Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A copy of my post at onlineclarity.co.uk

A copy of something written in response to questions on onlineclarity.co.uk about what the year 2012 and the new age is all about.

What happens will depend on the level of understanding of the people on this planet. People talk about a thing to fear, and that is not it at all. There is nothing to fear. There is no death, it is an illusion, as are all things. What happens depends a lot on what our governments, and its institutions, the military industrial complex, and everyone involved, other governments as well, does to uplift humanity rather than sacrifice it. Actually this is a very exciting time, one when we get to see the culminating of one age, and the start of another. A most excellent age I might add.

I must say, there are those in positions of power, and not everyone in power, but some of those in positions of power, who do not wish the best for mankind. If there is any kind of destruction, it will be in response to the war making machines on this planet who's intent it is to wipe out most of humanity.

I have been preaching for a long time that we are all one. No one wants to hear it. But how you hear it, and how much of it you hear, will position you for better or worse in the new age. Not because of some angry God, but because of natural law and karma.

This runs counter intuitive to everything we see and hear. To the natural mind, it doesn't make sense, because we see diversity and separate objects all around us. But believe me, and this is very, very important. When we recognize the oneness of all things, we recognize that sunspot activity is only a natural result of the energy we put out. If we put energy into war, we have sunspots, and vice versa, because it all acts in a form of singularity. If we have governments that are trying to enslave people, as governments around the world are doing, the natural environment picks up on that energy, and mother nature begins to act up.

The new age can come peacefully or not. It doesn't have to bring within it the strain of negativity and disaster. It depends on how we recognize our oneness, and when we carpet bomb entire nations, we are doing it to ourselves because we are all one.

Any changes that happen within the earth are not meant to hurt individuals within the earth, it is the natural outcome of the type of energy produced by man.

We were just missed today by an asteroid that came as close to us as one and one half times the distance of the moon. A few days ago, there were some scientist who thought it might hit us. There was a fifty fifty chance. It didn't. Is that by chance? Or because millions of people visualized it bouncing off an imaginary circle around the earth? I don't know. It could have been both. But I have seen mass consciousness make many differences in people's lives and the life of the planet. We are thinking positive thoughts, but I can guarantee you there are many people who are not. They want death, the want destruction, and the want the earth cleansed of the people the call, "useless eaters."

Why is this happening? it all goes back several thousand years ago, when "the gods" interfered genetically with human dna, and created what amounted to a master and a slave race. The dna is slightly different. The so caled master race was denied their prize of the enslavement of mankind by various means, but they never gave up. They are still among us, some of them know exactly who they are, and they are still trying to enslave us. They will stop at nothing, including mass murder, but they will be foiled again, because of the coming earth changes, If they don't change their ways. That is what it all depends on, is the thoughts of men.

The whole idea of a 2012 is not for destruction, it is not meant to be destructive. It is happening because the minds of men are being evolutionarily modernized, we are becoming aware of our oneness, and our place in the universe. We are becoming enlightened.The new age is a wonderful thing, not a bad thing.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

An invitation from the sage

In hexagram 35, it is said that the ruler "invites him to a greater intimacy." When we learn our lessons in life, when we do the things that are right, when we love and act in harmony, these things are noticed by the intelligence of the cosmos. When these things are noticed, we are invited by the cosmos to a greater intimacy, and there is thereby sharing a greater wisdom, a greater teaching, and a greater understanding of the orders and laws, and the general nature of the workings of the universe. We get this hexagram when we have done well. The conditions that are noted in the W/B version of the I Ching are that the leader is uniting others together in the name of his Lord. This can mean that we are integrating different parts of ourself, and that we are acting in accordance with the nature and laws of the universe. When we receive this hexagram it normally can be assumed that we have done a good job in some way.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Help from above

The I Ching is replete with promise of help up above. We do not see that if we are only concerned with the material realm. We read "helper" as some friend, or some such, and in strict divination, this is often the meaning. But there is a deeper level here, and let me tell you, one would be wise to always look for a deeper level. "Seek and ye shall find." But we must seek with the right attitude and the right heart.

Throughout the I Ching, we are being told of this divine help. We often think, "I am not getting any divine help, I must do it myself." Yes, you do have to do it yourself, there is no other way, but we must also be "receptive" (hexagram 2) to the will of heaven. To the "energy" of heaven. For it is through the divine "intake" of heavenly energy, (chi) that we improve ourselves. This is a major part of being spiritual, being open to a divine energy that replenishes us. This energy is stored in the "Tan Tien," which is not something we will go into detail about now.

Needless to say, we are reminded of how the sage, the spiritual advisor relates to us, in passage after passage. Some are more clear than others of course, but we see it in hexagram after hexagram. In hexagram one, the spiritual advisor is tireless in his work to help us. In hexagram two the advisor is receptive to our needs and our desires. In hexagram 3 the advisor helps us to separate the wheat from the chaff and to make sense of things that are initially disorderly, and on and on and on. Hopefully I will get into this later. For here I will just finish up saying, that in hexagram 8 line 5 we learn that the sage is receptive to those who are receptive to him. The sage is open to those who are open, and he exerts no pressure, to get people to join him or learn from him. He simply makes himself available, as the sage is available in hexagram 48, all one has to do is to draw the water.

More later,