Sunday, June 05, 2011

Silent Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

Although not much has been seen in the news about this event, it has been carried on a few stations. People protesting the loss of liberty in America have silent danced at the Jefferson Memorial and have been detained for doing so. The dancers want to assert their rights to liberty as a protest against the intrusion of draconian style government in the U.S. As much as I agree with them in principle, I really do not believe this is the time or place. While it is true that the memorial is owned by the people, it is owned by ALL of the people, and it is well posted that the memorial is meant to be a place of quiet, awe, and respect. And that is what I think most American's would want in this situation. I do not agree with the protest in this place. However, the groping of American's at the airport is another matter. I do not see why the protests are not being carried out there rather than in a peaceful place where no laws are being broken. Texas, and a few other states are considering laws that would stop in most circumstances the groping of private citizens. The law failed in Texas once, but is being considered to be resurrected. This is where protest should go on. Not by dancing, but by insisting that state laws be respected even by TSA. Why do we pick the wrong place and the wrong way to protest? I think it is because of a fundamental misunderstanding of where, when, and how our rights and liberties are to be applied. When laws are passed that are supported by the citizenry, they should be obeyed. When laws are passed that do not take into account the wishes and desires of the citizenry, then it becomes tyranny. And the U.S. is now a tyranny, which means laws are passed regardless of the wishes of the citizenry, and laws are being passed that knowingly hurt our economy, The Federal Reserve is out of control, is not under the review of the government, and is working toward a one world government with no constitution, and no concern for the welfare of the people, and no one is doing anything to control them, or reign them in. This is where we need to focus.

There are not that many people that read these posts, so these words will go completely unheeded. But those that do read, I hope they will take these things to heart. Study history so we can see what liberty properly is and properly is not, and take action on this basis.

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