagram forty nine line two discusses this a bit. The commentary says, "There must be available a man who has the requisite abilities and who possesses public confidence." In receiving this line we must again determine who the speaker is, and then the subject. If the subject is we ourselves, then we are being described as the person who can bring order out of chaos; the one who "creates the new conditions, forms the revolution." Otherwise we are looking for someone we can follow who will do this for us, whom we can support. We find many hexagrams that describe to us the rules of following and leading. It is a main characteristic of the book.

In relationships we must find our place and how we interact with our partner. Do we want to be a leader? Or do we want to follow our partner's lead? If we are not a leader, will we lose the respect of our partner? Remember as in the last post, that hexagram eight teaches us that people have a natural desire to unite. But we must discover within ourselves whether it is our place to lead or to follow. If we are to follow have we found the right leader? If in our relationships we have a tendency to follow, is it the right person to lead us? All of these questions must be answered and we must discover our place in the whole.

But there is a case here where the higher self is the speaker, and it is speaking to us of itself. The commentary says, "To such a man we may well turn." In the same way, it is well that we turn to the I Ching, which is synonymous with the 'higher self." When we turn to the I Ching we are to get proper guidance. Whether we understand it or not is another thing, and the more we use it, the more we are likely to "properly divide the word." We are going to make mistakes. The I Ching cannot give us a point by point exact description of the actions we need to take. We need to divinely intuit it and work with it. When the I Ching says we must take action, we should take action, but the question is, What action? That we can only learn with experience. The I Ching is not a cure all for the average person. Only the "superior person" is able to consult the I Ching and get valuable, understandable information from it; and to do that we must first have "the proper inner attitude toward the new condition," (from the commentary on forty nine two). The text says, "To such a man we may well turn." To so many, it would never cross their mind to think that the I Ching would ever speak of itself. For them the idea of a real intelligence behind the I Ching is preposterous. Yet in every line, we hear it speaking of itself. And in terms of relationships, the exact same principles apply in a relationship with another as does a relationship with the I Ching itself. But, as the commentary says, "We have to go out and meet it, as it were. Only in this way can it be prepared for." In this way, we practice chariot driving daily.

There are only a few people that read these posts, but those that do, I think, are blessed, not because I am so great, but that they are willing to move up to the next spiritual level. If we can get this spiritual understanding, that there truly is a subconscious intelligence behind the I Ching, and that it is the force of the I Ching, the value, and that we should treat it with respect, then we can gain a wisdom far above those of the everyday crowd. Our lives will be blessed. We can see within its pages, truly the words of the "superior person," and be intrigued by the personalness of the message presented to us, so that we can grow in our daily lives. Most people do not want this, do not see this, or see any need for it, they simply call out for temporary answers in their anguish, never knowing that their anguish comes from an inner emptiness, not an outer unfairness, but my readers know, and are much happier as a consequence of understanding this. As the commentary says, "To such a man, we may well turn."

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Odds and Ends

Well, the first week of college football is over and it was an exciting one for me. Boise State won their game against Georgia, and is hopefully finally gaining some national respect but we will see.

National weather continues to be a problem, and international as well, as there are two serious tropical storms, one in the Atlantic and one in the Gulf that could cause problems. The one in the gulf, called Lee is already causing problems with massive amounts of rainfall, and we will see how serious it gets. Japan has been hit by a typhoon in the last twenty four hours, and has had some damage. There have been some earthquakes and volcanoes in spots, serious, but not enough so to get much national news coverage. However, it seems apparent that we are being at least a little besieged by natural calamities and such, and will monitor it to see how serious it gets. We are in a period of turbulence around the globe. It doesn't mean end of world, but it will be serious for a while.

In the meantime we check in with the story of the global elite, and for the present it seems that not much new is happening, except that the story of the fast and furious project gets more serious. Nevertheless, many of the people involved are likely to go scot free because that is the nature of the way things are these days. Some may ask, why aren't people being arrested like you predicted. The answer is, they don't need to be yet. Not everything is yet put into place by the global elite so that they can do anything they want. This is the way they work, very slowly. If they worked fast the would alarm people, and the world would wake up to their activities and fight back. But it is coming. Ron Paul, in answer to some questions while on the campaign trail stated that the government is getting ready to invoke martial law and clamp down as American's become more aware, and realize how serious the economy and other factors are. We might have riots in the streets here. Not tomorrow, not the next day but it is coming. Once again, they mover very slowly.

The I Ching, and other sacred texts are a master mind of information that people could use to understand what is going on. Yet so few people use these books. If so, it could wake up people much faster. If we only understood where the global elite come from, and that they have been around since the beginning of modern man. So much info is lost because the global elite insist that sacred books are just books written by cave men and are not to be taken seriously. Before they taught us that they taught us to take them literally so that in time we would find out they are not reliable, then they could put together the next phase of their plan which is to belittle the sacred texts and make them out to be a joke written by cave men. So much wisdom is written into these books that I wish I could get a lot more people to listen and comprehend why I keep preaching about unity and higher selves. We could literally change our lives and then our societies if we understood this one basic concept.

Hexagram eight teaches us that unity is the natural way. Just as water that comes down as rain finds its way back to the oceans and collects into a unified whole, so is it the nature of mankind to do the same socially. But the unity has to be for the right reasons. The right reason is not by force as in hexagram seven unless it is necessary to create a collective force to protect a country. The right way is to let those who belong together come together as in hexagram eight. Each person finds his or her right place in the collective as he or she sees fit. And though they choose one group over another, still the groups fit into the collective whole. The same needs to be true within ourselves. We need to find the collective center, (lines two and five) and allow the center to draw all personality fragments into one collective whole. The only way to do this is to understand that there is a greater part of ourselves than the conscious mind, and we need to recognize this and integrate all parts of us into one collective whole. Then we become chuang tzu's or the "superior man."

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Near Future

There is always speculation about the future, and what is going to happen. This comes a great deal in the western world I think because of the original Christian perspective and the Biblical book of Revelations, Daniel, and a few other prophets. In today's world however, we have a more secular viewpoint, and such prophecies are looked upon as a curiosity without any meaning. There is also a look askance at the prophecies of various ancient cultures with the thought that they were simply savages and did not know much about the real world.

To make things worse, there have been nut case prophecies throughout the ages based on inadequate and even bizarre interpretations of Biblical texts or other reasons that make all prophetic material very suspect. How can you tell the future anyway?

Well, apparently there is some case for it, not with absolute certainty, but there does seem to be some agreement in sacred texts from many different traditions that all say pretty much the same thing, even though the cultures were scattered over various parts of the earth and presumably had no contact with each other.

A big problem though, is correctly interpreting these texts. There has been much attention paid to the Mayan Calendar by people who interpret it to mean the end of the world. Therefore, it gets put into the nutcase variety of belief system by many and is not taken seriously by the population as a whole. It is apparently not the case though, that this is what they meant. It also is highly unlikely that any sacred texts around the world were speaking of the end of the world. It is apparent though, that the texts speak of an end of an age. December 2012 is apparently not a time for the end of the world but the end of the piscean age. As such the old way has to be eliminated. We can see that this is starting to happen now as the old financial system is unraveling, as nations are being engulfed in war and internal strife. Whenever we enter a new age the old gods must be discarded or they will be forcefully removed. When we entered the age of Pisces the gods of the old age, including the animal sacrifices, especially of sheep had to end. When the leaders refused to let go, the nation of Israel for example, was scattered throughout the world. The more we hang on the more things are forced on us so that we worship the new gods and reject the old. This is universal law and cannot be changed.

We are about at that time now. Those who refuse to let go of the old ways will be discarded, one way or another. It is not the result of an angry God punishing mankind but universal law and will always be so. Established religions,especially the protestant version of Christianity, often thinks of natural disasters as punishment from an angry God on an evil humanity. This is a superficial view. God does not get angry, he does not decide to punish mankind. In traditional Christianity it is thought that God makes the laws. This is not so. The laws by there very nature are God, and God is by very nature law, and there is no distinction between the two. God does not make the laws and the laws do not make God. They simply are the same thing. For this reason universal law is always operating, and it operates through karma. There is no wrath in karma, simply the grinding out of universal law. As hexagram fifty six says, "Prisons ought to be places where people are lodged only temporarily." In other words, karma operates until it is over. We need fear no angry God,we simply need to come to understand universal law. Therefore, when natural disasters occur, they are not punishment, but the natural effect of universal law, and when it is over it is over.

This brings me to a side note I think is important. A lot of people who do not believe in God will say things like, "If God exists, why does he allow evil? This God who supposedly can do anything couldn't stop the terrorists from blowing up our buildings, or millions of people dying in wars, etc. Let's be clear about this. There is no God out there. There is only God, everywhere, including you. God does not come down from heaven with an army with AK-47s, tanks and missles and tell people they cannot do something. It is said God can do anything. Not true, God cannot do anything. He can only act through the energy of his own being, and therefore, in a sense is responsible for the good and the evil. He does not stop anything from happening. He does not use force to rule. He simply is universal law and what goes around will come around eventually. When people really grasp this, when they understand it perfectly, there will be no further crime. I do believe that time is coming, as the new age will be a uniquely wonderful time for all of humanity.

Of course, there will be difficulties and disasters before that time comes, and while I don't believe anyone can predict everything, I think there have been some fairly accurate people over the last few years, and in contradistinction to past predictions that did not come true, the people doing the predicting are not basing it on soley ancient texts, but on science itself. Many of these people are very qualified scientists. But to make a long story short, just a note to say, here are some predictions from Dr. Turi, (you can google him), who uses "dragons head astrology" for most of his predictions. I do not deny nor affirm these, I have simply found him to be fairly accurate in the past. He is predictive some death and destruction on or near the following dates, one being tomorrow, Sept 2nd, the others the 18th, and the 26th. He is predicting hurricanes and or earthquakes on Sept 9, and Sept 24. (Today the news came out that Tropical Storm Katia has become a hurricane and is heading across the Atlantic, and could likely be on the East coast by Sept 9th. There is also a tropical wave trying to form into a storm in the Carribean. Dr. Turi also claims Sept 24th as another date. He is also predicting serious trouble in the Middle East on the 12th, and the 26th. We will see what happens.