Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Another quick note and I will get back to the I Ching

One other way the aristocracy plans on culling the population is through genetically modified foods, called GMO's. These things will not kill you instantly but over a period of years, with continued use they will destroy and change the body's DNA and you will eventually get seriously ill. You can go to

to get a list of items that are not genetically modified, but remember, cross pollination has caused even many natural foods to be contaminated.

I for one do not believe the world is overpopulated, and even if it is, it does not give elites the right to kill off major portions of the population. Purposely creating war, and destroying the food crop is a crime of unbelievable proportions, yet they get away with it because no one can believe these people would really do that to them, but they will and they are.


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