Friday, April 17, 2015

Gaining stability

Hexagram forty five line one indicates a person who is inconsistent. And when we are inconsistent in our lives then we receive inconsistent results. It is a matter so to speak of karma. Often we are inconsistent because we have not figured out who we truly are. In Carol Anthony’s books she is constantly talking about our inferiors. Here they are more likely to be called our lower self. There are many aspects of our low self and they often fight for supremacy. Some of us are far more moody than others, but pretty much everybody has swings. It is a matter of finding out who we truly are – what our real nature truly is, and then being true to ourselves. Therefore, when we call out to our Higher Self, we become more in touch with the real person inside. Coming into harmony with our real nature, our real person, our real self, can lead to a greater self- assurance and a greater harmony within. The commentary says “We should attach ourselves to this leader.” Without leadership in our lives, without Self direction, we are rudderless, and we crash upon the rocks of the shore. As the commentary in the W/B version of hexagram seventeen, line five says, “Every person must have something he or she follows – something that serves as a lodestar.” Our higher self is our lodestar. It is the higher self that guides us through life’s deepest valleys and highest peaks. When we are firmly entrenched with this leader our lives find purpose and continuity. We are no longer dashed by the waves of the sea. As Jesus calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee, so our lives become calm and peaceful.
Hexagram thirty four also has at least a secondary theme of the need for stabilization. When we come into power there is a temptation to immediately use it, but unless we are stable using that power may backfire on us. Once again we must have a firm guide, and a center or a leader around which we gather. On one level that leader is our own Higher Self. If we are not centered within ourselves, our power brings out our instability. No matter how strongly built a pyramid may be, if it is upside down, it topples.

Finally, hexagram forty six line two, teaches us how to become centered within and able to “touch the hand” of the leader, or our Higher Self. The commentary in W/B says, “Being upright in character, he meets with response.” We refine ourselves, and refine ourselves, as much as we can. Then we become a “tool for the master,” that he/she can use to correct us, give us instruction, (hexagram four) and teach who we truly are and who we were truly meant to be. 

Large readings

I have been very, very busy lately, and have not done much with the I Ching or written here. In spite of that, I have noticed very wide peaks in the readership from day to day. On April 13th there were 227 readers. This really puzzles me. It has been as high as a hundred before, but even that is rare. Generally it averages about twenty to thirty per day. Some days there are very few. So I am a little nonplussed. But that is alright. I hope readers have the right reason for reading, and want to learn something.

I am also very aggrieved due to the lateness of the time, as it has been in mainstream news lately, including the New York Times, that the government intends to start microchipping EVERYONE by the year 2017. The reason this can happen is that there is a major and almost magical deception that has been created by the powers that be. Make no mistake about it. The world governments are deeply involved in deception, and misinformation for the public. If this happens, if we are all microchipped by 2017, humanity as we know it, is over. This has been my focus and my concern. It is time for people to wake up. I hope to post on the I ching later today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Net Neutrality

There is a law being proposed called Net Neutrality. If it passes I will likely no longer be on the internet, because costs are likely to increase dramatically. Also, there is nothing neutral about it. It is a backdoor means of controlling the web, and stopping free speech. Let's hope this bill doesn't pass anytime soon. It will pass eventually for sure.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Inner Truth, Stability, and Preparedness

It seems to me that hexagram sixty one explores the heart of the I Ching, or more certainly, well, everything. (For the I ching is, in a very real sense, everything.) And even though line one usually depicts a situation which precedes the meaning of the heart of the hexagram, here it gets significant quickly. Bear with me here, I know the preceding is not the best English, yet I think it works.
Bear in mind here, first of all, that as hexagram sixty one relates to the fundamental principles of attraction, (on both the physical level, and on the spiritual level, also on the electro-magnetic level), it becomes key to everything that has been discussed throughout this blog, whether the discussion is the I Ching, or some other metaphysical or spiritual principle. It is the key to understanding, well, everything. (For is we really analyze all parts of reality, we can only come to one conclusion). Everything works together in harmony with everything else.

Of course, we cannot deny that electro-magnetic attraction has a polar principle as well. In other words, things can repel as well as attract. (yin and yang) That is why not all people are attracted to all other people. However, repelling energy does not have to mean hatred, disrespect, or even negativity. It simply means that those repelled are simply not part of our life path, and there is not a correspondence of association, just as the first and third, or fifth, or sixth lines of a hexagram do not NORMALLY have a correspondence of association. And depending on the text and the nature of the hexagram, they may or may not have an antipathy toward each other, they simply don’t correspond.) The laws of correspondence in NORMAL situations is that the first and fourth lines correspond, the second and fifth, and the third and sixth. They also often have an association with the lines next to them as well, such as the second with the first or the third, or the fourth with the third or the fifth, and so on. Enough said about that.

But the Wilhelm/Baynes commentary on the first line of hexagram sixty one states, “The force of inner truth (the law of correspondence) depends chiefly on inner stability and preparedness.” Think about this statement for a moment, (And in this particular discussion please be aware that there may be more to learn here than just what the words are saying. If we correspond to inner truth, we might find something substantial that goes just beyond the words and concepts themselves.) The more we examine ourselves, the more we examine our motives, and the more we become clear within ourselves as to our real nature, the more the power of “Inner Truth” (law of correspondence) works within us to attract things and people into our lives that are beneficial to us on a higher level. The more also we become attuned, (correspond) to our own higher self and the spiritual laws that govern our life. The more likely we are to attract a life partner that corresponds with the higher functions of our inner nature. The more we are likely to attract someone that is at least close to being a soul mate than when we are not mentally and emotionally prepared to correspond with that which is best for us. The more likely we are to be attracted to a book or a video, or a website that will have information in it that prepares us even further for “inner stability” and “preparedness.” We must prepare ourselves to attract the more positive things in life.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, our young people are not being prepared in high school or college to meet the more mature aspects of the inner and outer world. They are spoon fed information that will help them get good jobs when they get out of school, but that will not help them mature or become more rounded individuals. They do not have “inner stability.”

Enough said for the moment, more on this later, for it is a deep subject, much like the well in hexagram forty eight. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Shemitah

Well, I have been away for too long. I, however, do not know what to write. It is not that I do not have material, it is just that I don’t know how to present it. I do not intend for this to be a religious forum, and yet, the very nature of any discussion of the I Ching, Buddhism, or esoteric Christianity creates a situation in which that aspect cannot be fully avoided.
Lately I have been very, very absorbed in the study of end-times eschatology. People have been thinking it is the end-times for centuries, and in a way, each group was right, except for any “rapture” ideas. The rapture is an idea I don’t think is totally real. (But it could be.) All the end-times prophecies, or at least most of them, came true for the Jewish world in 70 CE. The Romans squelched a rebellion brutally and the Jewish people who survived were scattered throughout the world. World Wars one and two could also be interpreted as an end-times event because most of the world was engulfed in war and millions died. One thing not understood about prophecy is that time is cyclic, it is NOT linear. Oh yeah, I know this flies in the face of obvious interpretations of time, but it is nevertheless true. Prophecy is repeatedly fulfilled. It is the nature of reality.
This time it may be a little more disastrous however. The world as we know it will not continue much longer. It is very likely that the United States will soon be destroyed, or at the very least become somewhat more insignificant in world affairs. This may be true for several nations. It may be true as well for China, Iran, Russia, and others.

I would recommend that everyone become familiar with the Jewish, (or Torahish) concept of the Shemitah. This is related to the cyclic laws of years. In other words, every seventh day is a Sabbath. Every seventh year is a yearly Sabbath. This can be also called the Shemitah. After forty nine years there is a jubilee year. The idea is that every seventh year, if the laws relating to allowing the land to rest, so that it could restore itself, and the laws relating to the forgiveness of all debts, was not followed, then disaster was to follow. (I may not have described this absolutely correctly, but I think the general idea of the Shemitah is correct.) In America, the stock market tends to fall significantly every seven years, always in the seventh month of the Jewish SACRED year, which is late September or October. Some crashes were worse than others. Most people have no way of knowing which years will be worse, but some may know, but belong to esoteric societies which keeps their knowledge secret. That we cannot know. To get to the point now, 2015 is a Shemitah year, and as best as can be surmised, 2016 is a Jubilee year. The American stock market crashed significantly in 2008, the previous Shemitah. It also crashed in 2001 right after the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. We can go back further and see a significant trend. Every seven years… Will this one be worse? Remember, the Jewish Civil, year, which starts in late September, normally, as I understand it anyway, is this year a Shemitah, and next year a Jubilee year, in which freedom was proclaimed throughout the land. As the old blessing goes, “May you live in interesting times.” We certainly do. It can be frightening, or it can be exciting, depending on your perspective, but I would suggest that people be ready for Any event.

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Age, New World Order, What Have You

Well, I haven't been able to post much because so much is happening in the world right now, and I can't even begin to keep up with the information that is coming my way. But I want to take a moment to brush up on some things, not necessarily on the I Ching right at the moment, but on the state of the World.

Before I get into it I want to say that I am greatly appreciative of the fact, that even though I haven't written for a while, the readership has gone up enormously, and some days are posting over a hundred readers throughout the world. This isn't anything to stroke my ego with, as it has little to do with me personally, or any superior writing ability, or superior knowledge, but things are simply happening the way they are SUPPOSED to happen. That being said, I never know from one day to the next whether anyone will ever read it again. But I do hope to put things up here that are meaningful to my readership, give them a great deal of new knowledge that will be useful in their lives, and hopefully make their lives more fruitful.

For now just to mention, as I did a few weeks ago, that the ramifications of the December 21, 2012 scenario are not yet over with. Events on the earth, especially in the political arena are speeding up with great intensity. Religious freedom in this country is for all practical purposes a thing of the past. That statement may be scoffed at by some because the forces of darkness, (yin in the I Ching, although yin is not by itself negative) really do operate in the dark. They do not come to the light of day until they have totally undermined the good, and overt power rests with them. (hexagram twenty three) They are not quite ready yet to show their hand openly to the world, but the foundations of freedom and democracy are being undermined quietly at a steady rate. For right now, anyway. But look to the middle of 2016 and afterwards. That is when as the saying goes, the crap hits the fan, or at least it should hit then. It may be delayed a little. But the more I look, the more I don't think so.

So, it is with great interest I listened to a show today on about the Torah codes. Now a lot of people are aware of the Torah codes, although the vast majority of the public in any country are not. There are multiple variations on the Torah codes, and some of them have been used for centuries by the priests and rabbis who were in the know. The more sophisticated ones have not been able to be cracked until the use of computers. But even if you know how to use them, and few people do, you still have to have a frame of reference in order to gain anything from them. The irony of the Torah codes, and gematria, is that for centuries priests and rabbis have used them to prove their own point of few. Rabbis often use the Torah codes to prove that Jesus is not the Messiah, others use them to prove he is. So it is easy to say then, "what good are they?" Well, like anything, they have their place. Just let it be said for now that new things are coming to light.

I think as events come to pass, it becomes more and more clear that two books of the Bible, incidentally prophecy books, are EXTREMELY accurate. Those two books are the Book of Daniel in the Tanach, and the the Book of Revelations in the Christian scriptures. Enough said about that for now. That is not to negate the value of other books.

I once said somewhere else that I would not predict the stock market any more. And I won't specifically predict, but I would indicate there is a good likelihood of a major stock market correction along about September or October of 2015. This is based on economic laws encoded into the Torah, and prophecy, and timing including timing taught in the Torah codes. It can always be delayed, but most likely not. Another basis for it is the four blood moons (lunar eclipses) two of which happened last year, and we saw the consequences in the war between Israel and Hamas. (This is very likely to flair up again.) Two more will happen this year with a solar eclipse between them on March 20. What the effects of the solar eclipse will be this year I have no idea. Incidentally, all these blood moons happen on major Jewish holidays and feast days.

Anyway, enough said. Look for some MAJOR changes on planet earth however.