Friday, July 29, 2011

A Very Short Discussion on Fifty Lines Four

This discussion relates to hexagram fifty as a hexagram that overtly speaks of itself in its relationship to us. When we use the I Ching we must be aware of who the "speaker" is when we consult it. If we are asking about relationships and get line four, we may have to ask ourselves, who is speaking here? Line four speaks of misuse. If we ourselves are the speaker then we must ask ourselves how we might be being misused by our partner. However,it is possible that our partner is the speaker here, in which case we might ask ourselves how we are misusing our partner. (It is also the case in this instance where things are reversed, and we are the speaker, asking ourselves how we are misusing our partner.) There are many possibilities here. The best use of the I Ching however, is to ask it how we ourselves need to change. The I Ching is best used as a "personal growth seminar," in which by use of it we become the "superior person."

When the I Ching is the speaker, which is the likely case if we are truly interested in personal and spiritual growth, then the line indicates that we might in some way be misusing the I Ching. In such a case it is important to meditate on the lines to see where we are making our mistake. It might also be possible that we have a hidden motive (even from ourselves) regarding our use of the I Ching. We might be using it to gain some advantage over somebody, to have some leverage in our relationships to get someone to change or act in a way more pleasing to us. We might be trying to figure out some way to gain some kind of dominance. These motives are often hidden even from ourselves, but it is also possible, if we do not understand that the I Ching is more than a book, it is a presence, it is aware, that we knowingly are trying to gain some personal advantage over somebody or some thing. If we do this, the I Ching may still give us a good answer, but somehow, taking the advice "bites us" eventually. Hexagram twenty one speaks of biting into dried meat, or finding "poison arrows." When we do this we are inviting a downfall for ourselves, one that could be very damaging in the long run, and we may get hexagram twenty three to reveal this to ourselves. We must heed the warning signs before it is too late, (Hexagram two line one) We must "differentiate between ourselves and our neighbor" which here could be the I Ching itself, (hexagram fourteen line four) and realize that the Sage is of a higher intelligence matrix than we are. If we realize this we accept the hierarchical order of hexagram ten and do not "tread on the tail of the tiger."

These things are serious, and one must, as in hexagram four line one, "be taught the seriousness of life." There is a universal subconsciousness. Not a God as most people believe in him/her, but a consciousness that is by its very nature totally just while at the same time totally loving. If we try to control, if we try to manipulate, if we use the I Ching in a way it is not meant to be used, you can be sure that you are treading on the tail of the tiger, and it will bite you. And all of us do, in most of our readings, unconsciously use the I Ching for personal gain at someone else's expense. In such cases, while there are consequences for doing so, the consequences will not be as severe as they will for one purposely misusing the I Ching. Hexagram forty says that the I Ching "passes over mistakes and unintentional transgressions." The I Ching will not let us get away with it forever though. As such, we must return to the "right path" in hexagram twenty four. The proper way to use the I Ching is such that the consequences are spelled out in hexagram thirty five where it is said, "His ruler (the I Ching) showers presents on the great man (the one asking the quesiton), the presents are readings accurately given, and invites him continually to his court (allows further readings with valuable results).
AS we learn to use the I Ching properly, with reverence, realizing we could be "treading on the tail of the tiger," the I Ching "showers us with the presents" of a greater understanding of the wisdom and symbolism of the I Ching and a closer relationship with it. As such he/she "brightens his/her bright virtue."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Line Four

We've talked to a certain extent about lines one two and three already, but in just a little bit of review, let's talk about line two from the standpoint of the I Ching itself as the speaker. The line says, "There is food in the Ting." Just as in hexagram forty eight line five the I Ching says of itself, In the well, there is a clear, cold spring, From which one can drink," so too here does it describe itself as a living entity that wishes that humanity would partake of its knowledge. The I Ching is full of wisdom. In fifty line two it says, "There is food in the Ting." Not only is there wisdom within the I Ching itself, there is also nourishment for the soul. When we get this line we might take a look at what is really being told us, as it is probably something very important meant for us specifically when we get this line. The text goes on to say, "My comrades are envious, But they cannot harm me." The spring is always there. No matter what the detractors do or say, the well and the Ting are always there to nourish us. The detractors will go to any length to negate the message of the I Ching. Their wish is to keep people in ignorance. You will often hear it said, "There is no scientific evidence to show the I Ching works." How silly can you get? There is no scientific evidence because science is very primitive in its understanding and has not yet even learned how gravity works. It is utter nonsense. The inference is that we are not supposed to believe in anything until the scientists say they believe in it, no matter how well it works for us in our lives. These detractors are envious of those who would know and understand the truth. As Jesus said to the Pharisees, something to the effect of, "You have the keys to the kingdom yet you refuse to allow others to go in and in fact you won't go in yourselves." It is human nature to lie to ourselves, because we want things to be a certain way, and think they are unfair if they are not that way, yet, "wisdom is justified of all its children." Truth is truth, and no matter how harshly it is suppressed, it will always rise once again to the surface, just as the bucket pulls the water up from the depths of the well.

Then on to line four. The line says, "The legs of the ting are broken." In this day and age the legs are truly broken, because we do not have full aspect to the wisdom of the I Ching. Most of us do not have access to the original language, we live in a materialistic world where people are far more concerned about making a living than they are of any true spiritual experience. Most of us think there is no such thing as a spiritual experience. The problem here is that the line should have a relationship with the fifth line, which is the sage, but it is caught up with the first line, the common people, or the common mentality. The fifth line is the ruler. It and the sixth line dispense wisdom. (In another way the fifth line is the receiver of wisdom from the sixth line - we will discuss that more later.) But the fourth line gets sidetracked with things that are unnecessary,gets sidetracked with the things of the world, of materiality, and does not concern him or her self with the spiritual world. For this reason line three of hexagram forty eight says, "The well is cleaned but no one drinks from it. This is my heart's sorrow." The I Ching has a heart, it has a soul, and it cares. Right now we are in the midst of the deepest darkness, but the light will shine again once we are out of this particular age, and into the new age, not the new world order, but the new age. It is coming, and as the Hebrew scriptures say, "At that time, no one shall say, know ye the Lord; for all will know him from the least to the greatest." The I Ching is far deeper than anyone can imagine. It behooves us to look into its pages, and into the pages of all the sacred scriptures of the world for the wisdom of the ages. The deep well that has no bottom.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More on Fifty Line Three

The commentary on line three says, "This describes a man who, in a highly advanced civilization, finds himself in a place where no one notices or recognizes him. This is a severe block to his effectiveness." I am sure we have all felt that way at one time or another. We try to do our work, we put ourselves out there but we are just not recognized. The key here is patience, and to maintain our spiritual connection with source, and continue to do our work, and to "practice chariot driving." It seems that "All of our good qualities and gifts of mind are needlessly going to waste." At such times we must bear patience and calmness of spirit. The image of hexagram twenty eight says, "When he stands alone, he is unconcerned." We are emotional creatures,and have feelings, and it is proper that it be this way. However, we must not let our emotions run away with us. Remember the old Star Trek series. Bones was always flying off the handle. He felt everything and became consumed by his emotions. Spock never felt any emotion at all. And the captain, Jim, was the perfect synthesis between the two. He used his emotions when it was proper to do so, but maintained a presence of mind at the same time. There are times when we need to decrease the emotional content, not by suppressing, as Spock did, but by synthesizing them as Jim did. We must unite head and heart, not let either one of them completely control us. We control them. When we practice meditation, to the point where we do not let the sacrificial chalice fall, (hexagram fifty one) We are able to handle any situation, including the situation where we "have to renounce the world, yet remain undaunted."

It becomes so much easier however, when we understand the principle behind this attitude.We understand that, as the commentary says, "If he will only see to it that he is possessed of something truly spiritual, the time is bound to come, sooner or later, when the difficulties will be resolved, and all will go well." This is the principle, when we are possessed of something spiritual, that is to say, when we have a connection with the universal subconscious mind, the time is bound to come. Everything falls into place according to its purpose. We need have no purpose of our own, (hexagram two line line two) but merely align ourselves with universal purpose, and behold "fate is favorable." When we align our will with universal will, we cannot fail, though it may seem like it for a long time. When the rain comes, our sorrow is turned to joy, as tension is released, (see also hexagram forty) As a final note to this, and how it works, see hexagram forty five line two, where the commentary says, "There are secret forces at work, bringing together those who belong together. We must yield to this attraction, then we make no mistake." There are always forces at work that unite that which needs to be united, and separating that which needs to be separated. As such, we can release tension, when we learn to simply trust this principle, to let go and let divine will work within us.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Horror in Oslo

First, let me say that my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and other losses in Oslo. This was a horrible tragedy that should not have happened. I consider the matter very seriously, and wish the best to the people of Norway and around the world.

I do have to say something on this, however. As much as it appears to be the work of a madman, there is method behind it. The elite of the world and those promoting the new world order, use events like this, whether orchestrated or not, to further their own agenda. When the world trade center was destroyed, the blame was placed squarely on Muslim extremists, and many laws were put on the books, almost the day after it happened, (which shows a plan) that decimated the rights of civilians. This same scenario was played out in Nazi Germany where first the Jews were blamed for all of societies ills, then other groups who were not so popular, and eventually the circle got wider and wider. The same thing is happening here in the U.S. First the Muslims were blamed, but then they said, "well it doesn't make sense to profile, we need to consider everybody." Recently a Federal Judge in essence said, "The fourth amendment to the constitution, (right to be free of unreasonable search and seizures,) does not exist." Now, with the occurrence in Norway, they are carrying it one step further, and telling local police that they have to watch out for extremists who believe in the constitution, or who are conservative. This is the same thing they did in Nazi Germany, start out with a small unpopular group, and then extend it to the population at large. Our constitution says that "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged." But with events such as we saw in Norway, the government is given the excuse to take arms away from the citizenry for their protection. The recent case of the ATF selling guns to Mexican drug lords served the same purpose, an excuse to take the guns away from the people. There is only one reason for this, it is not for our protection, it is so that the people cannot fight back against tyranny. I am not a prophet, but I do believe August or September is the start of some real hurt being put upon the world. I know they are considering major war in the mideast, which may become a world war. They are taking away the rights of groups who grow and sell nutritious, healthy food for the population, and they are planning more terrorist attacks throughout Europe and then America. We are right on the verge of a world government of total tyranny. The sixth stage of hexagrams one and two are about to take place, and then comes return (hexagram twenty four). I do believe there are those from outside the solar system that intend to help mankind. Now is the time, if ever, for them to come back. We are headed for trouble.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hexagram Fifty and W/B Introduction

In the foreword to the Wilhelm/Baynes version of the I Ching is a treatise written regarding hexagram fifty and today's world. I recommend that treatise to everyone. It will help, if you haven't already done it, understand how in every line and every verse the I Ching is speaking about itself. Now that doesn't mean it speaks just about itself, it speaks on many different levels and many different ways. It speaks in symbols that the particular querent can understand. It can also be speaking from various person's points of views. The foreword speaks of a "speaker" who appears in the I Ching, and this speaker can be a number of people or things. The foreword says on page xxxi, "If for instance a person finds himself in a confusing situation, he may himself appear in the oracle as the speaker. Or, if the question concerns another person, that person may appear as the speaker. However, the identity of the speaker does not depend entirely on the manner in which the question is phrased, inasmuch as our relationships with our fellow beings are not always determined by the latter." This being so, it is only a matter of intuition to resolve the symbolism of the answer, as it is not eternally one way or another, but the I Ching speaks to us in its own way in a personalized message.

This is so because the I Ching is not simply an auto robot that automatically spews answers out of its belly by some coincidental means or by synchronicity or by some other non conscious means. it answers the way it does because it is conscious. Therefore two different people getting the same answer to the same question will find a difference in its interpretation since the answer is personalized. The key to knowing who the speaker is is to listen to the still small voice inside, and do not try to over rationalize it. Just let it speak.

To a certain extent, it depends on the level of usage that a given diviner wishes to satisfy himself with. The highest and best use is not to simply divine, but to use the I Ching to find out about ourselves and how we can achieve a higher level of maturity. That is in essence, asking it to reveal itself, in which case the answer is going to be in the form of the I Ching itself being the speaker. If this were just an automated system developed by smart men this could not be the case. The I Ching could not answer on any higher level than that of the men who created it. But it speaks to us on higher and higher levels depending on our own level of mastery.

In fifty line three it says, "The handle of the Ting is altered." If the handle is altered, we cannot pick it up and carry it. It so happens both east and west that a few things have happened to make sacred scripture indecipherable. To the ancient Hebrews, God says, that by disobeying him, they will find themselves in a strange land speaking a foreign tongue and will not be able to properly decipher the Torah. In China, the old Chinese is no longer used, and the modern Chinese person without much training cannot decipher all of the meanings in the book. We are at an even greater disadvantage in the west because we use a literalistic language that leaves little room for metaphor, and therefore our minds are not conditioned to think in metaphor. As such we have a double disadvantage of not knowing any Chinese at all, and even more, we must read the text in a literalist language that does not offer up the richness of imagery found in more ancient languages.

In this interpretation of the line we see that the I Ching is directly speaking of itself, and of what would happen to it in times to come. Most people in the twentieth and twenty first century cannot properly understand the I Ching and therefore the "fat of the pheasant is not eaten." In other words, the I Ching can not fully nourish us, therefore, "both it and we are impeded in our way of life." The text does offer ultimate hope though, in that it says, "Once rain falls, remorse is spent." There is coming a time when the I Ching, and other sacred scriptures will be restored to its proper place, and we may gain wisdom and nourishment from it once again.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Fat of the Pheasant

  • Line three of hexagram fifty says, "The fat of the pheasant is not eaten." We often get this line when we are not truly getting to the heart of the matter, or we are not understanding the truer meaning of the I Ching, which actually applies 99.99% of the time. In such cases we need to "bite through" (hexagram twenty one) to the meat of the bone. The line also says, "The handle of the ting is altered. One is impeded in his way of life." We alter the handles with our mistaken ideas, with our preconceived concepts, and with our views of reality developed through socialization according to the culture with which we thrive. For all of us, and I mean all, "the handle of the ting is altered." It does not matter how educated you are. It does not matter how enlightened you think you might be, or which religion you belong to, including none at all, you do have preconceived ideas. Those preconceived, untested, and superficially implanted ideas that come from society "alter the handle of the ting." In such cases we cannot carry the truth with us throughout the day. No matter how much we get out of the I Ching, when we go to our jobs, our churches, our social meetings, we misapply the things which we are taught through the I Ching. Therefore we are not replenished, or nourished, in the way that we should be. The commentary says, "If the handle is altered, the ting cannot be lifted up and used..." We alter the I Ching when we press upon its messages our own mistaken ideas, when we do not take the time to get the right message, when we use it superficially, and do not see its deeper meanings. When we do such our relationships fail. When we "practice chariot driving" we do it the wrong way. In our personal development if we follow the wrong path, we never reach any form of enlightenment. We remain sterile. For such a person, it is said, "This describes a man who, in a highly developed civilization, finds himself in a place where no one notices or recognizes him. I have no doubts that everyone feels this way at one time or another in his or her life. The secret is to discover the true path - to look a little deeper, not being like the person who "sees through the crack of the door" as in hexagram twenty line two, but hears "the crane calling in the shade."

Friday, July 22, 2011

More About Fifty Line Two

Hexagram fifty is a really good hexagram to compare with the prototypes of hexagrams one and two. We have already compared line two of fifty with line two of one, let's compare line two of fifty with line two of two. The text says, "My comrades are envious but they cannot harm me." The commentary of line two in one says, "The strictest reticence is indicated here. The time is dangerous, because any degree of prominence leads either to the enmity of irresistible antagonists if one challenges them, or to misconceived recognition if one is complaisant. Therefore one ought to maintain reserve... for there too he can hide himself so that no one knows him."

Whenever we are destructing and reconstructing, transforming, it is important that we do not talk too much about our plans, because each person has their own agenda, and their own hopes and desires, and they may not jell too much with our own. So when we are trying to build one way, someone else is often plotting to build another. Men are naturally more attuned to this than women are, in general. They are very reticent and not as likely to speak about plans or emotions. For women it is important to share emotions in order to bond with other women. Men cannot do this, it would be disastrous for them. But even for men, there needs to be a greater understanding of this principle. It is a principle that applies to men specifically, as woman operate under different social rules, and it is important for them to share, especially in relationships. That being said it is important in the business world to seek to be the power BEHIND the throne; to be an unseen ruler, reticent in all ways but to simply carry on the task of rebuilding. The more we show ourselves the more we give an opponent the opportunity to attack us and to maneuver us. The more we show of our strengths and weaknesses, the more an opponent will work on such weaknesses. And remember, our strengths ARE our weaknesses. This is hard to explain, but the mighty oak crashes in a severe wind storm while the lowly weed merely bends. If you want to find someone's weaknesses, merely look at his strengths. Men understand this principle and therefore are not likely too show too much of themselves. In that way, men hide themselves so well that no one really knows them. And we have a furtherance of this concept in hexagram fifty line two where the commentary says, "The more he limits himself to his actual achievements, the less harm the envious can afflict on him," Because they do not know him. Line three of hexagram two carries this theme a little bit further when it says in the commentary, "If conditions demand it, he can also enter public life, but that too he does with restrain. The wise man gladly leaves fame to others."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hexagram Fifty and the Lines

As has been said, one aspect of hexagram fifty is about transformation. This is a complete makeover. The old world has to be completely removed, and the new world must be created. It is not a matter of simple reform. In the same way there is often a need to transform ourselves, our relationships, our spiritual lives, and our physical lives. The six lines show the various stages of accomplishing this.

We have already discussed fairly well line one, and discussed line two a little bit. Line two is a yang line in a yin place so we can look at both hexagram one and two for ideas about the meaning of the line. Hexagram one line two says, "Dragon appearing in the field. It furthers one to see the great man." The dragon refers to the yang energy, and the field refers to the yin energy. The commentary says, "This means that the great man makes his appearance in his chosen field of activity." So hexagram fifty carries on this theme saying of the great man that "he achieves something significant." First we get rid of the refuse in line one so that we can carry on the business of "lining the well." In other words, once we have purified ourselves we are ready to carry on the great work. The "great work" is nothing less than "bringing order out of chaos," as described in hexagram three. But in order to accomplish something the great man must "limit himself to his actual accomplishments." If he involve himself in extracurricular activity, except as an occasional diversion, he lessens the value of his work. He cannot accomplish all that fate would have him to accomplish. And that puts him in a dangerous position because it gives others a means of attacking him in some way. One should, in the performance of the great work, of bringing order out of chaos, strive to attain all that he or she can attain in the allotted time given each person. It is in that way only that he or she "consolidates his fate and makes his position correct." Hexagram four line one tells us that we "must be taught the seriousness of life." Without a strict discipline our accomplishments will be minimal. In order to bring order out of chaos we must "practice chariot driving daily."

Line two of fifty says, "There is food in the Ting." It is only when we are willing to set out to accomplish something, and make something of our lives, and make something out of our society, that we are rewarded with the "fat of the pheasant." There are at least three themes in this line. The first is that of the availability of sustenance if we will work for it. The second is that through accomplishing something it is much harder to be seriously criticized, and thirdly, that we must limit ourselves to the task at hand. When the old form of government has been overthrown, a new one needs to replace it, and that can only happen when we unite ourselves to the task, and do each task for its own sake. This is a great gift given to mankind in that, in finding his or her path, and following it, we are taken care of by the universe. Our needs our met. There is food in the Ting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Symbolism of Hexagram Fifty

Hexagram fifty finds itself in a situation where the old has been destroyed in hexagram forty nine, and the new has been established. Hexagram forty eight line four gives a hint of this in line four where it says, "The well is being lined." The well had fallen into disrepair and it needed to be repaired. Hexagram forty nine informs us of the nature of this change. In hexagram forty nine, the well is being repared. In hexagram fifty the well is once again suitable for drinking from, and therefore hexagram fifty has the connotation once again of nurturance. Hexagram fifty however, carries the idea of nurturing through food whereas hexagram forty eight carries the idea of nurturance through water. Both are necessary for an individual's, a society's, and a relationship's survival. Food is prepared through fire, so in this comes the understanding that true Chinese yoga is the establishment of a proper balance between fire and water. Books by Mantak Chia, and Yang Jwing Ming delve into this in more detail, with descriptions of how to do this. Yang Jwing Ming's books go more into the theory of fire and water. Ironically, in an allegorical manner, Jesus also described this process in the saying that "unless a man be born of water and spirit (fire) he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven." This is not talking about heaven after you die. It is talking about a process to be practiced that can be performed on a daily basis. As it says in the commentary though, these were secret teachings.

Hexagram fifty therefore, has the connotations of knowing how to put together a new kingdom that is more righteous and fair to the people than the old kingdom. But line one tells us that before we can begin we must "remove the stagnating stuff." Just as before we can use the water in the well we have to make sure the bucket can hold the water, (we must be sure that we retain the things we have been taught or we cannot go to the next level) so too, the refuse from the prior regime must be removed from the kingdom. In the same way, in all of our relationships, we must make sure that we let go of the old ways, before we got into the relationship, and become like the "king who approaches his family," in hexagram thirty seven. Some things have got to go or the relationship will not work. In that way, the new man "takes a concubine," (a new approach) to the old problem. Hexagram three line six tells us that we must not give up, but at the same time, the old way will not work. What is required is "an entirely new point of departure." If we keep doing the same old things we get the same old results, and nothing has changed. The revolution has not taken effect, we have not "shot the hawk on the highest wall," and we are still living under the old stagnated (hexagram twelve and eighteen) regime. In our personal lives we are still in the same rut. New the new man takes on the new he finds he has a son (his new kingdom, his new departure, his relationship is renewed, etc..)

"Lining the well" and "purifying himself" have similar connotations. In each he or she is preparing for the new. In our relationships, if we are willing to remove the causes of separation, of resentment and fearfulness, we find that "we are accepted." But we must be willing to do the work. The commentary says, "He attains a station in which he can find himself fruitful in accomplishment." When we get hexagram fifty, or a number of other hexagrams with related topics, we must find out what we are doing that keeps us from the new kingdom. (The fixed relationship, the fixed emotional problem, the fixed life.) When we take the steps necessary to start a "new point of departure," we find in line two that "our comrades are envious." They do not like the new ways, and they resent our success. In the same way, many unintegrated parts of our own personality do not want to conform to the new structure, and they will create problems as in hexagram fifty one, where they create shocking events in order to disrupt the new order, but the ruler does not let the "sacrificial spoon" (the rule of power) drop. He or she maintains control. As long as we continue the work, limit ourselves to producing a better person, doing the right thing, the "comrades are envious but the cannot harm us."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Part Four

Once again to reiterate, going over ground already covered to a certain extent, The image says, "Thus the superior man consolidates his fate by making his position correct. We often think of fate as a negative thing, and from the human perspective it can be, but we certainly modify it by "making our position correct." The words in themselves seem like just words, but we get a little more hint of their meaning in the commentary which says, "It is the same in human life; there is in man likewise a fate that lends power to his life. And if he succeeds in assigning the right place to life and to fate, thus bringing the two into harmony, he puts his fate on a firm footing." In other words, we must find harmony within our inner being, and remember, love is harmony. Our actions and our desires must be born out of love. When Jesus said "love your neighbor as yourself," he meant that your neighbor IS yourself, since we are all one. The true Holy Man seeks harmony through love, and does not condemn others nor wish them evil, nor desire revenge. The true Holy Man can be discerned by his or her relationship to the divine. That does not mean doing good per se, nor being purposely holy. It means having a proper relationship with the divine. When he attains this connection, he finds that "fate is favorable," and that "everything serves to further." By bringing life and fate into harmony, the superior person creates a more favorable fate for him or herself. This is done, as we have previously stated, according to the commentary in line one, through purification. As such he "attains a station in which he can prove himself fruitful in accomplishment, and as a result he gains recognition. When we truly become the superior person, we attain an air surrounding us that has an unconscious influence on others. as such he is able to influence, per hexagram sixty one, even pigs and fishes.

Just as in hexagram two line one, we have the prototype situation where "hoarfrost turns into solid ice," here too, in line one of hexagram fifty, we must purify ourselves, remove the stagnating stuff, before the real work can go on. Then one can undertake the "secret training of Chinese yoga and kung fu," in order to become a "chuang tzu," or a self realized one. Even if he starts out, (the hoarfrost) in an inferior position, he can become recognized by the scope and value of his work as symbolized in the commentary with the words, "for the sake of her son. He accomplishes something, and if he will devote himself fully and whole heartedly to the task at hand, he gains recognition for his accomplishments. For even if people do not understand the nature that the superior person adhere's too, it will still affect them like the "crane calling in the shade." In hexagram thirty seven line six it says, "His work commands respect." Even though people do not consciously recognize the true nature of the Holy Sage, they will feel something within because as hexagram sixty one line five says, "He possesses truth, which links together." The commentary says, "Only when the strength of his character is so ample that he can influenced all who are subject to him, is he as he needs to be." This is the direction we must head, toward completion of unity with our Higher Self, so that we within our own being truly is that truth that links together, yin and yang, conscious and subconscious, and individual with the Higher Self.

Hexagram Fifty Part Three

To reiterate a little bit, the commentary on hexagram fifty says, "All that is visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible." We must understand where our roots lie. Our subconscious extends into the invisible realm and is capable of receiving information from there. Therefore humans have intuition. Often we mistake our feelings for intuition. Sometimes they can be but often we feel things based on our limited view of the cosmos and based on our own limited understanding and emotional makeup. In such a case we become like line two of hexagram twenty which says, "Contemplation through the crack of a door." When we receive this line we are not seeing the overall perspective. We are caught up in our own drama and see things only from our own limited perspective. In relationships we are unaware of the larger perspective and do not see clearly. In our understanding of the spiritual realm we are limited by immature beliefs and by ill conceived opinions. We must have that balance between conscious and subconscious in order to receive true instruction from our Higher Self. The Higher Self is the part of us that reaches beyond the visible. When we see things as our Higher Self sees them, then as lines five and six of hexagram twenty says, "The superior man is without blame."

In order to have a higher understanding of life and the invisible realm it is sometimes necessary to "turn the ting upside down." We must remove the immature and ill conceived notions from our mind. There must be a clean sweep so to speak, and that requires the "removal of stagnating stuff." Hexagram eighteen deals with this in more depth. When we go through our daily life we lose sight of our spiritual origins because the "world is so much with us." We become "the garment spotted with the flesh." We are so busy making a living and doing all the things that comfort us that we forget our spiritual heritage. But we must "grow beyond the visible."

The commentary goes on to say, for hexagram fifty as a whole, "Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the cosmic order." The profane is sacred as well, but we do not make it that way when we do not recognize its spiritual origins. It has been said to me, "If man and God are the same, isn't that the same lie that the Serpent told Eve in the Garden?" Yes, but with a difference. The Serpent was appealing to the ego, (on one level of the story, in some ways the Serpent was right, in some aspects of the allegory the Serpent is wrong) The ego wishes to be God. It wishes to control everything, and rule over not only the elements of the personality but all mankind as well. It always wants to be on top. But the truth of the matter is that all men and everything that exists is God, and to see God in your fellowman is a humbling experience, not an ego producing experience. Do I see God in myself alone? Or do I see God in all aspects of being? The first is ego enhancing, the latter is ego reducing. The ego cannot be a part of the cosmic order. It is in a state of disharmony with the cosmic order. Only humility, in other words love, rightly applied, (does not mean a poor self image) can be in harmony with the cosmic order. The nature of the universe is love, and love is "harmony, even in discord."

Finally, in the commentary on hexagram fifty line one, it is said, "No matter how lowly he may be, provided he is ready to purify himself, he is accepted." The key here is purification. Purification is a matter of reducing the ego, and humbling accepting our divine origins. When we turn the ting upside down, we purify ourselves. We purify ourselves by letting go of the stagnating stuff such as ego desire; desire to control, to manipulate, and come out on top. We remove stagnating stuff by searching out the "hidden demons," (hexagram fifty seven) and bringing them to the light. We search out and eliminate the subconscious complexes that create belief systems incompatible with who we really are, and that keep us from our highest good. This ultimately leads us to the "Supreme good fortune" alluded to in the judgment of hexagram fifty.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Part Two

The commentary on hexagram fifty says, "The highest earthly values must be sacrificed to the divine. But the truly divine does not manifest itself apart from man." Do you see what this is really saying? At first, it just sounds like religious talk that has no real substance. That is why so many people have such a hard time understanding the I Ching, because they don't put any spiritual value to it, and are just concerned with their day to day lives, thinking that is all there is. But there is a deep meaning here. In essence the commentary is saying there is no difference between the divine and man. We are made up of the same content. It is all vibration. We must sacrifice the material for the divine for the material realm IS in reality, the divine. We cannot separate the two; and if we are merely concerned about our day to day existence, we fail, because we do not recognize the source of all that is. It is only when we come humbly (hexagram fifteen) to the divine that the divine forgives us (hexagram forty) and 'invites us to a closer intimacy" (hexagram thirty five). The commentary goes on to say, "The supreme revelation of God appears in prophets and holy men. To venerate them is true veneration of God." This is because the prophets and holy men, and ultimately all men, are an aspect of the supreme revelation of God, in other words, of God himself. We cannot separate the sacred and the profane. They are both part of the overall existence that alone is God. Finally, the commentary says, "The will of God, as revealed through them, should be accepted in humility; this brings humility and true understanding of the world, and this leads to great good fortune."

We can accomplish much by hard work and determination. We can accomplish much through the workings of the ego and doing things as we are taught to do them in school. But true, effortless success comes from "the primal depths of the universe." When we allow it to take over, when we humble ourselves, and let its will become our will, we not only have success, but we have it without stress, without fatigue, joyously, knowing that it is the Father (the teachings of the I Ching, the Holy Man) that works through us. This is how we transform ourselves. In hexagram forty nine, we overturned the old, the old nature, the old man, the ego, and we transform ourselves in hexagram fifty into spiritual beings of light.

Hexagram Fifty

This is another digression from what I have been promising, but as I looked at it, I felt it is an important part of this discussion at this time. I will get back to relationships soon, especially with hexagram fifty three, and to the archetypal meanings of hexagram fifty four, but at this point I think some information on hexagram fifty is important.

There are three important concepts in hexagram fifty that should be covered, and I will list those, but today, more of a general overview is all that can be given. These three are not necessarily the only ones, but they are ones that pop out as being very important, and essential to a true understanding. There is also some tie in to previous discussions where we have been talking about unity and religious forces. The concepts to be discussed are:

1. The idea of transformation.

2. The idea of taking up the new

3. The idea of nourishment

In terms of transformation as well, there are three primary levels of transformation. They are as follows:

1. Moral transformation.

2. Physical transformation

3. Spiritual transformation

Each one of these, though conceptually separate, are actually integrated and inseparable. Without moral and physical transformation we cannot have spiritual transformation, and without spiritual transformation we cannot have moral or physical transformation. They go together. Yet as true as this is, there has to be moral transformation before there can be anything else, as paradoxical as that may seem.

Moral transformation is not what we might think of it in the west as we are, even those who are not of any church group, taught and have been led to believe. Moral transformation has nothing or at least little to do with good deeds, and nothing to do with following a list of do's and don'ts, especially as taught to us in Sunday school. Moral transformation is equivalent to doing things the "natural way" without conscious thought or manipulation. In other words, it has to do with following the guidance of the deeper, or Higher Self. Of course we have to do things that are right and fair, that do not harm our neighbors, but above this we must do the things that transform our lives, and that means following the Higher Self, not our conscious dictates, our egoistic desires for control over others, or slavishly depending on other people to make our choices for us out of fear that we will make the wrong choice.

Physical transformation comes out of preparing our bodies to transform ourselves through our DNA using yoga, practicing "chariot driving daily," (chi kung forms of exercise) and proper eating habits that nourish the body and keep it healthy. (This can be categorized under the "nourishment" idea of hexagram fifty as well.) If we know the secrets of health, that embody more than just healthy eating, we can transform our bodies into higher and higher levels of energy until we "spiritualize" our body, and ultimately make it pure energy. The Wilhelm/Baynes version of the I Ching hints at this at the end of the commentary on the image in saying, "These words contain hints about the fostering of life as handed on by oral tradition in the secret teachings of Chinese yoga." Here we can see there was an oral tradition as well as the written word. Compare that to the ancient Hebrew scriptures where it is said of the priesthood that they too had an oral tradition not written down that completed the written text and was proof that the text was esoteric, not to just be taken literally, and had hidden meanings only to be discerned by those who of the priestly class. This is true both east and west. It was through the Taoist and Buddhist practices of meditation, chi kung, and moral integrity that the fostering of life was accomplished.

Spiritual transformation is in many ways the same as physical in that the physical is just a mirror image of the spiritual. The physical world is simply the spiritual world with vibrations slowed down to the extent that the spiritual appears physical. Since science does not understand that, (though they are now coming to, at least some scientists) they scoff at the idea of a spiritual world, since they do not understand the true meaning of the spiritual. It is important to understand that all physical activity is nothing more than the result of higher level energies interacting with each other, slowing down in the process, and appearing to be physical. And we need to understand that energy is conscious. It is aware. It is the heavenly Father to whom the physical, (the Prodigal Son) eventually returns. Therefore, the physical transformation of the body is spiritual as well, because physical transformation returns the body to the spiritual level, or in other words, that of higher energy vibration. This process is true not only for human entities, but for all forms of physical nature.

Let's take a quick look at the image for hexagram fifty, and then take a break until tomorrow. The image says, "Thus the superior man consolidates his fate By making his position correct." In order to "make his position correct," the superior man must find balance, and he must unite and integrate elements that belong together. Thus in the commentary it says, "It is the same in human life: there is in man likewise a fate that lends power to his life. And if he succeeds in assigning the right place to life and to fate, thus bringing the two into harmony, he puts his fate on a firm footing." And here is the key, "bringing the two, (yin and yang, conscious and subconscious) into harmony. It is only when we have made this connection that our lives really take on a spiritual journey of its own, and we "consolidate our fate." This requires meditation, (hexagram fifty two) willingness to be taught, (hexagrams four and twenty) and a willingness to search out our inner demons (hexagram fifty seven).

More on this later.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Executive Order 13575 and U.N. Agenda 21

For those of you that have a hard time believing that the world's governments wouldn't do cruel things to us, you might take a look at Executive Order 13575 and U.N. agenda 21, and compare them. You can do a google search on them, but I will leave a couple of sites posted too. At first glance it doesn't seem too innocuous but as you delve into it, you begin to realize that it gives the federal government virtually complete control over America's heartland. They clothe their language in words that make it sound like they are concerned that every one gets fed, but it is really a theft of land ownership from farmers especially in the midwest. Here are two sites:

There are other discussions of this as well. Everyone can make up their own mind as to what this means, but I am telling you it is going to be dangerous in the long run. Add this scenario to the scenario where Mansanto is pressuring the government to be the world' sole provider of food, and you have a recipe for disaster. Mansanto is a major contributor to the spread of genetically modified seeds in the world. Look at the labels on the canned foods you buy, if you do. Many of them will say something to the effect of modified corn syrup, or modified soy bean oil. If it is modified, I would stay away from it. Like so many things, it doesn't hurt you right away, but it is accumulative, and therefore insidious. Whether you believe in evolution or intelligent design, it doesn't make any difference, we are made with the same basic genetic makeup of all life on the earth, with only minor differences, that make us human, animal, or whatever. When you modify the genetic makeup of the food of the earth, the body does not know what to do with that food. It doesn't recognize the genetic material and cannot fully absorb it properly. This leads to cancer, diabetes, and other diseases that are becoming more and more prevalent in our societies. This is legalized murder on a very high scale. We need to wake up and realize what is happening. Otherwise, we are going to see millions, maybe even billions dying over time. Fox news did a report on this very recently, but you really see very little about it in the news, as you never see in the news any stories about the executive orders that are being signed on a regular basis. Executive orders have been going on for some time but President Bush made them very popular, and then Obama has signed more than have been signed in the past. In many ways, executive orders are a sneaky means to bypass congress, and recent presidents have been getting away with it for some inexplicable reason.

I'm just giving people the opportunity to see first hand what is going on in our country and around the world, and options to give them and their families, some little extra bit of safety, if it is possible. The world's elite really does want to bring the population down to about 500,000,000 and some want even less. This is just one way they are doing it. Another is war.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marriage as a Finality

The title in itself may not make much sense, for marriage in the modern day certainly isn't the end of anything in our world for most people. But it was meant to be. To a lot of people, marriage isn't much different than what used to be called, going steady. But in ancient China, and indeed in most all ancient societies, marriage was considered a finality, and there was no loophole for divorce, except, occasionally in the case of unfaithfulness. But marriage was a symbol for the alchemical marriage of conscious and subconscious minds, and when we have that marriage, there is not much likelihood of divorce. In ancient Israel there was also the concept of the nation marrying their God, Jehovah. They could not break the union except in the case of unfaithfulness, and neither could Jehovah, although Jehovah ultimately did divorce Israel, supposedly temporarily, due to the unfaithfulness of the nation. These are all symbols for the alchemical marriage between the conscious and subconscious mind which does not destroy itself. This marriage is considered a finality because it is the ultimate goal of the entire creation. Another way of saying it is the perfect union between yin and yang.

In the commentary on hexagram two it is said of yin, "It is the perfect complement of The Creative...for the Receptive does not combat the Creative, but completes it." Further in the commentary it says, "Only when it abandons this position and tries to stand as an equal side by side with the Creative, does it become evil." The Creative and the Receptive must work together hand in hand in order to accomplish anything. They cannot compete, they cannot oppose each other or nothing happens. In a marriage two people must work together. When they do, as in hexagram thirty seven, they accomplish all that they wish to accomplish. When they do not, they become like line six of hexagram fifty four where they only go through the emotions "soley to preserve the forms." Nothing is accomplished.

In the same way, if our conscious and subconscious minds do not align and work together, nothing is accomplished. You will live your life by default, and will not be able to accomplish the things you want to be successful in. It is imperative that each of us learn to align conscious and subconscious for without that there is no connection with the "universal subconscious mind." Jesus said, "It is the Father's good will to give you the kingdom," but we cannot attain that kingdom if we are out of alignment.

For this reason, in the hexagram pairs thirty one and thirty two, and the pair fifty three and fifty four, the second of each pair refers to a position of permanency. Hexagram thirty two speaks of that which does not change, which is change itself. The commentary on the image says, "What endures is the unswerving directive, the inner law of his being, which determines all of his actions." When we have formed full alliance between the conscious and the unconscious, we become unyielding in relationship to that which is right, and that which accomplishes our legitimate desires and goals, and that which is our duty to do. In the same way, hexagram fifty four depicts a permanency that comes once a maiden is married. It does so in that the four trigrams, outer and nuclear, refer respectively to the four seasons, and therefore depict completion. The image in hexagram fifty four states, "Thus the superior man understands the transitory in the light of the eternity of the end." He or she knows that union, or connection with the Higher Self is the ultimate goal of all creation, and that it represents a state of eternity. That is the ultimate goal and there is nothing beyond that. In the same way, after the Biblical Prodigal Son experiences the material world, with the illusions and delusions inherent within it, returns to the Father never to leave again. His sojourn into the outer realms of misery and illusion have been completed and he has learned the lessons thereof. He has attained the "mystical marriage."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Regarding New Posts

Hello everyone

I received a question about how to be notified regarding new posts. The temporary answer is, I don't know. I will try to find out. The longer term answer is, I still hope to have a full website soon, I am not sure how much it will cost to set it up though, and I am expecting to be able to move into a nicer home soon, and it is going to cost me some money. So it is still up in the air as to how long it will be before I have a true website.

I will say this, I post almost every day. The days I don't post I often have business to take care of or I am just very caught up in the present day world drama, news and all. Or I am researching what I might want to write next.

So just check in as often as time allows, and you will likely have new posts. I will notify everyone when I do set up a webpage, and will be making greater efforts then to make this a better website.

One more thing. I don't know how many people are aware of it yet, but there is serious talk within the military of taking over the web and making it illegal to talk about any form of conspiracy, requiring everyone to have in internet user ID, in order to track everything everyone does or says, and pull any website that does not conform to the opinions, wishes and desires of the government, or what will soon become the new world order. At that point I don't know what will happen. Whether I will want to continue, whether they will allow me to continue, whether they will give me an internet user ID, and whether they will allow me to keep it. At that point I don't know what I will do. This is not going to happen over night, but it is coming eventually.


Biting Through the Wrappings

Hexagram thirty eight is about finding our way back to unity when the way has been lost. On the personal level it is about reforming relationships that are breaking apart but not yet hopeless. In the spiritual realm it never becomes truly hopeless. Nevertheless, one must confine him or her self to small matters. The situation must be resolved gradually as in hexagram fifty three. To simply chase after someone will not work. (See line one.) To chase after someone would be ignoring the advice in line one and it would not be confining oneself to small matters. Nevertheless it is important to "bite through the wrappings." The commentary on line five says, "Coming upon a sincere man he fails to recognize him at first. However, he bites his way through the wrappings that are causing the general separation." Here line five is the ruling line, as such it is his duty to to go meet the man of ability and work with him. The commentary in book three says, "The person in the superior position must go out to meet the companion. The rule demands this. A man of ability will not take the initiative and offer himself." In the same way, the higher self seeks us out because in a sense we are lost without that connection. The same story is mentioned in the gospels where Jesus leaves the ninety nine sheep and finds the one that is lost.

However, the Higher Self in itself does not do this. The commentary in book three says, "This describes the leader who finds a capable assistant to help in clearing up misunderstandings." It is up to us to come to the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the crane calling in the shade in hexagram sixty one line one. The commentary on line two says, "At first it acts on those who are inwardly receptive." And that is the key. The Higher Self calls to us, ("Behold I knock at the door. If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Revelations three: twenty.) The Higher Self calls to us, but we must have a spiritual affinity. We must be a match, or we do not hear the call. The line, (hexagram thirty eight line five) says, "The companion bites his way through the wrappings." Therefore the Higher Self can only stand at the door and knock. It can only be the "Crane calling in the shade." It is the companion, we ourselves that must hear and heed the call, and make our way back to the spiritual light as soon as possible. In order to heed the call we must have a spiritual affinity.
We must have hearts that are soft, as the middle lines of hexagram sixty one are soft. We must put our ego aside. The ego will interfere with the voice of the crane, of the Buddha, of the Christ, of the Higher Self, of the I Ching. We will not have the spiritual affinity to hear the voice calling to us from the shade. (The shade is a symbol of our inner or higher selves.)

In relationships, somehow we know deep down inside whether someone calls to us or not. We know whether they are a "bird of the same feather." They have an "involuntary influence" upon us. We recognize those of a kindred spirit. This is done automatically, not voluntarily. The commentary says, "Any deliberate intention of an effect would only destroy the possibility of producing it. In our relationships, when we try to manipulate, cajole, or change our partner. When we consciously attempt to gain a certain advantage, we destroy any chance of finding a "kindred spirit."

In the same way. If we try to force our way into the kingdom of heaven we find we are knocking at the wrong door. Nothing at all can be accomplished unless we are spiritually prepared to "answer the call." In hexagram sixty one, the inner person, (line two) is the one who calls. The inner person is the Christ, or the Buddha, or the Higher Self. Line five is the outer person, the one who responds to the call. Yet ultimately they change places, (being both yang, the same hexagram results) The fifth line becomes the one who calls out. The fifth line becomes the Higher Self, who "possesses truth." The second line, through the law of correspondence, in this case, of like kind, becomes the fifth, and possesses truth. When we are inspired by our Higher Self, and hear the call, we attain the central force, which creates the power to hold all elements together, and the Christ child, the Buddha, the I Ching, is born in us, and we are a new person.

Monday, July 11, 2011

More on Unity

When I wrote about hexagrams that have to do with unity or uniting yesterday, I mentioned a few that were specifically on unity. But in a sense they all are. Each hexagram teaches us something about unity with our significant other, unity among men and women, and unity with our subconscious, or our higher selves, in other words, with the I Ching.Hexagram eight speaks about unity through allowing those that belong together be together. Hexagram seven speaks about unity for a common cause that requires forceful collection of a group for a common cause, such as the army. Hexagram seventeen teaches us about having something to follow, something that inspires us, and choosing the right people to hang with. Hexagram sixteen teaches us that "religious force" is sometimes required to bring people together, but in that hexagram that religious force is defined mostly as music, which has an inspiring affect upon all, and draws people together through a common source of feeling and emotion.

But today I would talk about hexagram forty one, which isn't as obviously about unity but still has elements of that. Hexagram forty one, especially line three, have a commonality with hexagram fifty nine in that fifty nine tells us that in order to bring people together we must disperse that which does not serve our purpose. The commentary on line three in forty one says, "When there are three people together, jealousy arises. One of them will have to go. A very close bond is possible between only two people. But when one man is lonely, he is certain to find a companion who complements him." This is obviously true in relationships. While it is possible to have many friends, it is possible to have only one lifetime partner. If someone interferes, tries to break in, he or she will either succeed, and the original partner will leave, or will not succeed, and will disappear into the distance. The person who leaves, ultimately finds someone else. A close bond is only possible between two people.

In the same way, only the conscious and the subconscious can unite. In unification they become like the "marriage at Cana" spoken of in the gospel of John. When subconscious and conscious unite, the individual has a power that could not be accomplished alone. His or her life works as a result of this mysterious marriage. When the conscious and the subconscious work together for the benefit of the person, nothing can really stand in their way, and they will accomplish much in their lives. In the same way the whole person must be aligned with the Higher Self. The I Ching is a symbol, or is in a very real sense, the Higher Self itself. It is a great benefactor to the person who partakes of its wisdom (see hexagram forty eight). When we are aligned with the I Ching we find great wisdom guiding and controlling our lives. We develop an understanding that cannot be accomplished any other way.

The fourth line tells us something about how to achieve this union,whether on the physical level, or with the Higher Self. It says, "If a man decreases his faults, It makes the other hasten to come and rejoice." As long as we hang on to our hangups, as long as we hang on to our frustrations, anger, and resentment, even if it is not directed at the person in front of us, it tends, on a subconscious level, to drive the other person away. When we do not resonate with others, we tend to fall away, and eventually find someone who does resonate with us. Hexagram sixty one discusses this in depth. "A crane calling in the shade." And the commentary on line two says, "The crane need not show itself on a high hill. It may be quite hidden when it sounds its call; yet its young will hear its note, will recognize it and give answer." In hexagram sixty one, the concept is that like attracts like. On the physical level, we all know that opposites attract. Yet on the spiritual level the reality is that like attracts like. In hexagram sixty one, the two middle lines are both yang, yet they respond to each other because they are alike. When we are not like those we hang with, eventually the connection will be broken, as it should be, but the upside of this is that one connection is broken so that a proper connection may be found. "Birds of a feather flock together." We need to be very cognizant of who or what we hang with. Is it really in our best interest? Is it a connection that is right for me?

But our connection with the Higher Self is always in our best interest. It is our true soul mate. Our true partner. And we want to learn to hang with our Higher Self. We approach it in hexagram nineteen, we watch it and learn from it in hexagram twenty. We partake of its knowledge in hexagram forty eight. We get rid of our faults in hexagram forty one line four. We disperse the elements within us such as anger and resentment in hexagram forty by learning the lessons of hexagram fifty nine. And the nice thing of all of this is that the same way we make our relationships work, the same way we have "Fellowship with Men," the same way we attract others into our lives, is the same way we approach and come close to the Higher Self, the Sage, the I Ching.

The Markets and Weiss Research

Right now there is so much going on in the world, in the news,and in alternative news medias that is very fascinating, it is hard for me to concentrate on my I Ching work. But I WILL get something done today, even if late. The current budget crisis in the U.S. is fascinating, especially when you know as much as I know about the plans of the global elite. Neither the president nor congress is presently budging on their respective positions. Will they before the August 2nd deadline? I don't know. But I do know the consequences have already been determined. No matter what the congress or the president does, the results over the next couple of years will be devastating. Whether you believe there is anything to the Mayan Calendar and 2012 or not is meaningless here. There is obviously going to be a financial crisis of major proportions over the next two years. The stock market is falling today but there are still a lot of people buying. This is not, though it could be the beginning of, the final crash of the market. There are many prominent people now that are saying there is going to be a crash. These are not conspiracy theorists, they are people that know the market, that have been following it for years. They are people who know the situation with the worlds banks, and know which ones are about to fall. They know the consequences for the world of the unprecedented printing of money in the U.S.

Here is one source. You might take a look at this group. They are called "Weiss Research." The owner of the company is Martin Weiss. You might do an internet search on this group to find out what they have to say, and how you can make money during this time, and how to avoid serious losses.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Big News

Just a quick note for now. There are not a lot of people who read this blogspot and I can understand that, but there are millions who go to Alex Jones website:

There is a very interesting story about the ATF supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartel. I bring this up because this has been in the mainstream media, although played down a lot, and is a very, very big story. I feel for my countrymen, both those who know what is going on and those who don't. The story imploded on the new world order figures in our country, but as usual, they are experts at damage control, and have minimized the story for the sleeping public. The vast majority of people just refuse to believe that there could be elements within our government who are willing to bring the country down in order to create the new world order. Therefore, even though Alex Jones has a huge following, his followers are largely ineffective in creating any real change. The world's global elite is intent on enslaving mankind, and they are getting close to grabbing total control and then coming out in the open. I feel for all of us because if this doesn't change, if people do not wake up, there are billions going to be losing their lives on this planet very soon. Most of us who talk about it have small audiences and many just cannot believe there is such a massive infusion of "evil" into this planet; yet the things we are talking about are definitely happening.

Expect that the president will be proposing a massive arms reduction plan soon for the civilian population. Due to the massive debt incurred in this country expect that whatever congress does or doesn't do, the economy will largely collapse. Expect a stock market crash this year, or at the latest, October of 2012. And get this; the global elitists have said on record that they want to set up their new world order by the end of yes, 2012.

People need to wake up. The evidence is all around us, but this is how the dark side works. They create a problem, then offer a solution, one that benefits them. They create mayhem and disorder, and then say the answer is gun control. It is not. It is a lie they use to further their agenda, and make sure no one can resist them. This is coming, and it is getting very, very close. I would like to think there is more we can do, but until people wake up, it is almost hopeless.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Clusters of Hexagrams

First I want to talk a little about hexagram forty five, but one must remember that generally there are clusters of hexagrams that have the same general theme. (One must remember, however, that each hexagram has more than one theme, sometimes several.) For example, in hexagram forty five we have the theme of uniting people, (and in small ways, all hexagrams have a contingent of this same theme, but some hexagrams stand out more in this way). A cluster of hexagrams relating to the theme in hexagram forty five might include, but not be limited to, hexagram thirteen, sixteen, seventeen, forty six, fifty nine, and sixty one. In some of these hexagrams the commentary says something to the effect of, "Where men are to be gathered together, religious forces are needed." It is not to be assumed however, that that means religious forces in the context of what we presently consider religion. The meaning in these hexagrams of religious forces is a "connection" with the universal consciousness (and with the I Ching). Without this connection we come together or drift apart as the times and the occasions might dictate.It is only when a strong bond is created that true progress in the affairs of men can be implemented. If we do not have that bond then we do not work well together. In hexagram thirteen the commentary on the image says, " human society and all things that really belong together must be organically arranged. Fellowship should not be a mere mingling of individuals or of things - that would be chaos, not fellowship." The jist of hexagram thirteen is that there must be that which creates organization. In all human relationships, there is someone spiritually developed enough so that they take over the rings of leadership and guide the people. In hexagram ten the commentary on the image says, "If, on the other hand, external differences in rank correspond with differences in inner worth, and if inner worth forms the criterion of external rank, people acquiesce and order reigns in society, (an indication that leadership must be based on the ability to get things done through seeing the need and tackling the problem, not by force of dictatorship). When people recognize the worthiness of their leaders they acquiesce to them without grumbling. If we have this kind of leadership then we can "approach the temple," as in the judgment in hexagram forty five. The judgment also says, "It furthers one to see the great man." This can only be done if the great man is truly worthy of the position, and is approachable.

But the commentary says, "Where men are to be gathered together religious forces are needed. The ruler becomes the kind of person that people acquiesce to, and accept his or her leadership," when they recognize that the person has at heart the common good of the people. The ruler must know how to seize the hearts of men, and make them joyous in their labor knowing they are accomplishing something of lasting value. The commentary on hexagram sixteen says, "Religious feeling for the Creator of the world was united with the most sacred of human feelings, that of reverence for the ancestors."Here again we have the theme of Religious feeling. That does not necessarily mean going to church, (although, traditionally, whether there is any truth to the teachings of the church or not, it has succeeded in maintaining a thread in society and uniting men and women in a common goal). But the religious feeling that is really meant here, is that of hearts amassing, or "gathering together" around a common goal due to unity of feeling. Unity with others is a common goal of mankind. Even thieves will try to maintain some form of harmony among themselves, and unite together, although they will break that bond as soon as it is expedient for them to do so. But in doing so they destroy a part of themselves as well.

The bond that unites men must be based on a common goal and a willingness to set differences aside and develop that inner feeling of "religious" or better yet, "connectedness" in a common goal, in a shared feeling of inspiration. Hexagram seventeen speaks to us of having need of a "loadstar" in which to follow. When we are inspired by a common goal we work hard in unison to accomplish that goal. As the book of Proverbs says, "Where there is no vision the people parish." If we are not inspired by a leader to accomplish a common goal in which there is depth of feeling for, we do not develop that strong sense of purpose which creates intensity of feeling within.

Hexagram fifty nine tells us that in order to unite, we must remove the blockages to union. Therefore the key here is of dispersion. But the dispersion is only of that which limits us and creates disharmony. The commentary says, "Religious forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides men... The sacred music and the splendor of the ceremonies aroused a strong tide of emotion that was shared by all hearts in unison. Here, it is not a matter of whether a religion is correct, or is doctrinally sound. That is only the outer husks of religion. The true question is whether the "religion" unites men or divides them. That is what makes it right or wrong. Does it bring mankind together to create greater sacrifice for the common good.

I can see at this point that I have in a sense opened a can of worms here in that this subject will take much longer than I originally theorized. Therefore, I am going to make one final point, and restart the subject in a day or so. The final point is this: that the religious forces on another level refer to our own inner "connection" with our higher self, or the I Ching itself. Are we inspired by its messages? Do we honor it as a uniter of our inner parts as well as our society? Or do we see it as a tool to be manipulated, to simply get good answers to our questions? (See hexagram twenty line four, the commentary of which says, "The I Ching should be honored and allowed to act independently, and should not be used as a tool").

Friday, July 08, 2011

Overcoming Victim Consciousness

In looking at the previous study there is another aspect of hexagram forty seven line three that I want to bring out. The key for the third line is that a person is experiencing oppression that he ought not to be experiencing. Why is this so? Remember the first line where it says that "one strays into a gloomy valley. This gloomy valley is a state of mind. The world does not change in that sense. It does change but only according to specific laws and it does not make things necessarily worse. It is simply change. The "gloomy valley" only exists in our minds. The commentary on the third line says, "He butts his head against a wall and in consequence feels himself oppressed by the wall. Then he leans on things that in themselves have no stability and that are merely a hazard for him who leans on them." The bottom line is that we create our own reality, then we feel we are a victim. It is so easy for humanity to feel that circumstances are entirely against him, when his goals constantly seem blocked, when nothing he or she tries for ever comes to fruition, and after all of this we "stray into a gloomy valley." If we only realized that circumstances were of our own making, we would stop our feelings of victimization and start living. If only we realized that the universe is not against us. Einstein once said that the ultimate question was, is the universe benign or malignant. The ultimate question can be answered thusly, it is benign when we recognize it as such; when we recognize that the things we lean on are not things that are meant to support us.

This goes for our belief systems too. For it is ultimately the belief systems we hold unconsciously that create our reality for us. If we believe in failure, if we believe we are victims, we tend to lean on those things that do not support us. It does not seem so because it is below the level of consciousness. The first step is to stop making ourselves out to be a victim, and to start to realize the power that we truly possess. The power to create.

It is normal to not recognize our own thoughts of victimization. They come in subtle forms, swelling up from the unconscious levels for us to deal with, but so often we are not truly paying attention to them, and do not recognize our victim consciousness, but it operates on a deeper and subtler level. That is why we have to have the "priests and magicians of hexagram fifty seven to search out the hiding places (under the bed - the believes upon which we rest) in which these subconscious glitches gather. We need to come to know ourselves,to know the inner causes of our pain and sorrow. In doing so, we stop the "restlessness and indecisiveness" so prevalent in our conscious mind and our ego. We would not find "fresh disappointments" everywhere we go. We will have made our connection with the universal source.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Perspective of Good and Evil

For the past few weeks we have loosely discussed the complementary and the oppositional aspects of yin and yang, and in hexagram forty seven line three and four we see another aspect of this. In book three of the Wilhelm/Baynes version the commentary on line two says, "Since it accords with the time, going to the prince who is kindred in spirit is in itself is not a mistake, but it cannot be done, because the six in the third place obstructs the way and makes it dangerous." One might conclude from this that yin, the third line is a six, is synonymous with evil, and indeed, in many cases the text hints that this might be true, but it is only evil when it does not act in harmony with its own nature and in complementary aspect to its polar opposite. Look at what the commentary says on the third line. "The oppression that afflicts this line is due to the hard line below it and to the hard line above, which is like a stone over it. Thus it can neither progress nor retreat." So the yin line feels it is being oppressed by the yang. So they both are evil!? Only from a certain perspective. Remember hexagram thirty eight line six where it is said, "First one draws a bow against him, Then one lays the bow aside." Remember what Chancellor Palpetine says to Anakim Skywalker in the Star Wars series when we is trying to seduce him to the dark side. "Evil is a point of view Anakim." It is ironic how such men can say things that are true and yet use them to subvert truth. Evil really is a point of view. But when does it become true evil, and when it is not? It becomes evil when it does not form the perfect complement to its polar opposite. Line two and three are both yang and yin respectively, but they are in positions where they cannot integrate with each other. The second line forms the correspondence of "like kind" with the fifth line. The third does the same with the sixth. But they do not relate to each other. They are out of place, and thus cannot complement each other. In respect to that, they oppose each other and each becomes a block to the effectiveness of the other. Each sees the other as "a pig covered with dirt, As a wagon full of devils." Evil is a matter of perspective, it depends on our own conscious relationship with the subject at hand. We see evil as that which hurts us, or obstructs us, as the third line here obstructs the second. Evil becomes that which blocks us from achieving our goals as the second line obstructs the third. What is needed is a comprehensive whole and the understanding that we are all one. That there is no separation between us and others. That which blocks us is simply there. It is neither good nor evil in its own self except as we perceive it from our own perspective. That does not mean evil does not exist. It simply means it is perceived as evil from the perspective of our own goals and desires.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hekla Volcano in Iceland

There is scientific evidence now that the Hekla volcano in Iceland is about to erupt. That doesn't guarantee that it will, and it may not do it immediately, but I do expect that there will be some activity soon. If so it is likely to shut down airports in Europe once again. I don't know for sure it will happen, but there is a good possibility. If anyone is in the area, you might get prepared.


The Casey Anthony Trial

A lot of people are truly upset about the verdict rendered in the Casey Anthony trial. I can understand that, because it appears that justice has been averted. Most people naturally assume that Casey really is guilty, and all the evidence would appear to lead to her. So did she get away with something? No, because, first of all, human justice is not divine justice, and there is a real principle of divine justice in this universe. Is she guilty? It would appear so. But... and this is a big but, it worked out in a way that presents a very special principle of American justice; that someone is innocent until "proven" guilty. The key word here is proven, and the prosecution did not do that. It leads me to have great faith in the American justice system in that we as people are presumed innocent until "proven" guilty. Why is that so? It goes back to pre revolutionary war days when British soldiers, (not police) would enter any house at any time of day or night, abduct any or all of the households occupants, and condemn them on the slightest bit of evidence, and there was no recourse. Anyone at any time could be taken out of their home, and executed on the whim of the powers that be. So, as revolutionary Americans, who believed in freedom, upon gaining our independence decided that no one would be convicted of any crime, political or social, without being "proven guilty" beyond a reasonable doubt. Did that mean some would get away with criminal acts? Yes, it did. But it protected every American from false imprisonment, and gave them security within their persons. The verdict of this trial shows that we still uphold the foundations of our society when we let a highly likely guilty person go free because it is not "proven" that they committed the crime. Without that we are nothing.

The Patriot act, (nothing patriotic about it) would overturn this in a heartbeat. It states that "terrorists" are military combatants and therefore not subject to the court system. They are to be treated as military prisoners, without recourse to lawyers, to council, or to any need to be "proven" guilty. This is an overt attempt to circumvent the laws established in our society given us at the time of the revolution. This is real, it is going on right now in this country, and this trial, as sad as it may be, proves that for the average citizen, the rules still apply that we must be "proven" guilty before we are punished. I don't like to see anyone get away with a murder, or at the least child abuse anymore than anyone else in our society, but I think it is more important that we do not allow our emotions to rule us, but to look at the evidence provided by the prosecution, and decide whether it is really "proof" or not. This is what the jurors did, they felt that the state's case was not proven. And they read the verdict as such. I am extremely proud of these jurors for standing up to what America is all about, and acting appropriately.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Making a Connection

We have talked about making a connection in hexagram thirty eight; in hexagram three we pick up this motif also. The commentary on the fourth line says, "However, an opportunity to make connections offers itself. It must be seized." When we are asking about relationships and get this line, it is somewhat obvious what the meaning might be, but there is a deeper meaning too. We have been so long alone in the world, and focusing on our uniqueness, and the seeming lack of caring of the world at large, when we suddenly realize, that if all is one, the world really does love us, although not in an apparent sort of way. It loves us because we are all created of the same material, and that material is conscious. The atoms and molecules that flow through one person's body flow through all. It doesn't appear to be so on the macro level, but on the micro level, it is certainly happening. We are all connected. Therefore, when we are shown the truth, the reality of this situation, we must seize the connection. The text goes on to say, "Neither false pride nor false reserve should deter us." Pride will always stand in the way of a true connection. This is true regardless of whether we are talking about our personal relationships, our business relationships, or the connection with the universal subconscious mind. Then the commentary says, "It is necessary to take the first step." This brings us back to hexagram thirty eight momentarily where the commentary in book three on line five says, "The person in the superior position must go out to meet the companion. The rule demands this. A man of ability will not take the initiative and offer himself." It is up to us to make the first move when we are in a position in which a connection is necessary. This is true in relationships, or whatever situation we might be in. If we recognize the need for a connection, it is our duty to resolve the "misunderstanding," the "opposition," and the isolation and take the first step to resolving the situation, even if this seems to be somewhat beneath our dignity. We cannot let pride overcome us. In our relationship with the Sage, (the I Ching, our higher selves,) we must make the first move. The Sage is only love, and will not reject us, but it is in the situation where it does not need us, we need the Sage, (our a significant other). The same line appears in hexagram four, where it is said that we must come to the teacher; the teacher, (The Sage, the Higher Self) does not approach us. And finally, in hexagram thirty three line four the commentary says regarding retreat, "The only one who suffers is the inferior man from whom he retreats, who will degenerate when deprived of the guidance of the superior man." The same is true in all our relationships. We must understand well enough the situation to know when it is time to retreat, and when it is time to make a connection, and who will suffer the most from failing to make the connection.


Monday, July 04, 2011

The Powers That Be

I'm going to put this out here while it is still legal to do so. The U.S. Government has seriously discussed making it illegal to believe in conspiracy theory, which, by definition is anything that doesn't follow the official government line. In other words, in the future it will be illegal to believe anything other than what the government wants you to believe. They tell you the party line, and you follow it, or else. You believe it no matter what the evidence is.

The following is a long video that exposes lies of the official 9/11 story. It is one of many. There is only one reason why people refuse to believe the truth about 9/11. It sounds too ridiculous. It doesn't fit the fabrications that have been fed to them about reality since birth. It is time to start thinking for ourselves. Some say to expose conspiracy is simply an attempt to put everyone into fear. No. It simply reveals the fear that we already have. Deep down inside all of us know the truth, but we prefer a lie because it is easier and covers up our fears. We want to think that all is right with the world, but it is not. Truth is stranger than fiction. And we need to face it, wherever it leads. Therefore, I am revealing these things as long as I legally can. After that, who knows what happens next. The government wants to make it illegal to believe in conspiracy because too many people are waking up. The rest of us need to wake up too. It is only a few months away when all crap breaks loose on planet earth. It is coming as sure as you can be. It is coming. Anyway, here is the link:


Estrangement or Opposition

We talked about how in "Star Wars" and "The Matrix" the lead players did not initially recognize their own dark side. Dark side is sometimes a misnomer, it is simply the other side, although the term fits well in the aforementioned movies. In the same way, we are all "estranged," or in "opposition" to our other side. And by being "estranged" to our other side, we are not at peace with ourselves. There was an old Star Trek show too, that captured this theme where two equal but opposites, in eternal anger went into a space time continuum where they would fight each other continually, til the end of time, neither one ever gaining an advantage over the other. We too, do this with ourselves. So in hexagram thirty eight we see in the final line where we see our "inner being" as a "pig covered with dirt." We of course do not realize consciously that this is what is going on but on a deeper level it is. Our conscious and our subconscious want two different things and fight with each other and the result is a life that is out of balance and creates mayhem in our lives, and events and situation that we do not want. We do this because we are at war with ourselves, and we do not realize our true nature, that of being "one" with the universe.

In line three we see that it is in our nature often to think that "everything is conspiring against us." We see ourselves "checked and hindered in our progress." It always seems like something outside ourselves is creating a problem for us, and we rail and fight against circumstances, and try all the harder to "control" our environment, including the people around us. But the commentary goes on to say, "however, he must not let himself be misled: despite this opposition, he must cleave to the man with whom he knows he belongs." In other words, instead of fighting against circumstances, and other people, which is really a fight with ourselves, we must cling to that deeper part of us that knows that every curse is a blessing in disguise. When we cling to the man (I Ching, Tao, deeper self, heavenly Father, whatever you want to call it) with whom we know we belong, our isolation, our tension, our anger, and our bitterness melts away. Then the commentary says, "Thus, notwithstanding the beginning, the matter will end well."

First of all, we must forgive ourselves, then we must forgive others, (hexagram forty) and ultimately, we must forgive God, for that is against whom all accusations are ultimately directed whether we consciously know it or not, and all great spiritual teachings inform us that we must give up our weapons against God. Not some God up in the sky, but the unity that is all of us. The text of line six says, "First one draws the bow against him, Then one lays the bow aside." We must give up our struggle, as the old saying goes, "Let go and let God..." In this way we "bite through the wrappings" that are causing separation (line five). The commentary says, "When such a companion thus reveals himself in his true character, it is one's duty to go to meet him and to work with him. We must find wholeness within our lives. We must give up our struggle, it is the only way. We must learn to trust, which is the way of the inner self, we must give up control, which is the way of the ego. Let go. Find your inner self.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cutting Edge Science Video

I neither deny nor affirm the information in this video but do find it interesting.


Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Dark Side

There is a theme common in both Star Wars and The Matrix. That theme is the dark side. In "The Empire Strikes back" Yoda tells Luke Skywalker there is an evil in the cave. Luke grabs his weapons. Yoda says, "Your weapons, you will not need them." Luke takes them anyway. In the cave he meets a Darth Vader look alike. Luke pulls his weapons first. Then the Darth Vader look alike does the same. Luke is victorious, or so it seems. When he kills the Darth Vader look alike, the look alike turns into Luke Skywalker. Luke was still not able to accept his own dark side. In fact, he did not even know his own dark side. Since he didn't realize what was happening, he theoretically kills himself. Instead of integrating yin and yang, we combat each other.

The same thing happens in "The Matrix." Towards the end of the show the Oracle reveals to Neal that Mr. Smith, his arch nemesis, is really himself. He is at war with himself. We are not willing to accept the dark side of ourselves. In the same way, we so often are not willing to accept the feminine side of ourselves. Instead we keep it down, below the level of consciousness, subjugating it, and never coming to terms with it or at peace with it. Man is at war with himself. And peace will never appear on the planet until we learn to fully integrate ourselves into the "superior man" revealed in the images of each hexagram. And that will bring us temporarily back to hexagram thirty eight.