Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Information on Solar Cycle Twenty Four

There should be a report coming out today, I don't know how much about it will be on the news, on solar cycle twenty four, which will surprise a lot of people. It is now apparent that each solar cycle is different, and that the apparent intensity of sun spots is not the whole story. This cycle, while not appearing to be that strong, will actually be stronger than anything before, and will be very intense. There was an ejection the other day that was so strong, that it was said, that if it hit the earth, it would have literally burned it. Prepare for very intense weather patterns over the next two to three years. I am getting more news as we go along. I will try to update this as I listen again to this report.



Courtney said...

thanks for the updates

gener202 said...

You are welcome Courtney. Glad you like it. I hope to make this blog more interesting soon