Thursday, June 23, 2011

2012 - A Time of Transition

First let me say that I do receive comments once in a while, but under the current system I can only respond with a comment of my own. Please understand that the spam filter is on because for a while I was receiving multiple comments that were advertisements for anything under the sun, including pornography sites and what have you. Therefore I had to turn it on. I am not purposely deleting anyone's messages. Please be aware too, when I get messages in my email, I cannot automatically respond. I am not ignoring anyone. I appreciate everyone's presence here, and comments. Hopeful I can find a work around soon.l I may turn the spam filter back off if the advertisement's stop. It should be obvious to everyone that it is not proper to advertise on someone's site without requesting permission, but that is a sign of the times.

And speaking of signs, we are presently seeing a lot of signs indicating this is a time of transition. The year 2012 is prophesied to be exactly that. There are so many confusions around this date. Many people think it was just the fantasy of a stone age people who had nothing better to do with their time. Others think they were prophesying the end of the world. There are also many beliefs in between. But what was really happening? I submit that the Mayans knew this to be a time of awakening of a large portion of the human population. There will be many who do not understand it, do not want change, and are vitally afraid of it, but change is the sine wave of the cosmos. We who understand the I Ching understand this. On one level the six lines represent the six ages of mankind. We were created in our present form during the age of Leo, and the sixth stage is Pisces. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius. During the sixth age, the Piscean sign is that of two fishes, one swims upward, and one swims downward. The same happens to mankind during this stage. There are some who insist on gong into the depths, there are others who strive to reach the surface and see the light in the air. There are some who are deeply fearful of change. They like the status quo, and they will fight to the death to maintain it. In the I Ching each line represents one stage of mankind and the sixth line of the first two hexagrams both enter into a battle that is destructive to both sides. As we near the end of this present age, we are headed for war, and intense struggle. Some say that by bringing this up you are just instilling fear in everyone. No, we are simply trying to wake mankind up. For without waking up, we will be like the fish that swims to the depths, not to the light. So, the sign of the Age of Aquarius is a person with an urn spilling out the water, and the fish, onto dry land. In this way, it becomes the end of mankind as we know it. That does not mean that mankind is going to be destroyed, simply changed in some form or another, depending on our willingness to open up to the truth that has been presented to us in ancient sacred writings, be it Mayan, I Ching, Biblical, Hindu, or Buddhist, they are all saying about the same thing. This is not the end of the world, not the destruction of the earth, (although there will likely be a great deal of change and destruction), No the complete end of mankind, but a massive awakening from the lies that man has been taught one way or another through centuries of manipulation. It is the end of a world of control, and the beginning of a world of love and peace for those who do wake up. I don't know, but I suspect that those that refuse to awaken will be entered into an alternate timeline, and alternate universe, in which they will remain in darkness, ignorance, and enslavement to those who insist on absolute control. The events are already starting to unfold. Right now the President is promising the return of many of the troops in Afghanistan, but will simply redeploy them in other trouble spots in the Middle East. This is turning into a powder keg that the elite will turn into a mass slaughter of human kind because they think we are overpopulated and not disciplined or sophisticated enough. But mankind will survive. It is just interesting that the elite have stated that they intend to institute total control over the masses of humanity by the end of 2012. Ironically that is the same time that the Mayan calendar refers to.


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