Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fighting Climate Change

I saw a news story today about hackers meeting to fight climate change. If you have been following this thread you will know that all is consciousness and that the material world is only an illusion created by that consciousness. Therefore it is impossible to fight global warming in the way they are trying to do it, because it is our own consciousness on this globe that is creating the problem. It is not man made except in minor ways, but is in fact a reaction to the war, the oppression, and the tyranny that is happening around the globe. As the mass consciousness of those who are a victim of tyranny and unbelievable cruelty reaches high proportions, nature reacts in the only way it can. You begin to see serious sunspots on the sun. You begin to see radical changes in the weather, and the only way to combat that is to recreate harmony, peace, and prosperity on the face of the earth. However, that is not going to happen for several years yet. So extreme weather will continue to be a problem, until mankind looks in the right place for a solution, which is in its heart, not in its head. Be prepared for major changes in the earth's system, and in its attempts to balance itself and create harmony.

In the meantime the government will pass a lot of laws, and some of them are already about to go into effect, that will supposedly help reduce climate change, but will in effect only become an economic burden on the people, and create more disharmony. As such, the government becomes more and more tyrannical, destroying the lives of the people. But ultimately, even the government will be destroyed by the extreme weather changes coming about.

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