Friday, June 03, 2011

More on Yin Being Receptive

I got sidetracked a little in the recent post. Here perhaps I can explain this a little bit more. Since the conscious mind is yang, and the subconscious yin, it is the subconscious that is receptive to cosmic wisdom. Therefore, when we read the I Ching, we must be in a calm and meditative state in order to receive the answer. Conscious interference must be put to the side, and we must be open to the wisdom of the universe. That is where the answers really come from. When we are in a state of high agitation, we cannot properly receive the message. Therefore yin becomes extremely important. Without receptivity, nothing can happen. In this way, the conscious mind becomes synonymous with the ego. Eastern spirituality and western also has consistently told us we must let go of the ego in order to be reconciled with spiritual power. Therefore, the prayer that Jesus discussed where the one person was thanking God that he was not born as other men and was not a sinner, while the other was asking for mercy is a strong indicator of how we must present ourselves to the universe in order to become reconciled, (atonement - at-one-ment) with the universal quantum field. In releasing the ego, we allow ourselves to be receptive to the quantum field. (Universal subconscious mind.) This can only be done through meditation. Without meditation one will never discover the deeper aspects of the I Ching. The Nativity story of Herod killing all the children in order to kill the Christ child is an allegory of how the conscious mind tries to kill the subconscious, to subjugate it, and control it, so that its rulership will never be overthrown. Bear in mind that all of this is allegory, and it is not absolute good versus absolute evil. Both yin and yang have their positive and negative aspects. We must develop with ourselves true yang and true yin, not the false. More on that will be discussed later.

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