Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watch Some Movies

There are a number of movies that have come out in the last few years that subtly display exactly what is happening in the U.S. and the world today. The first and the oldest is the Star Wars series. The character Palpatine, who turns out to be a Sith Lord, and becomes Chancellor, and eventually rules the Empire, uses subterfuge, sets up foreign wars of terrorism and finances them, then when they have served their purpose he turns on them and destroys them as well. After years of fighting terrorists which he had set up and financed, he then turns on the Jedi and calls them terrorists. Is this really so different than what is going on today? The U.S. finances terrorists, then sets up phony wars against them, blows up their own buildings and blames it on terrorists, then eventually turns every U.S. citizen into a potential terrorist. Turns the constitution upside down, (see hexagram fifty line one) then turns the entire country into a police state even though it doesn't appear to be such. (The best prisoner is one who doesn't know he is in prison) and eventually turns all freedoms into tyranny, and people don't even realize what has happened. Finally Chancellor Palpetine turns the Republic into an Empire. The same is happening here. And the biggest sorrow I have is that no one wants to see it. No one wants to face what is happening. But I recommend you watch the movie series,

I also recommend the "Matrix series" which tells a very similar story in the same way. The people think they are free but they are not. They think they have choices when they do not, and much of the story revolves around whether one can or cannot make choices. Do you really have a choice? Or is the choice you make really someone else's, someone who controls the news, who controls the information that you receive? That is telling you a half truth, and leaving a lot of the news out? Just things to think about. Are you free, or are you eternally in the "train station"?

There are also other movies who have issues hidden within their storylines that are a parallel of life on present day earth. They would be very good to watch.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Marrying Maiden as a Slave

Hexagram fifty four line three can teach us a lot about ourselves, if we are willing to look at it a little more deeply. The text says, "The marrying maiden as a slave. She marries as a concubine. Doesn't sound too appealing, does it? And yet we all do this in one form or another all the time. There are many ways we do this, (and we do it often without consciously knowing it), yet let us discuss just three of them right now.

First, we become a slave when we give our power over to others. We don't really know we do this, but we do it all the time. In relationships we do it in order to keep the relationship alive. Often we find ourselves with very controlling partners, but out of fear we hang on because we want the relationship. Even, however, if our partner is not controlling we do it. We give into our partners wishes and desires even if it hurts us because we want to hang on to something when it is untenable. Now there are times when this is necessary, but we must ask ourselves, how much of our own self esteem are we willing to squash in order to keep this relationship alive. We think we are powerless, but we are not. We become powerless when we give into fear, when we let ourselves be overridden and overruled in order to gain some temporary advantage.

Second, we become a slave to our passions when we let them overcome us. "The commentary says, "This pictures the situation of a person who longs too much for joys that cannot be obtained in the usual way." This is another form of "giving our power over to others." If our passions become too strong, if temptation becomes unbearable, and we give into them, we become a slave to them. We desire something badly enough that we are willing to sacrifice something of ourselves in order to get it. The commentary goes on to say, "He enters upon a situation not altogether compatible with self esteem." Now self esteem is not the be all end all of every situation. But we must take note of the price. Is the price a form of slavery? Even to ourselves? This is the context of this line, and when we look at our relationships, our joint business ventures, our lives in general, we must ask, "What is the tradeoff here?" Am I really willing to be a slave to this situation, to this person, to this relationship? The commentary goes on to say, "Neither judgment nor warning is added to this line; it merely lays bare the actual situation, so that everyone may draw a lesson from it." It is up to us to decide whether this situation is tenable or not, and just how much of our power we are willing to give away and at what price.

Third, we become a slave when we allow ourselves to be deceived. We believe because we want to believe. We believe because the truth would be too horrible to bear. We believe because we want it to be that way. We trade freedom for security, and end up realizing we get neither. We trade our dignity for a relationship we think is tenable but really is not.

There is always a tradeoff. We give up ourselves in order to secure our person in some way we think is tenable, but it is really a trap. The commentary in book three says, "Moreover it stands in the highest point of pleasure, hence it throws itself away as the lowest type of slave, merely in order to achieve marriage at any cost." How often we do this and don't even realize it. We want something so bad we are willing to give anything for it and find out ultimately that it was a trap of our own making. We deceived ourselves, willingly, though unconsciously. A wise man once said, "Before you can break out of jail you must realize you are in one." Most of us have no clue of the trap we have set for ourselves. This planet is a prison planet, and it is such because it offers us the pleasures of a material body. So we stay, we incarnate over and over again, trying to satisfy our lusts and desires, and do not realize we are magnetically trapped in our souls to this place, and cannot escape, until we realize we are in prison.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Generalities About Hexagram Fifty Four

There is more I want to say about fifty four, but I must admit for now I am somewhat stumped by some of the symbolism in fifty four. The wild goose finds various resting places on its journey; first on the shore, then on the cliff, then on the plateau, then the tree branch, then the summit, and finally the cloud heights. Using the English translation we can interpret these lines for a reading. But what do each of these resting places symbolize? And this is the key because every noun in the I Ching is a symbol for something else. Quite often it is apparent what that symbol is for, at others it is not; and this would be one place where knowledge of the original language would come in quite handy. The words no doubt have a multitude of meanings that would give us much greater light on the subject.

One thing we can say however, is that a resting place is a symbol for what we believe, and how we rely (rest) on those beliefs. When we reach the shore we have reached our first level of understanding but we are not firmly fixed on that level of understanding. The line says, "The young son is in danger. There is talk, no blame." The young son is in danger because his belief system is only beginning to take shape and form just as land is first sighted at the shore. He must go through many difficulties before a true belief system takes place in his heart, but those difficulties are the very thing that keep us searching for the truth. People do not look for spiritual truth because they happen to like it, they look because their lives are not working and they want to figure out why and how to fix it, so they can be happy. No one comes to help us in our time of need because they do not know what we are going through, and they would not know how to help us anyway. The commentary says, "...his steps are slow and hesitant, and he is surrounded by danger." (Compare hexagram thirty line one which says, "The footprints run crisscross." When we first start out on a spiritual journey, ((and a relationship is a spiritual journey, as is anything we do in life)) we run counter to the way we should often because we have not been taught the proper way, and life itself is the teacher.) When we do not know the way, we stumble often, we crisscross our path until we find the right way. Our belief system is incomplete, and each stage of the journey in hexagram fifty three we are further developing our belief systems until finally they work and "take us to the cloud heights."

The nuclear hexagram for fifty three is hexagram sixty four. (I want to relate all of these things to relationships as well, and hope to do so, but for now remember that all lessons in the I Ching work on all levels in keeping with the old adage, "as above so below." Here I am just going to make a general statement about this connection. The statement from the fifth line of sixty four which says "The light of the superior man is true." The light of the superior man is the I Ching itself. But the I Ching is life and light. The I Ching, (not the printed pages, but the spirit of the book) is alive and it has a consciousness, and that consciousness is one with universal consciousness. When the wild goose of hexagram fifty three reaches the cloud heights it becomes one with the "superior man." In the same way, when we complete our lessons, when we have reached the cloud heights we come to realize that we are one with the universal consciousness, and we have married the yin side of ourselves and the yang side of ourselves (and this marriage has no divorce, as is said of the wild goose, never takes another mate) and we have the "light of the superior man." This is the ultimate goal of the I Ching itself, is to bring us to the "cloud heights," so that we can join in the sacred ceremony, be as the "flying dragon in the heavens" in hexagram one line five, and as the commentary on hexagram sixty four line five says, "The new time has arrived, and with it good fortune." And as the line says, "No remorse." Let there be no remorse, let us let our "light shine among men and glorify the Father in heaven."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aspects of Hexagram Fifty Four

As I study this hexagram, strangely I become somewhat disturbed in thinking about the depth of this book and how so much of it is passed over, even by me. For readings for divination there may be better books than the Wilhelm/Baynes version. And there are other good books for spiritual understanding and explanations for the lines, for the meanings of the trigrams etc. But for deep spiritual understanding there is nothing better that W/B if you have the willingness to daily put pieces together. I say that because the commentary is very terse, saying much in little. But one does not get the meat on the bone, (hexagram twenty one) until after years of study one starts to notice how different parts of commentary from different hexagrams begin to fit together into a comprehensive whole that teaches us the nature of the cosmos and our relationship to it.

I am disturbed because I know that my ability to pass this knowledge on to others is wholly inadequate. I am disturbed because I know that even I get only a picture of it as through a tinted glass window that allows only part of the light to shine in. And I am disturbed because I know that in order to get something out daily that is useful turns into poorly written material that really does not fully express what I want to express. I do not know what to do to make this better for people on various levels of understanding, and how to make it something that both beginners and highly advanced people can use.

Hexagram fifty four, as well as most hexagrams has various threads running through it that while not being mutually exclusive paint a very different picture from top to bottom. On the one hand, it shows the image of a woman who marries into a less than satisfactory position, but is able to make the best of it. On the other, it shows a situation where one have achieved the final goal of marriage, and therefore the end of life as it has been known. Since marriage is the ultimate goal, undertakings from that point on bring misfortune. The nuclear hexagram is sixty three, which depicts a situation where everything has been put in its proper place, evolution is complete, and the only way anything can move from that point on is through devolution, or things falling out of place.

Marriage is a symbol of a person's spiritual content in which he or she has achieved the final goal of uniting conscious and subconscious mind to the extent that he or she has entered the "kingdom of heaven." And what is beyond that? Therefore the image says, "Thus the superior man (who has integrated conscious and subconscious) Understands the transitory in the light of the eternity of the end.

The lines show us various marital or premarital situations which have certain advantages or disadvantages. In the first line the lady is married but she is in an inferior position and must withdraw modestly into the background. Hopefully we can get more deeply into the meanings of the various lines later. The second line shows a situation where the married maiden is in a situation that disappoints her in some way. This leads to a certain loneliness but she maintains her dignity. The third line shows the married maiden in a situation where she is not free to express herself and is enslaved in some way. The fourth line shows a situation in which one is not able to find her proper place for some time. Much has to be done before the opportunity arises in which she can accomplish her goal. The fifth place shows a marriage of convenience, perhaps someone else's convienience, such as the king, and yet one is able to maintain dignity and grace. The sixth line shows a situation where the marriage is for show or convenience only and there is no real substance to it.

But the hexagram is also an allegory of a person's spiritual path and possible pitfalls along the way. Therefore, in the first line a spiritual aspirant progresses slowly and is in some way hampered in his walk with the sage or the I Ching. It may be due to false beliefs, or any number of things but it slows him or her down without actually stopping him or her. The commentary says the line is able to accomplish something indirectly at least. He is hampered but not totally stopped. We must always find what holds us back and make corrections. He is still able to make progress because he is willing to be in reception to the second and fifth lines of the hexagram the fifth being the ruler.

The second line shows one who has a blind spot in his or her spiritual understanding. He is not totally blind. He is on the spiritual path, but his or her vision is limited. He cannot see far and is somewhat deluded in his approach, and yet still makes some progress. He or she may see things far too literally, and not understand the allegory and symbolism of a given teaching. They see "as though through a glass darkly."

The third line describes a person who dabbles in spiritual teachings but does so only to attain some earthly advantage, not for the purpose of developing the self. There are those who want to follow a spiritual teaching as long as it helps them attract more success into their life, helps them with their relationships, or helps them overcome some hangup, but they do not see "the light of the kingdom." These people can only go so far and are a "slave" to their personal and egoistic desires." They enter any door that can help them with their immediate problems.

The fourth line waits for conditions to change before it enters any kind of spiritual practice. This person temporarily needs this or that in his or her personal life, and is not willing to look at the true spiritual picture until they have met certain needs. They become interested in spirituality after they get married, or after they have children, or after they make their first million, but they do not want it now. It can always wait until after the next life cycle.

The fifth line marries an inferior. These people are content with an orthodox church, one that fits well within their society, one that has doctrines or beliefs that are acceptable to the majority of people in their peer group. One that gives nice little platitudes on Sunday; a little ritual that is in many ways meaningless but gives some comfort to the soul, but they do not want to have any further involvement, do not care to find the real meaning of the ritual, and do not care to look beyond the obvious. They prefer to look at the finger pointing to the moon rather than to the moon itself.

Line six shows someone who merely goes through the motions of a spiritual practice, and cares nothing of the true message. They go through it perhaps because it makes them look good in the eyes of the community, or helps them in some way to interact more happily with their peers, and in the business community. But it really means nothing to them. They just go through the motions for outer appearance, and nothing more. The truth does not interest them. They don't care, they may even think there is nothing to it.

We all have aspects of each one of these lines within ourselves. Even if he have no religion or spirituality and do not believe in such. We can still find these situations within ourselves in some way. Most of the time these habits operate just below the level of awareness. It is only when we marry (align ourselves with the I Ching,) for the purpose of true union, based on affection and love, that we find ourselves truly on the spiritual path, and truly growing in our spiritual walk. The entire purpose of being human is to attain unity with all of humanity and finally with the cosmos itself. When we do we find true happiness, which we can never find when these situations are lurking within us just below the level of consciousness.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starting Again on Hexagram Fifty Three

The key to this hexagram is that inwardly one must stay calm and outwardly one must show gentleness. The situation is that of the younger son trying to impress an elder daughter. This differs from hexagram thirty one in that in thirty one, the younger son is wooing the younger daughter, therefore the attraction is more immediate. Nevertheless there are hints of caution in hexagram thirty one also, since, as within the younger son there is also the tendency to want too much too quickly. Therefore hexagram thirty one line three says, "The influence shows itself in the thighs," and the commentary says, "what the heart desires, the thighs run after without a moment's hesitation... In the life of a man, however, acting on the spur of every caprice is wrong and if continued leads to humiliation." It is not wise to act on our desires too precipitously. Many a potential good relationship has been shipwrecked for this reason alone. So hexagram fifty three teaches us about gradual development.

While hexagram fifty three is about quick mutual attraction, hexagram fifty three really depicts a situation where the attraction is not so immediate. In this case the woman must be won over by long term influences. It is not always appropriate to do this, as there is the possibility of angering the lady by continued approach. So, as in line four, we must be sensible and yielding. This situation is not appropriate. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of a satisfactory settlement in the long run. If the situation is really not appropriate, it is necessary to retreat permanently. lest things turn more than counterproductive (when line four changes hexagram thirty three relates). But if we can follow proper protocol, and be persistent without being overbearing, and not moving too quickly, (the lower trigram is "keeping still) then we can at least find a satisfactory position for which we can be suited.

The slowness of the movement, (still within, gentle without) leads unlike hexagram thirty three, (to an enduring relationship) to a relationship that is at least satisfactory, though it may be based more on position or protocol rather than love. As thirty one leads to thirty two, fifty three leads to fifty four. Hexagram fifty four depicts a relationship that is more for the benefit of the ruler than it is for the marrying participants. And yet the relationship can still be satisfactory if proper decorum and protocol are observed. The relationship takes more time to develop, and the feelings for each other grow much more slowly. Line five, the ruler of the hexagram says, "For three years the woman has no child. In the end nothing can hinder her." This is because a greater protocol is required in hexagram fifty three than in hexagram thirty one, as the attraction is not so immediate. Nevertheless, when we follow the mores, when we work in a spiritual manner, and follow the laws of nature and the universe, we can in time produce something very beneficial to ourselves, our partner, and all humanity. Line six shows us how this marriage benefits all, and is occasion for sacred ceremony which benefits the entire community.

That which applies to relationships between two people also applies to relationships between the inner person and the outer person, and between the person and the I Ching, the higher self, as well.

Here's the Plan

Okay, this is how I intend to do things over the next few weeks. I hope first to get back to hexagram fifty three and fifty four and relationships, then intersperse that with further information on hexagrams one and two, then more on how the I Ching relates to us and teaches us. I also intend this week to have a write up on my other blogspot on hexagram one, interpreting the lines, etc. and continue that.

Then, hopefully, in the first week in August I can set up a real website which will allow direct email, and maybe even chat, much more interaction, and the potential for readings. I will keep everyone informed.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Freedom of Forgiveness Part III

The fifth line of hexagram forty says, "If only the superior man can deliver himself it brings good fortune. Thus he proves to inferior men that he is in earnest. It is only when we let go of any supposed slurs, slights, hurts or resentments that we free ourselves. But we cannot do so without the strictest resolve. The sixth line tells us we must "shoot the hawk on the high wall." Just to go through the motions of forgiveness is not enough, it must be a complete and total effort. We must completely free our mind. As the commentary says, it is only when we free our mind that "they will see for themselves that we are in earnest and will withdraw." As long as we have anger, as long as we have resentment, as long as we have fear, we cannot help but draw negative experiences into our reality. It is only when we are completely free of them in our mind that these negative experiences disappear from our lives. These experiences, as the commentary says, "cannot be driven off by prohibitions or any external means." We cannot stop experiences from coming our way by setting up walls, or by trying to change external circumstances. We can only create peace within by going within. We can only create peace by freeing ourselves internally, not by external means.

Speaking of walls, the sixth line says, "The prince shoots at a Hawk on a high wall." A high wall can be a symbol for the protections we surround ourselves with to keep others at bay, fearing exposure will lead us into danger. Hence hexagram thirteen line three says, "He climbs the high hill (wall) in front of it." He/she does this out of fear. We distrust the other so we spy on him or her to see what his or her intentions are. Our own fear makes us distrustful of the other, who also has fear of us, due to our building of our own high wall. This leads to conflict (hexagram six) and leads to isolation, insulation, and opposition (hexagram thirty eight). In hexagram thirty eight line six it is said, "One sees one's companions as a pig covered with dirt, as a wagon full of devils." This is our natural state. Due to our perception of separateness, the illusion of being different, we mistrust each other. The only option, the way out, is to "shoot the hawk on the high wall" (of separation, of distrust, the wall we create to protect us from others).

Finally, there is a hint in line six of fear and mistrust that is so deeply buried that we must search it out and find it before its influence destroys us. We must use the priests and magicians spoken of in hexagram hexagram fifty seven line two hidden in the secret recesses of the mind that "affect us by suggestion." There are hidden complexes deep within the subconscious mind that poison us without our awareness of their presence. There are secret hatreds and mistrusts that makes us "point the arrow" at our companion thinking it is a pig covered with mud. This secret mistrust can even make us mistrust the sage, who is only there to instruct us, to guide us, and to give us inspiration. But we are underlings, and our purification and our education are not yet complete, so that, even if we think we are free of mistrust we are not. We must shoot the hawk on the high wall, and tear the wall down, getting rid of secret mistrust, and secret fears. In this way "they will see for themselves that he is in earnest, and withdraw." When the sixth line changes hexagram sixty four comes forth, and the commentary says, "The task is great and full of responsibility. It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion back to order." It is in seeking out our inner resentments, our fears, and our anger, that we lead the world out of confusion. And we start all over again with hexagram three which also speaks of bringing order out of confusion, or chaos.

The Freedom of Forgiveness Part II

It is said in the commentary on hexagram forty that "Deliverance means release from tension." Tension is always the byproduct of a negative emotion, and negative emotion can almost always find its root in fear. It is natural to fear as there are so many things that appear to be outside of ourselves that are detrimental to us. Therefore we give a green light to our ego to try to control our environment in order that we maintain safety. Anger is the product of fear in that anger is a response to that which has instilled fear in us. We fear that things will not turn out the way we want them to, and if we are hurt by others there is fear that we might be hurt again and that there might be future consequences to our having been hurt. In that case we must deliver ourselves from fear and its consequences, not through control as the ego would have, but through surrender to the divine will of the universe source of conscious awareness. Therefore, the commentary on hexagram forty tells us that we must get back to ordinary conditions as soon as possible (the conditions that existed before fear took hold). It tells us that we must let go of our tension (caused by fear, anger, resentment, the "three foxes).

Line four tells us that we must "Deliver ourselves from our great toe." (I suspect there is another meaningful translation here, as the Chinese words normally had multiple meanings.) But let's use the word toe, and see it as a symbol of that which we walk upon, that we carry ourselves with. Therefore, we must let go of the things that we carry, like the "burden on our back" in line three. When we allow impediments to hold us down, to hold us back, we do not allow our companion to approach us (the sage, the wisdom of the I Ching). Our fear, our anger, our resentment creates an impediment, and therefore we "cannot eat the "fat of the pheasant" (the wise teachings that would otherwise be offered us, hexagram fifty line three), and the companion does not come. If we maintain our three foxes, we act like the commentary in hexagram five line six which speaks of a sulky gesture of refusal, and by doing so the "three guests do not arrive." Refusal to accept our karma, to let go of the trauma and drama in our life, to release our fears, angers and resentments, keep the companion (our spiritual guide whom we can trust) from approaching us, from helping us or giving us its guidance. If we are consumed with our anger, with our fear, they become attached to us, just as the big toe is attached to our foot, and we cannot do without it. We must let go of all attachment. We must free ourselves from the "chance aquaintances with which we have no inner connection." We can have either our "attachments," or we can have the companion who guides us. We cannot have both, for one will estrange the other.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Freedom of Forgivenss

Hexagram forty teaches us about forgiveness. This is probably the hardest lesson to learn of all spiritual lessons, as it is thought by many that to forgive would be disrespectful to self. But even if we do wish to forgive, it is one thing to think forgiveness, it is another to feel it. The ego does not want to let go, and it wants justice. Well, we do have laws, and it is perfectly proper and just to expect those laws to be enforced against those who have harmed us; but this should not be an emotional consideration. It should be a matter of simply letting justice take its course. We do not hang on to it beyond that point.

Why is it that it is not an outrage against self to allow ourselves to forgive? The main reason is that the universe is a self adjusting, regulating system, and that vengeance belongs to the universe, which knows all, far beyond our limited perception. We have our own karma, which we are not aware of, and the universe is working that karma out. Also, the perpetrator has his or her own karma. But this all goes back to the law of one. If we understand that the universe is a conscious, breathing entity, and that everything and everyone is a part of that, we understand that both perpetrator and victim are all made up of the same essence, and that for each of us, perpetrator or victim, we are of that same substance. There is no separation between us. So in effect, what happens to us, is of our own making, although we don't consciously understand it. Therefore, the image in hexagram forty says, "Thus the superior man pardons mistakes And forgives misdeeds." Naturally, a serious attack on us is going to leave us shaken, but we must retain our composure as quickly as possible, striving to be like the superior man in hexagram fifty one who is so composed that in spite of the most terrifying situation "does not let fall the sacrificial chalice." He is totally composed. And the image says, "Thus the superior man sets his life in order." He brings back his composure.

So; when we are hurt, when we have been victimized, when our emotions kick in and we are full of anger, seeking retribution, we remember to set our lives in order, and be totally composed, so composed that we become like the superior man in hexagram fifty two who "Keeps his back so still that he no longer sees his feels his body." Nothing can move him or shake him.

Most of us cannot so quickly and immediately let go of the feelings that we have when we are victimized. Therefore, hexagram forty tells us in the commentary that if we are not able to maintain such composure we still must return to the regular order of life as soon as possible. The commentary says, "if there are residual matters that must be attended to, (feelings that need to be processed) do it as quickly as possible, so that no retardations occur."If we are completely free of anger, then there is no longer "anywhere we have to go, (nothing to be released) and we experience the freedom of forgiveness.

When we hold onto anger we attract more of the same situations back into our life. Our emotions and our anger become a magnet that draws the same experience back to us. Therefore, the commentary on hexagram forty says, " that a clean sweep is made," lest there be any return to the original situation and we re-experience the same sorrow.

Line one tells us that in accomplishing the task of forgiveness, the hindrance is past, (the origin of the problem that created the victimization) deliverance comes. In this case "one recuperates in peace." Anger, and the desire for retribution keep us trapped in a state of anxiety, of stress, disabling us from functioning from a higher purpose, and creates a disconnect from the universal source.

Line two tells us that we must capture the "three cunning foxes." The three foxes are various aspects of ourselves that keep us from our highest good. They trap us in our sorrow, the wallow in pity, and keep us angry. Only by capturing them and eliminating them can we function as normal human beings. All anger is ultimately directed at the universe, the source, the fount of all creation, and at ourselves for creating such a situation in our lives. We must not let the "three cunning foxes" control us.

Line three says, "If a man carry a burden on his back...he thereby encourages robbers to draw near." Our anger, our rage, and our fear is a burden. It weighs us down, it "robs" us of our joy, and ultimately is of no use to us, and does not create vengeful justice but just keeps us weighed down. The commentary says, "if he continue this way, in anger and malice, in desire for retribution, "he is sure to bring disgrace upon himself."


The Blue Star

There is a good possibility that comet Elenine is the Blue Star that the Hopi's have predicted. It is well known among scientists that this comet is not a normal comet. There is something very unusual about it. Ironically, it's closest approach to the earth will be on Sept 11. (9/11)

Stay tuned.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Global Warming Story

I will make this very short, but it is important. The government is now telling us that we either accept the global warming story or we are a polluter. Let me tell you how this works, and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am right. Global warming will continue throughout this present sun cycle number twenty four, which should last until about the year 2013. After that, the sun will be going into a calmer state. Much calmer than it has been for a long time, and that will mean cooling. Some scientists understand this, but some do not. Global warming, whether it exists or not, is a political tool to force us into buying expensive green equipment, including the green light bulbs that are starting to appear on the market now, but will be required next year.

In order to create a one world government, the power of the U.S. will be broken. This will be done by creating situations in which the stock market collapses, (the present downward trend may very well be short lived, but it will start again when they are ready to implement their plan), and millions of people will lose their life savings, their retirement funds, all so the international bankers and elite can take control and create a one world government centered in Europe, in which all money and property will be owned by the state and will only be loaned to people to use as long as it benefits the rulers. The global warming story is another plan to break the economic power of the common man,, as will be gas prices. Gas prices may go down for a little while, but believe me, they will not stay down. Global warming may be true for now, but it is being used as a political tool to destroy the economic power of the little person. If you don't think so, well watch it happen.


2012 - A Time of Transition

First let me say that I do receive comments once in a while, but under the current system I can only respond with a comment of my own. Please understand that the spam filter is on because for a while I was receiving multiple comments that were advertisements for anything under the sun, including pornography sites and what have you. Therefore I had to turn it on. I am not purposely deleting anyone's messages. Please be aware too, when I get messages in my email, I cannot automatically respond. I am not ignoring anyone. I appreciate everyone's presence here, and comments. Hopeful I can find a work around soon.l I may turn the spam filter back off if the advertisement's stop. It should be obvious to everyone that it is not proper to advertise on someone's site without requesting permission, but that is a sign of the times.

And speaking of signs, we are presently seeing a lot of signs indicating this is a time of transition. The year 2012 is prophesied to be exactly that. There are so many confusions around this date. Many people think it was just the fantasy of a stone age people who had nothing better to do with their time. Others think they were prophesying the end of the world. There are also many beliefs in between. But what was really happening? I submit that the Mayans knew this to be a time of awakening of a large portion of the human population. There will be many who do not understand it, do not want change, and are vitally afraid of it, but change is the sine wave of the cosmos. We who understand the I Ching understand this. On one level the six lines represent the six ages of mankind. We were created in our present form during the age of Leo, and the sixth stage is Pisces. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius. During the sixth age, the Piscean sign is that of two fishes, one swims upward, and one swims downward. The same happens to mankind during this stage. There are some who insist on gong into the depths, there are others who strive to reach the surface and see the light in the air. There are some who are deeply fearful of change. They like the status quo, and they will fight to the death to maintain it. In the I Ching each line represents one stage of mankind and the sixth line of the first two hexagrams both enter into a battle that is destructive to both sides. As we near the end of this present age, we are headed for war, and intense struggle. Some say that by bringing this up you are just instilling fear in everyone. No, we are simply trying to wake mankind up. For without waking up, we will be like the fish that swims to the depths, not to the light. So, the sign of the Age of Aquarius is a person with an urn spilling out the water, and the fish, onto dry land. In this way, it becomes the end of mankind as we know it. That does not mean that mankind is going to be destroyed, simply changed in some form or another, depending on our willingness to open up to the truth that has been presented to us in ancient sacred writings, be it Mayan, I Ching, Biblical, Hindu, or Buddhist, they are all saying about the same thing. This is not the end of the world, not the destruction of the earth, (although there will likely be a great deal of change and destruction), No the complete end of mankind, but a massive awakening from the lies that man has been taught one way or another through centuries of manipulation. It is the end of a world of control, and the beginning of a world of love and peace for those who do wake up. I don't know, but I suspect that those that refuse to awaken will be entered into an alternate timeline, and alternate universe, in which they will remain in darkness, ignorance, and enslavement to those who insist on absolute control. The events are already starting to unfold. Right now the President is promising the return of many of the troops in Afghanistan, but will simply redeploy them in other trouble spots in the Middle East. This is turning into a powder keg that the elite will turn into a mass slaughter of human kind because they think we are overpopulated and not disciplined or sophisticated enough. But mankind will survive. It is just interesting that the elite have stated that they intend to institute total control over the masses of humanity by the end of 2012. Ironically that is the same time that the Mayan calendar refers to.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hexagram forty seven teaches us something about handling adversity. The commentary says, "When a strong man meets with adversity, he remains cheerful despite all danger." This is how we overcome it, by remaining cheerful. The first line speaks of one who "Sits oppressed under a bare tree, and strays into a gloomy valley." The bare tree is allegorical of situations in life when it seems there is nothing available to us. Our life seems empty, and it seems like we are losing our energy, we are depressed, our mood goes down, and therefore, so does our life force; or as the Chinese would say, our Ch'i. This may be a temporary thing, or we might be passing through "the dark night of the soul." Pretty much everyone goes through these trying times sometime in their life when it seems that life seems purposeless, and without hope. Modern science will often try to tell us that life truly is purposeless, and that we are just here by accident, but even a scientist, whether he knows it or not feels a purpose in his heart that keeps him going on. Purpose, nevertheless, seems to go out the window when nothing seems to be happening in our lives, when our relationships aren't working, when we don't seem to be able to make money, or nothing gives us satisfaction. We have lost the "loadstar" of hexagram seventeen line five and have nothing to follow, or we have lost the enthusiasm of hexagram sixteen. We need to find that "loadstar" again; that which inspires us. The way to find it is to find enthusiasm, joy, even when it seems there is nothing to be joyful about.

The commentary goes on to say, "It is true that for the time being outward influence is denied him, because his words have no effect." It is often true that the people around us, the people closest to us, seem to not hear our real message, our real needs, or understand our manner of showing love. Then it is important that we continue being joyful, and work through the time period, for everything changes eventually. If we are not understood, we must strive to understand. If we are not heard, we must strive to hear. If our talents and ambitions are overlooked, we must recognize them in others. When we stray into a gloomy valley, we see nothing of the needs of others. We only hear our own inner longing. The text says, "for three years one sees nothing." That is because he is totally engrossed in himself and his own problems. The commentary says, "such an attitude comes from an inner delusion that he must by all means overcome." The delusion is that we think the outward world is affecting us, when in reality we affect the outer world.

The trigrams show a situation in which the water has dried from the lake. The water is a symbol for our reservoir of ch'i, or life force, within the body. Sometimes this life force dissipates within us and we need to find ways to amass this life force, building it up and causing it to rise (hexagram forty five and forty six). We build life force by acting correctly in a given situation, by being connected to the universal source of intelligence, and by exercise systems such as yoga, tai chi, or kung fu. We must drink from the well, for once again water is a symbol of the life force within us, and if our bucket breaks, or we do not get all the way down to the well, we suffer, and our live force diminishes, which eventually leads to death, and prior to that leads to depression, melancholy, and bloody tears (hexagram three line six). Or perhaps our sources of nourishment are overturned, as the cauldron is hexagram fifty line one. Our food has stagnated. (Food can be a symbol for our spiritual nourishment, which may be neglected, or damaged in some way.) In this case "one takes a concubine for the sake of her son," the concubine here being a symbol of something of lesser value that we take because we seem to be lacking the power to get what we really want.

Sometimes we get depressed because it seems no one recognizes us or our talents and they go to waste, but hexagram fifty line three says, "One is impeded in his way of life. The fat of the pheasant is not eaten. Once rain falls, remorse is spent." The fat of the pheasant can refer to the more pleasant things we long for in our life. It seems they are just not available to us. It is frustrating and seemingly hopeless. But there is a way out. The commentary says, "But if he will only see to it that he is possessed of something spiritual, the time is bound to come, sooner or later, when the difficulties will be resolved, (see hexagram forty) and all will go well." The key is that inner peace, security, and assurance, that keeps us connected to the source, (to the intelligence of the cosmos), which does not fail us in the end. We need have no anxiety, we need have no stress, no tension in our lives, if we only stay true to the spiritual principle and stay connected to the ultimate source of all good. Adversity is there to teach us. It teaches us of our own mental stability or instability, and what we are like on the inside. Thus the commentary on hexagram forty seven says, "But if adversity only bends a man, it creates in him a power to react that is bound in time to manifest itself." That time comes when the dragon in line one of hexagram one shows itself in line two of hexagram one. All things happen in their appointed time. Those who are truly connected to the source have no need of depression, anxiety, or remorse. They are simply connected.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Bit About Hexagram Three

Hexagram three is the first hexagram in the main body of the book and as such relates to that which comes first. The Beginning. The beginning is a time of questioning, of puzzlement, because it is as if we are thrown suddenly into a situation in which we have no idea which way we should go, and everything is a mystery. Isn't that true about life in general? It is a mystery. When we are first born we are not even significantly consciously aware of where we are, and no idea how we got here. When we grow up, we get into a relationship and have absolutely no idea how to relate properly, how the opposite sex thinks, or how to resolve issues. The commentary says, "When it is a person's fate to undertake such new beginnings, everything is still unformed, dark. Hence he must hold back, because any premature move might bring disaster." (As a side note, hexagram three lays bare the situation, hexagram four explains the means of overcoming it, and three does too to a certain extent.) In spite of all science knows about the universe, the majority of it is still a mystery to science. And some scientists readily admit that every time they come up with a new theory of how it all fits together, the universe throws a curve at them. (One thing mainstream science will not accept is that there must be a consciousness behind it, and that is a good part of the reason they cannot accept the puzzle.) So too, we are in a universe, in a cosmos, in which we are given no owner's manual and fend for ourselves.

The hexagram then goes on to say that in such times we need helpers. When we are faced with a new challenge, it takes a tremendous amount of information in which to chew on and put things in order. For this it is best that a person has a helper. The I Ching offers us this help. The commentary on the image says, " too the superior man has to arrange and organize the inchoate profusion of such times of beginning..." And indeed the influence of the Sage, (I Ching) is great. The I Ching never slackens in its willingness to teach us and make us better persons (see the image of hexagram one). (The I Ching compares itself to a well in hexagram forty eight, in which we all may drink, and the well is never depleted.) Therefore the image says, "Thus the superior man brings order out of confusion." In other words it is important to differentiate between the important things that add value to our life, and those things that are merely entertainment. Hexagram four line one commentary says, "It must be shown the seriousness of life." It is important to have joy in our lives, and be playful, (Hexagram five line five and hexagram fifty eight.) At the same time that joy must not degenerate into wasteful activities. There is a serious side and a playful side that must balance.

But in order to make progress in our spiritual walk we must have helpers, and the I Ching is our primary helper. (Or whichever spiritual quest you happen to work with.) But it is important to differentiate between that which is truly help and that which means well but is not advantageous. There are three yin lines in hexagram three that make the statement, "Horse and wagon part." They are the second, fourth, and sixth lines. All correctly yin lines. The second line speaks of a situation when we are offered help by someone who is not truly capable of helping. In a relationship this may mean a suitor that means well, but is not really the right person. In terms of our daily walk, it infers someone who wants to give us guidance and protection, but is not truly qualified to do so. 'We must be discriminating, "bringing order out of confusion." But line three tells us that we truly need a helper. Line four tells us that we must "Strive for union." In our daily walk with the sage, in our daily attempt to unite conscious and subconscious, we must strive for union between the two parts of ours selves. In our relationships we must "strive for union" with our partner. The commentary says, "However, an opportunity to make connections offers itself. It must be seized." When we know we have found the forester in line three, when we have eliminated the wrong connections in line two and are offered a connection, it is important to make that connection. When we know we have found a partner who suits us, we must take advantage of the opportunity. We by ourselves are too weak. We need a partner, we need our other half. We need the input of the subconscious. We need the wisdom and expertise of the Sage. Finally, line six says, "bloody tears flow." Sometimes we seem so lost that we just give up. Sometimes in life it seems like nothing is going the way we would like. It seems like our relationships are hopeless. It seems we can make no connection with universal consciousness. But this is an eternal quest. Often when it seems nothing is happening, the most is happening in the shadows. It isn't apparent to us yet, but it is there. The attempt must be made daily, (practicing chariot driving as in hexagram twenty six line three). There are times when we have to give up. There are times when it is definitely over, our relationships or whatever. But it is never over with the sage. We must trust him, hear him, and respond to him, (hexagram sixty one) and thereby grow spiritually, taking daily of the water of the well.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Non Local Consciousness

Apparently I deleted the video which is too bad because it fit the topic and was very interesting. It was a video in which Deepak Chopra was interviewed and had to do with non local consciousness. Well, you might ask, "What has that to do with anything?" Just this. And this is backed up by the latest scientific discoveries. The significance is that consciousness is not in the body. It is non local. For years science has tried to tell us that consciousness is just an accidental byproduct of neurological and chemical activities within the body. Well, the latest science does not concur. In fact consciousness is not local and specific to an individual at all, but all of the so called material existence is that consciousness. Now, the rest is my own take on this. Consciousness only becomes specific to us when it is filtered through our own DNA, then through our belief systems, which can also be related to DNA, and to our own specific structures. So the consciousness that exists as a unified whole in the cosmos is watered down as it is filtered through our own mental or brain structures. In other words, our brain filters out much of the consciousness awareness before it reaches the conscious mind, it is still there in the subconscious, but is restricted from reaching the conscious mind by our attitudes and beliefs toward the cosmos. It is really incumbent upon all of us to review our belief system and try to determine exactly what it is that restricts us in our interaction with the world, and why we create the troubles in our life that we create. Consciousness is available to us, yet we filter out 90% of it to operate in this specific reality. Why is that so? Perhaps we were created specifically for a purpose that we are not aware of, and given a genetic structure that would allow only for so much data to reach our consciousness. And yet, there is no doubt the possibility of restructuring ourselves so that we have access to much more of this non local data and become much greater than we presently are.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Another quick note and I will get back to the I Ching

One other way the aristocracy plans on culling the population is through genetically modified foods, called GMO's. These things will not kill you instantly but over a period of years, with continued use they will destroy and change the body's DNA and you will eventually get seriously ill. You can go to

to get a list of items that are not genetically modified, but remember, cross pollination has caused even many natural foods to be contaminated.

I for one do not believe the world is overpopulated, and even if it is, it does not give elites the right to kill off major portions of the population. Purposely creating war, and destroying the food crop is a crime of unbelievable proportions, yet they get away with it because no one can believe these people would really do that to them, but they will and they are.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a Side Note

You can expect, most likely, not guaranteed, but likely that U.S. troops will be moved heavily into Libya about September or October. There is some likelihood too that U.S. troops will be moving into several Near East countries later this fall. Some people believe this will be the start of world war III. Why should this happen now? It is more than just the need to defend ourselves. The aristocracy of Europe, and Elite of the U.S., want to reduce world population significantly, and one way or another they are going to do it. At the last Bilderberg conference war was decided as the premier way to reduce the population. This may eventually involve China, and that is what the elite want. This isn't speculation, the Bilderberg conference has been admitted to in mainline news, and there are moles.

Sun Going Quiet?

As much as I have talked about the intensity of coronal mass ejections, the sun is starting to go quiet it seems. Now I do suspect there are gong to be more large flares, but the sun is acting very weird, and if it really goes quiet, we might start having very cold weather. Not hot. But we will see. I suspect the sun has a lot of kicks in it first. We will see what happens.

On another note, the new comet coming around, it is being said, is very unique. It is not going to hit us or anything, but some NASA personnel are talking very cryptic about this. They are using coded words that would not have meaning to the common man, but would very significant to those in the know. We can only wait and see and hear everything we can hear but wait for a very interesting autumn this year. One thing NASA is mentioning is "outside threats." There can be very significant meaning in this, but we will know this fall.

Oh, and one more thing that is not hitting the mainstream news. There is a nuclear plant in Nebraska that is in trouble due to flooding, and it could be a serious matter, but nobody is reporting on it.


No Purpose of its Own

In hexagram two also, we have portrayed for us the concept of "innocence" or that of acting without conscious motive. Hexagram two is called, "The Receptive." but what is it receptive to? It is receptive of the will of heaven. In other words, it is not acting on its own volition but simply carries out the will of heaven without conscious forethought. The commentary in book three on hexagram two says, "If the Receptive were to push ahead on its own initiative, it would deviate from its natural character and miss the way." The Receptive can only act in accordance with its Creative partner or there is no real accomplishment. Each depends on the other. The Creative cannot create if there is not a field in which to create. Each has to play its proper role, and the Receptive follows the Creative and does not take the initiative. In the Creative, the fifth line is ruler of the hexagram as the hexagram reflects evolution. In the Receptive the ruler of the hexagram is the six in the second place as the hexagram reflects involution. It also works this way because the second line is the proper correlate to the fifth, and is receptive to its commands. The second line further describes the role of the Receptive. The line says, "...Without purpose, Yet nothing remains unfurthered." Purpose is relegated to Yang, to the creative." It is relegated to heaven, it is not relegated to man. Man can only accomplish something that is lasting by following the will of heaven. The commentary goes on to say, "For this reason the earth has no need of a purpose. Everything becomes spontaneously what it should rightly be, for in the law of heaven life has an inner light that it must involuntarily obey."

It is only when we try to consciously assume control, and do it all ourselves that we get into trouble. For we are not following the will of heaven. Therefore it is said in the commentary, "if he tries to lead, he goes astray; but if he follows he finds guidance." In the same way, in hexagram four it is indicated that we should not put ourselves above our teacher, our guru, our Christ or Buddha. The structure of hexagram four is such that a younger more inexperienced man puts himself above (the K'en trigram) the teacher (the K'an trigram). As such he tries to lead when he should be following. He does not have the experience yet to control everything in his environment. When he does this he brings down disaster upon himself, and the commentary on the irst line of hexagram four says, "He must be shown the seriousness of life." When we try to lead, without the Receptivity to heaven, we are acting arrogantly, and do not have the proper receptivity to the will of heaven. Also it shows a disrespect not only for the teacher, but for life itself, as we are not able to control it, and life will almost certainly bring the "fetters which should be removed." We remove the fetters by being receptive to the teacher. It is most likely though that we will never do this until life has humiliated us enough to make us receptive.

When we become receptive, we find a different side of life. we can accomplish a lot by hard work and being responsible for ourselves, but when we give up, when we let go and let God... we find an amazing thing. We find that as in hexagram forty five line two, that "there are secret forces at work, bringing those together who belong together. We must yield to this attraction; then we make no mistake." By hard work we can accomplish much in life, but by yielding and being receptive, we forge a connection with heavenly forces, we forge a connection with the "forester who shows the way, (hexagram three line three) and we find that there are "secret forces at work" that bring us to the right place to attain a favorable destiny. Therefore, we can do our hard work and reap the rewards, but we do so without anxiety and without fear, knowing that in attaining that connection to the universe, that our path is guided through these secret forces. But we must forge that connection. For practical ways to make that connection, I recommend Wayne Dyer's book, "The Power of Intention." I also recommend books by Deepak Chopra that discuss this same thing. Also, a deep study of the Tao Teh Ching can describe this connective power. But we must be receptive. That is the key, we must be receptive.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A note about the Constitution

I want to make clear a little more about what I said about the constitution of the United States the other day, and divine rights. As I had mentioned, in all of history prior to this time, rulers ruled by what they considered to be "divine right." In other words, they could trace their history back to the time when "the gods" ruled on the earth, and being their offspring, they had the divine right to rule. As such, the people, being not of the same race and stock, were considered the private stock of the king or queen. "They were considered peons,or peasants, if not from the noble class, and therefore had no rights. As such they were subject to their lords of the noble cast who were in turn subject to the king or queen. Now the king or queen, granted were not all powerful and were sometimes overthrown by the nobility or by members of their own family who were considered also of the ruling class, but over the common folk they had complete and total control, and their lives, and their property were subject to the whims of the king or queen without any recourse. The constitution of the United States addressed this problem by proclaiming that the "people," in other words the commoners "had inalienable rights given to them divine providence, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." In effect what this was saying was that it was not the king or queen who were given the divine rights, but the commoner. This was an upstart assumption that shocked the heads of Europe, with many of the nobles and rulers, and they were not about to allow such a thing to happen on earth. Being who they were, with money and power, they began to undermine the new commonwealth in every way possible. This new country had turned the order of rulership on its head, saying that the government should be afraid of the people, not the people of the government. They would not have that. And today, through the international banking cartels, and underhanded actions of the worlds elite, the "rule by divine right" people have overthrown the constitution of the U.S. and disavowed any rights attributed to the people. Recent court decisions have given the government the right to take away arms from the people, and the concept of terrorism or terrorist has been transferred from religious extremists to those who would maintain the validity of the constitution. Now people who believe in the rights of humanity, of the constitution, have become the terrorists, right in their own country. Many do not see the ramifications of this today, but they will soon. There is an ongoing effort now to take away guns from all Americans under the guise of keeping us safe, but it will do just the opposite, because once the rights of the common persons are taken away, the divine right to rule holds sway once again, and no one can do anything about it. If you don't think this is happening, you haven't even been watching the mainstream news, let alone any alternative news sources.


Hexagram Twenty Five and the Law of Motion

In furthering the development of the law of motion the commentary on hexagram twenty five says, "When, in accord with this, movement follows the law of heaven, man is innocent and without guile." Morals and morality have their place, and certainly have value, but morals are often man made and decided upon, and not everyone agrees with them. The Confucian principle is one of the proper setting of society, and how society should interact with the morals thereof. It has its place, but the Taoist principle is more a matter of acting in accord with the nature of heaven. The two principles do interact, and are not mutually exclusive, but the Taoist is more concerned with the natural order, the other more concerned with the moral order. Man becomes innocent, not so much by following a moral code or principle, but by acting in accordance with his or her own inner nature as defined in the commentary on hexagram one, "In this way, each thing receives the nature appropriate to it, which from the divine viewpoint, is called its appointed destiny. This explains the concept of furthering." It is by doing the natural thing, by acting in harmony with the cosmos, that we receive our "appointed destiny." When we act in accordance with our destiny, we are acting divinely, and we are without guile because our actions are in harmony with the wishes of the cosmos. (Notice that this way of thinking about things does not demand belief in a God out there somewhere, but rather a natural force of consciousness within the universe itself.) The commentary in twenty six goes on to say, "His mind is natural and true, unshadowed by reflection or ulterior design. For wherever conscious purpose is to be seen, there the truth and innocence of nature have been lost." It seems that so often we read these words, and while we don't dispute them, we gloss over them unthinkingly, and as time goes by they are removed from our mind. How many people can say they don't act by conscious purpose? Almost no one. It is not natural to act natural. How can that be so? Because our conscious minds have dominated so long, and they won't give up control. King Herod, in the Biblical nativity scene, is an allegory of the conscious mind, who when confronted with the Christ child, (the natural spontaneous part of us), seeks to kill him so that his rule is in no way diminished. The Taoist way is the natural way. Our conscious mind plans things in accordance with what appears at the time to be right and more beneficial to the individual, even often if that means stepping on some one else's toes, (morality issues) while the natural way simply does what is right and in accord with heaven. As we use the I Ching, we study, we divine, we realize we must let go of our personal ambitions and become a menber of the universe. In doing so we simply follow the natural way. We do not seek gain, nor do we avoid loss. We simply act in accordance with the nature that was given us as our natural birthright and thus carry out our "appointed destiny." Sometimes our apparent destiny tends to frighten us, so we try to avoid it, as Jonah tried to avoid his destiny of preaching to Ninevah, and ended up in the belly of a fish. (took on an undesirable karma) But the commentary on hexagram one, page 372, tells us that as we "find our mode, a great and lasting harmony arises in the world."

This is why the world is in so much disharmony today, why there are wars and rumors of war all over the globe. This is why tyranny is on the march and becoming more and more oppressive in every country. It is because we act with conscious purpose. Our egos are out of control. This is true on all levels. We think we must control everything. Therefore need as much power as we can get. If we don't control it, it will control us. If necessary we foment wars in foreign countries, keep the population down, rule by secrecy, get everybody else fighting and not ever realizing they are being ruled and dominated by ruthless men. We have been lied to by the ego powers in the world.

But there is a different way, and someday we will follow it. The conscious mind, the ego, must marry the subconscious, and become a unit. In doing so, our demand for control will no longer control us. The only thing we will be in control of is ourselves, and rightfully so. We will no longer serve self but serve spirit. We will let go of conscious purpose and allow the spirit within us to rule. At that time we will be at peace, both within ourselves and within the world at large. Heaven help us that that day come soon, for we are about to see horrific wars on this planet involving all nations. Wars of unbelievable proportions. Why? Because we always see the bad in other countries. We always see the bad in some other religion or social style, or tradition. If we are not in control, we blame it on somebody else who is opposing us. They want the same control that we want. When will it stop? This is where true morality begins, not in a socially controlled world where we have rules and dogmas about what constitutes morality, but when we stop using artifice and manipulation to get what we want, and simply live in accordance with the nature that was given us.

The commentary goes on to say, "Nature that is not directed by the spirit is not true, but degenerate nature." We find the same story in the "Garden of Eden" narrative. At first Adam and Eve just followed spirit. They acted innocently and naturally. But the Serpent gave them a new idea. It gave them the idea that they could consciously choose to do that which appeared to give them benefit. They could act with conscious intention and come out ahead. In doing so the spirit died because it was no longer guiding the personality. Now conscious intent was doing it. And the result was a massive enslavement of mankind to the ego and its demands for control. We have paid the price for generations, and soon will pay a price so high that much of the world we be engulfed in bloodshed. But then, maybe, just maybe we will see the error of our ways and be guided once again by spirit.


An Update on Solar Cycle Twenty Four

I haven't heard any news report yet. And it may be squashed, due to the nature of it, but the scientists will still make their report. One thing they have found in very simple terms is that "the coronal holes which push these mass ejections are much more powerful than originally believed." That is a quote from Mitch Battros who discussed this on last night. The scientific report is supposed to come out of laboratories in the state of New Mexico. Solar cycle twenty four is now expected to be up to 50% stronger than any cycle before it.

This year, expect a powerful hurricane season. And while we may be having global warming right now, expect that trend to reverse in a couple of years. This is likely to be a wild year weather wise as it is already showing to be. Expect it to get worse.


New Information on Solar Cycle Twenty Four

There should be a report coming out today, I don't know how much about it will be on the news, on solar cycle twenty four, which will surprise a lot of people. It is now apparent that each solar cycle is different, and that the apparent intensity of sun spots is not the whole story. This cycle, while not appearing to be that strong, will actually be stronger than anything before, and will be very intense. There was an ejection the other day that was so strong, that it was said, that if it hit the earth, it would have literally burned it. Prepare for very intense weather patterns over the next two to three years. I am getting more news as we go along. I will try to update this as I listen again to this report.


Monday, June 13, 2011

A serious matter

It has now become quite clear that there is no further hope for freedom in America. Though the bill shutting down the internet has temporarily been blocked by an Oregon representative, it is just a matter of time before it will be presented again. Today in the news the FBI gave notice that they are allowing agents to use broad new powers in the fight against terrorism. Note that this terrorism is not confined to those who are muslim extremists, but this terrorist fight is to be carried on against any citizen who believes in the constitution, who believe government is too big, going too far, or what have you... It is no longer a government by the people, but government against the people. The government is now our rightful rulers. This goes right back to the age old belief that the Emperor, the King or Queen, the Tsar, or who have you, ruled by divine right and that all subjects were subject to the rulers whims or desires. The subject had no recourse as he or she was in every way a "subject." At this point, this is happening without even having new laws passed. They are just doing what they want to. It was on the news I believe in Texas yesterday that the police chief had stated that there were terrorists right in his own city; people who believe in constitutional rights, and they want to kill cops. This is nonsense. People who believe in the constitution only want the government to abide by the constitution. But so many people have forgotten what freedom really means, and the basis for that freedom. The basis is the constitution only. It gives us inalienable rights not to be violated by queen or king. But the globalists have succeeded in bringing divine rights rule back and have become the real terrorists, not those who want freedom. Goodbye freedom, goodbye America. The New World Order is in. People who are prominent in the fight to reveal this hidden plan will likely soon be arrested. It is possible that even small time people like myself will be. Even though I own no guns and am not violent in any way. It is now against the law to warn people of the dangers coming up.

This will be very likely me final warning. If people would have recognized the signs, it could have been stopped, but so few would listen, and now we pay the price. Now it is too dangerous to say anything at all. Anyone complaining about the government can now be jailed. As the ancient wisdom in the Bible says, "when they cry, now we have peace, then sudden destruction will come upon them." When people opt for security over freedom, they get neither. There is no peace, and no freedom under the new world order.

The commentary on hexagram one goes on to say, "The mode of the creative is not rest but continuous movement and development. Through this force, all things are gradually changed until they are completely changed in their manifestations." Here again, in a nutshell we have a commentary on the forces of involution and evolution, which never changes, and the movement is constant. It is the nature of the material world to breakdown gradually, and then be reabsorbed and reassembled into something new. We see this in human life as well, as nations rise and fall and are reabsorbed and rise again. It is natural law. But there is a method in this madness, because, in this manner all things eventually become exactly what they should be. This indicates a universal intelligence which some might call God, others might just call consciousness. It matters not what you call it, it just matters that you recognize its existence.

The commentary goes on to say, " this way each thing receives the nature appropriate to it, which from the divine viewpoint, is called its appointed destiny..." Therefore, destiny is never a negative thing, even though it appears to be at times to man., because the creative divine power appoints it strictly in accordance with a persons own behavior, indicating that our karma is of our own doing, and is not meant to harm us, but to save us, even if that karma appears painful. We receive a nature that is appropriate to us. Animals act like animals, plants act like plants, and humans act like humans. The "appointed destiny" is not a cruelty but puts each person, and each entity, in a position where they can further the ulitmate divine plan. As such we should not complain about our karma, but be thankful we have a place within the universal whole.

Therefore, it is encumbent upon each of us that we "ride the six dragons to the heavens." In other words, develop our character, which is the highest form of morality, not simply being good, which is only marginally rewarded in terms of inheriting karma. Each painful moment in life is meant to teach us, and to correct us, not to punish us.

When we develop our character, by "riding the six dragons," we come to the place eventually where it can be said, "He/she towers high above the multitude of beings, and all lands (aspects of our personality) are united in peace." When we are at peace we mitigate our karma, transform it into something much less painful, and we develop a connection with our divine source. Hexagram fifty one tells us that even in the midst of shock and terror we are able to maintain our composure. It also tells us that though there is terror all around us, we ourselves are not stricken. The Tao Teh Ching tells us that the spear will not enter us, the wild animals will have no place to gore us with their horns, for their will be no place for death to enter. In the Biblical Psalms it says, "A thousand shall fall beside thee, and ten thousand at they right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee." This is all done by maintaining a complete inner peace through meditation. (hexagram fifty two)

The commentary goes on to say, "...who makes it possible for everything to attain its appropriate place, bringing about peace on earth (or in our own private domain) when he occupies an eminent ruling place (over our own disparate aspects of personality.)" As such comes about the saying, "It furthers one to see the great man." (Our own inner high self) In other words, we develop ourselves by observing (hexagram twenty) the sage, (or the highly developed man, or the I Ching, all interchangeable terms).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Stages of Growth

The commentary on hexagram one in book three Wilhelm/Baynes version says, "The stages of growth can occur in a clear sequence." We see this when a child is born and the child is first a baby, then an adolescent, then a pre-teen, then a teenager, then a young person, etc. But we don't really understand it in our spiritual growth. We don't see clear stages, and yet they are there. But a definitive study of the I Ching will teach them to us in a personalized way. When you cast a hexagram you are not going to receive the same one someone else does. It will be personal to you. Then you will discover, as you continue to do this, (don't overdo it) the stages that are right for you. In a way hexagram fifty three carries this same message. Each line represents the next stage in one's completion in becoming a sage. In fact, all the hexagrams delineate this same progression in a way that is consistent with the meaning of the hexagram. In this way, first lines can be compared with other first lines and information can be garnered in doing so. The same with second lines to second, third to third, and so on.

For example, the first line in hexagram three says, "It furthers one to remain persevering." Remember hexagram one line one says, "Hidden dragon, do not act." The time is not right, but that does not mean that one does not prepare. Since it is not the right time he must not act and yet he/she should still not be put off course. If it is not time to act, we can still prepare. The commentary says, "he must not try to force advance but must first take thought." It is always necessary in any undertaking to prepare first before laying the ground work. If not we become like the story Jesus tells of the man who builds his house on the sand, or the story of the person who starts a project but then is not able to finish it, and people laughed at him. Not acting does not necessarily mean we walk away from the situation. Hexagram five line one says, "It furthers one to abide in what endures." When the time is not right to act yet, we refresh ourselves in that which is close to us and nourishes us. As we nourish ourselves, we grow. As we grow, we become better able to tackle the tasks ahead. But we must wait until the right time. If we do not nourish ourselves first the "hidden dragon" is sure to sink its teeth into us. (hexagram twenty one) Hexagram seven line one says, "The army must set forth in proper order." Before we can accomplish any task we must have developed a sense of discipline and inner control. Without that, the task cannot be accomplished. We can see this principle in first lines everywhere. The lines must be absorbed and meditated upon though, else we only receive the "dried grisly meat" (hexagram twenty one line four) and not the tender meat of line two.

The commentary on hexagram one in book three also says, "The way of the creative works through change and transformation." It is natural law that everything left to itself changes. Summer changes to winter, day turns to night, peace turns to war and back to peace again. This is a universal law and cannot be changed. It must be accepted and our lives must come to be in harmony with that universal principle. The judgments and the lines tell us the level, degree, and nature of change we are going through in a given situation. They tell us when the situation is ripe for action, when we are at a standstill, when corruption sets in, and when conditions are ripe for improving the situation. But we must be keenly aware of our relationship to the entire process, and how our own attitudes and behaviors affect the changes. This is extremely scientific. For anyone who has studied quantum physics much at all they would see that live presents itself to us in the way we expect it to. When we grow spiritually, our mind calms, and we are more willing to accept the process of change as being something not controlled by the conscious mind, but a result of our own inner beliefs and attitudes. If we feel that life is against us, if that is the inner, subconscious attitude, we will find multiple examples of that being the case. If we feel that life is an amazing opportunity, we will find our beliefs affecting the changes around us. Let it be said, it is another thing to change that which millions of people are believing, though the masters can sometimes do it, we can only change our own personal world, and that is through changing our inner attitudes and beliefs and growing spiritually.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Short Look at Part of the Sequence

We discussed briefly the sequence of hexagrams eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, let's go back to hexagram sixteen and do a very short listing of the sequence of the hexagrams through the upper canon in relationship to our interaction with the sage.

Hexagram sixteen tells us that in order to grow spiritually with the sage, we must first gain an enthusiastic approach to life, and find something within ourselves that wakes up a germ of desire within us. There are spiritual forces around us that begin to enliven us, (see hexagram sixty one) and when we become inspired to follow hexagram seventeen tells us that we must find something within us that resonates with us, (hexagram sixty one again) and causes us to follow that lead.

In hexagram eighteen we learn to prepare ourselves for a spiritual path by cleansing ourselves of undue spoilage within our life. Then we can prepare an approach to the holy ones, (hexagram nineteen) or in modern terms, our teachers, and observe their ways and actions. (hexagram twenty) When we have gained instruction then we must bite through, (hexagram twenty one) and act upon the instructions we have received. But our actions must not be harsh or brusque. We must learn to soften our actions and refine our life. (hexagram twenty two)

Once we have begun to act, and also learn refinement, we must seek out our old belief systems (hexagram fifty seven) and systematically prune them or strip them from our lives,(hexagram twenty three) then replace them with the right belief systems, putting ourselves on the correct path and renewing our energies. (hexagram twenty four) When we correct our path and return to the right path, we attain innocence, (hexagram twenty five) which leads to a building up of internal power and a restraint of our wilder nature. (hexagram twenty six)

When we build our internal energies, and restrain them to make them grow greater, we receive a power within upon which we can engorge ourselves. We feast upon the teachings that we have received, and the results of the right actions we have performed. (hexagram twenty seven) In doing so, we become spiritually heavy, or shall we say, spiritual giants as we digest the material that has been given to us. (hexagram twenty eight) As such, the excess weight can put us into a bit of danger if we do not handle it properly. We can especially become arrogant about our spiritual growth, and forget the sage. But if we follow the central path, the two light lines of hexagram twenty nine, we pass through the danger unharmed, and receive deeper teachings from the sage. After following these steps correctly, we finally reach the final hexagram of the first canon in the book of changes, and become enlightened. Even more so, if we really understand the teachings, and "practice chariot driving and armed defense daily" (within ourselves, hexagram twenty five line three) we actually envelop ourselves in a body of light, and become like the "wild geese" in hexagram fifty three who "have left the earth far behind."

More later.

The Six Stages

The Wilhelm/Baynes version is separated into three parts, each called a book. The first book delineates the divinatory meaning of the lines, the second is the ten wings, which gives information about the meanings of the trigrams and various things. The third gives commentary on the judgments and lines etc in respect to how they relate to each other and how the meanings are derived. So if we go to the commentary on the judgment and image in hexagram one, we derive a great deal of information which to many would seem very unclear, vague, and too "otherworldly." Nevertheless, to those who have eyes to see, there is a great deal to be learned here.

So we start with hexagram one. "...The holy man (person) who understands the mysteries of creation inherent in end (yin) and beginning, (yang) in death (yin) and life, (yang) in dissolution (yin) and growth (yang), and who understands how these polar opposites condition one another, becomes superior to the limitations of the transitory..." In other words, he goes beyond the cycles of times and becomes a permanent fixture in the heavens, or in more immediate terms, he becomes aware of the manifestation of cycles, how they operate, and how to see the signs presenting themselves at any given time to the point on the sine wave of the cycles of heaven. A wise man once said, "The putting together of opposites leads to the fortunate finding of things not looked for," and if our scientists would observe the cycles of time in this light they would have a deeper understanding of the mysteries which are pointed out by their scientific instruments. If we could put together, combine and integrate the polar opposites within ourselves we would "mount upon wings as if we were eagles." We would be as hexagram fifty three line six says, "The wild goose (eagle) draws near the cloud heights. Its feathers can be used for the sacred dance. Good fortune." And the commentary (book one) further states, "Here life, (the cycles of time) comes to its end. A man's work stands completed. The path rises toward heaven..." The superior person has surmounted the "six stages of the timing sequence, (see commentary book three on hexagram one, page 371 in the W/B commentary, "Because the holy man is clear as to the end and the beginning, as to the way in which each of the six stages completes itself in its own time, he mounts on them toward heaven as though on six dragons.") and having completed the stages he becomes as the "Flying dragon in the heavens." (hexagram one line five.)

So how do we come to understand the gateway, the door, the instruction manual to accomplish this "major task"? We do so by observing (hexagram twenty) the way of heaven. When we do so we receive the instruction of the I Ching, of the sage. The commentary says, "...contemplated the people, And gave them instruction." After contemplating the ways of the superior person, (Sage, Holy man, I Ching) we are then able to approach the King, (Holy man, I Ching) (Hexagram nineteen) but before we approach we must let go of the refuse of the old personality, of the ego and our personal baggage. (hexagram eighteen). We cleanse ourselves, then we approach, then we observe and emulate. When we are willing to do the work, to cleanse ourselves, make ourselves pure, we allow the holy man, the sage, the I Ching, to "stir up our disparate inner selves, parts of us, (people) and strengthen our spirit."

More later

Off topic but essential

It is important that we understand the signs of the times. Sun Tzu, the theoretical author of the "Art of War," said something to the effect of, "it is not enough to know that winter is coming when the leaves turn colors. That is too late, the true strategist sees the signs before the obvious signs." Well, now the obvious signs are coming as to what is happening in this world. The signs of the times can no longer be denied by any except those who insist on sleeping through everything. Here is a short video with a sign of the time. If you wish to view it, you can decide whether it alarms you, whether it rings true or not.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

A Major Work

When one undertakes a project such as this, one becomes enmeshed in a net of images that are so numerous and involved that it takes many, many lifetimes to complete the work. I am getting older, and even though very healthy, not able to carry out this work to the fullest no matter how hard I try. Nevertheless, I want to carry on the work as much as possible, and increase, redouble my efforts to make this a worthy project, and one that numerous persons will take a liking to and get significant benefit out of.

Not being able just yet to set up a true website, I am very restricted in what I can do. Otherwise, I would be working as well on my other site, regarding the I Ching in sequential order. I do have some workarounds though where I can at least write and get information out there and I hope to do that soon, although I am still looking at the possibility of a true website. It may appear an egotistical statement, but I don't think so. I am just stating the fact that I have tremendous knowledge and awareness of the spiritual message, and want so much to get it out there to everyone. Granted the work is too esoteric for many people to be able to handle. In any age there are only a select few who can really determine the deeper message in any deeply spiritual text. That being said however, it does seem the number of people visiting the site, though small, is increasing slightly. That encourages me to keep writing. I hope, even if the number stays small, that years from now, there will still be people reading, and gaining wisdom and understanding from these posts.

I, quite frankly, have had too many interests, and it keeps me from committing myself to one thing. I may find ways to cut down, but I do find that it is necessary to build a significant understanding of at least three different spiritual traditions. Of those, I recommend the Taoist, the Buddhist, and the gnostic, or better said, esoteric forms of Christianity. If you take the "tradition of religion" out of Christianity, you will find in its symbolism much esoteric wisdom, and even much conformity with Taoism, and Buddhism. Taoism explains the natural way. Buddhism explains the way of inner wisdom and meditation, and Christianity explains the way of sacrifice. It is almost like the neutron, electron, and proton of the atom. Much inner wisdom can be gained from these three pillars of wisdom. In terms of Christianity, I especially recommend the "Gospel of Thomas," which was not included in what became the Bible, but has tremendous value.

I do recommend a deep study of the first two hexagrams before getting too involved in a study of the rest of the Book of Changes. I then recommend a deep study of the last two, as the first set and the last set have an affinity that is not readily noticeable by the less adept student of the book. For those interested in relationships, I recommend a look at the timing aspects of the lines especially in hexagram one, and the relational aspects of the lines especially in hexagram two. Look at the relationships of the lines between hexagram one and two. First to first, second to second. Then look at them again comparing line one in one to six in two. Two in one to five in two. Three in one to four in two, and so on and so forth. Look for hidden meanings. Many, many meanings can be found in the esoteric commentary in the Wilhelm/Baynes version. There are two other commentators I would recommend beyond that. That of Alfred Huang, and that of Ni Hua Ching. Between these three I would offer that there are many lifetimes of study available, without ever attaining the depths.

Look at hexagram forty eight, and see how the I Ching is talking about itself, and our relationship to it, and how it offers us wisdom. Then carry that concept out to the rest of the hexagrams, and see how the I Ching relates to us. Look at hexagram ten line four, and recognize how the I Ching is saying that sometimes we tread on it, or neglect it, or are disrespectful to it, or misuse it, albeit all unintentionally, and how the I Ching overlooks our more naive faults, and only reacts to more intentional slights. When you get a yang line that is in a yang place, compare it to the same line in hexagram one,and see what that says about the timing. Or if you receive a yin line in a yin place, look about hexagram two, and see how it relates conceptually, or appears in space, or in the material world. If you receive a yang line in a yin place, or a yin in a yang place, compare it to the corresponding line in both hexagram one and two. Look for interlocking relationships. Look for how the I Ching relates to you. Look for the place on the sine wave. Look for its corresponding line in the other trigram. Look at its neighbors. There is far more to the I Ching than just looking for an answer to a problem, or than just to our spatial material world.

Two different directions

Yang is the Creative, Yin is the receptive. And we have talked a little bit about action that conforms to the situation. So we can see in line one of the first two hexagrams, a tendency in two different directions. Line one in hexagram one says, "Hidden dragon, do not act." In other words, it is not time yet for action. Therefore any action would not be in conformity to the situation. In hexagram two line one it says, "When there is hoarfrost underfoot, solid ice is not far off." In other words, here the action is in the opposite direction. In hexagram one we see that the action is just beginning, and while it is not time yet to act, the time will soon come. In hexagram two line one, we see that the time to act is very likely now as the situation is deteriorating.

And in such we have in the first two hexagrams, the principle of involution and evolution. The second law of thermodynamics says that any system left to itself will tend to deteriorate. But there is a second principle not normally quoted in science, and that principle is that once the system has deteriorated completely, it reorganizes itself into a new system on a higher level than the previous system. The new system is better able to cope with the forces that created the involution of the old system. Nevertheless, it too will eventually be subject to the second law of thermodynamics and begin to deteriorate. This is a continuous, never ending process that constantly repeats. It is described in the first two hexagrams of the book of changes, and redescribed, in different words, in the last two hexagrams of the book of changes. The nuclear hexagrams of the last two hexagrams are the opposite hexagram. Sixty three becomes sixty four and sixty four becomes sixty three, showing the never ending processes involved. This was written down thousands of years before our scientists knew anything about these forces. The Book of Changes really is a book of wisdom.

So we can see that yang and hexagram one denote the forces of evolution, of rising, of creating, and of development, and as such represent an outward movement. Yin and hexagram two denote the forces of involution, the forces drawing downward, of receptivity, and of unraveling, and as such represent an inward movement toward the center. The upward movement on a sine wave is yang, the downward movement is yin. The I Ching tells us whether we are on the rise, of the downside, at the top, or at the bottom, and our actions correspond to that position. In hexagram one line one we are at the bottom of the sine wave ready to move upward. In hexagram two line one we are at the top ready to move down.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

So Much More Going On

There is so much going on in the world right now I cannot keep up with it, and it is hard to write good, high quality information these days. There is so much on the news. I have told people on other sites that the stock market should start falling late this summer. It looks like it is already starting to happen, but we will see. In the meantime it takes hours and hours per day to keep up with the news of the day, of the information available. I am going to slow down and try to write good articles that are not as disjointed as some of the recent ones. They will stick to and expand on the subject and be given more prior review before they are set down.

In the meantime, I recommend everyone look at and see some of the major, major sunspot activity on the sun. This will, no doubt, in the next few days have some kind of effect on world weather, or earth climate. I have been talking about this kind of thing for some time, now it is coming true, and everyone will see it. We have the approach of major storms throughout the world, a tropical storm is heading toward Acapulco, there have been three volcanoes going off over the last few weeks, one in Iceland, one in Peru or Argentina, and one in Mexico, there are record heat waves, there has been major flooding and tornadoes in the east and midwest, and these extremes are just the beginning. It is going to be a long hot summer. (Hot in many different senses.

Not to mention, we have the E Coli scare in Germany, and the evidence is very powerful that this was a purposeful plant. I could go on about this, but it is time people start realizing there are two plans involved. One is by elite humans who want to decimate the population due to over population. The second is a universal plan in which those who would destroy the earth will also be destroyed. It is not over population that is the problem. It is the hatred of humanity by the super elite of the earth who consider themselves better than the rest of mankind. This is really going on. Between the two, it is very likely that many people will die over the next few years. These things are mainstream topics now, it is no longer just conspiracy theory. At least some people are waking up. Others will not. And there is a trap about to be sprung on the inhabitants of the earth.

Enough for now. I will try to get back to the I Ching tonight.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Action in Conformity to the Situation

A major key to understanding the commentary on hexagram two is the quote,"Applied to human affairs, therefore, what the hexagram indicates is action in conformity with the situation...It is not his task to lead-that would only make him lose his way-but to be led by the situation. If he knows how to meet fate with an attitude of acceptance, he is sure to find the right guidance...but learns from the situation what is demanded of him and then follows this intimation from fate."

First, let us understand that on a deeper level we see here again the need to create within ourselves a receptive mind open to the guidance of the universe. It is only through this means that we consistently know what the time period demands of us. Everything is a sine wave. A sine wave has frequency and modulation, and sometimes it is at a high point, sometimes low, and sometimes near the middle. The I Ching is a guidance system that tells us where we are in relationship to that sine wave. But to bring this down to the human level it is also necessary to know exactly where we stand in relationship to others. Females are much more attuned to this than men are. The idea that women are from Venus gives us a hint, as Venus rules Libra, the sign of the scales, balance, or social interaction. Women concern themselves with where they relate with others, and fit into the whole. Men do not do this so much. They do create a hierarchy though, of high to low. Their relationship to society is more of a vertical one, where for women, generally speaking, it is more of a lateral one. There is a bit of irony here though, that while women are not so inclined to create hierarchies, they tend to chose men who are higher on the hierarchial level. While men create hierarchies, the social status of women, especially financial, (their hierarchial level) is generally of less concern to them.

But enough said of male female relationships for the moment. There are bigger issues here. The hexagram reminds us that we must not try to go it alone. We need both the yang energies and the yin in order to act harmoniously and relate properly. While on the social level, men should display the more positive of masculine aspects, and women the more positive feminine aspects, on the spiritual level we must maintain balance between the two. The mind must become receptive to universal power in order to receive the answers to our daily questions and dilemmas. Without this our understanding of the I Ching, and all spiritual books, will never be very advanced, and the guidance we get will be minimal.

So, on the basis of that, we can go to hexagram three line three, and see a further definition of the things we are presently discussing. Hexagram three line three, being a yin line in a yang position says, "Whoever hunts deer without the forester only loses his way in the forest. The superior man understands the signs of the times and prefers to desist." In other words, the superior man is willing to be guided. It is a matter of hubris to think we can go it alone in this world. We do not consciously have the knowledge to guide us through the pitfalls that are found in life. The commentary says, "Fate cannot be duped: premature effort, without the necessary guidance, ends in failure and disgrace." If we think we can go it alone, we are only deceiving ourselves. We need a guide, and the I Ching is in many ways, that guide. In every line in the I Ching, the I Ching is talking about itself in its relationship to us.

Since the third line is yin, we can look at the prototype hexagram two to get a taste for its meaning. (Since it is in a yang place we can also look at hexagram one, but more on that later.) Line three in hexagram two says, "Hidden lines. One is able to remain persevering. If by chance you are in the service of a king, Seek not works, but bring to completion." First of all, there are "hidden lines." In other words, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Anyone who thinks they can always control things through the power of the conscious mind alone is sadly mistaken. It does not see all that exists. Its viewpoint is very limited. Therefore, we must develop our intuition as well, and allow ourselves to be guided. The commentary says, "He does not seek to have credited to himself things that stand accomplished, but hopes to release active forces;..." He does not seek credit for himself because he realizes he could never do the work without the help of the "forester." No man is an island. We are not totally on our own. We must recognize our place in the cosmos, recognize the "forester" (The I Ching itself) and give the credit to the forester, not our own limited abilities.