Monday, June 13, 2011

A serious matter

It has now become quite clear that there is no further hope for freedom in America. Though the bill shutting down the internet has temporarily been blocked by an Oregon representative, it is just a matter of time before it will be presented again. Today in the news the FBI gave notice that they are allowing agents to use broad new powers in the fight against terrorism. Note that this terrorism is not confined to those who are muslim extremists, but this terrorist fight is to be carried on against any citizen who believes in the constitution, who believe government is too big, going too far, or what have you... It is no longer a government by the people, but government against the people. The government is now our rightful rulers. This goes right back to the age old belief that the Emperor, the King or Queen, the Tsar, or who have you, ruled by divine right and that all subjects were subject to the rulers whims or desires. The subject had no recourse as he or she was in every way a "subject." At this point, this is happening without even having new laws passed. They are just doing what they want to. It was on the news I believe in Texas yesterday that the police chief had stated that there were terrorists right in his own city; people who believe in constitutional rights, and they want to kill cops. This is nonsense. People who believe in the constitution only want the government to abide by the constitution. But so many people have forgotten what freedom really means, and the basis for that freedom. The basis is the constitution only. It gives us inalienable rights not to be violated by queen or king. But the globalists have succeeded in bringing divine rights rule back and have become the real terrorists, not those who want freedom. Goodbye freedom, goodbye America. The New World Order is in. People who are prominent in the fight to reveal this hidden plan will likely soon be arrested. It is possible that even small time people like myself will be. Even though I own no guns and am not violent in any way. It is now against the law to warn people of the dangers coming up.

This will be very likely me final warning. If people would have recognized the signs, it could have been stopped, but so few would listen, and now we pay the price. Now it is too dangerous to say anything at all. Anyone complaining about the government can now be jailed. As the ancient wisdom in the Bible says, "when they cry, now we have peace, then sudden destruction will come upon them." When people opt for security over freedom, they get neither. There is no peace, and no freedom under the new world order.


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