Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the beginning

"In the beginning living aware energy split into two equal and complementary but opposite poles and the heaven above and the earth beneath came into existence."

My version of Genesis chapter one verse one. (See the first two chapters of the "Tao Teh Ching."

The heaven here is defined as the dimension of higher physics, earth is the material plane. The material plane is naught but the inverse image of the higher dimensional field which is called heaven. The "Kingdom of heaven" as described by Jesus is a quantum mechanical physics state which is higher than the physical. It is in this quantum field, this state, this dimension, this plane, that all material substances are created. However, one must remember that the physical dimension is in all aspects only an illusion. It is a real illusion though, created by the interaction of waves of energy, that in their interaction create the illusion of matter. Therefore, when one enters the "kingdom of heaven," it does not mean one goes to heaven, but that one can operate in a higher dimension, and create a reality that is to his/her liking. This is the real meaning of magic. It is not sorcery as we think of it, but only the manipulation of matter by the powers of the mind to create the world we want. We think of the world as outside of us. We are constantly in fear and in awe of it because as long as we see it as outside of us, and separate from us, it becomes a danger to be controlled before it bites us. The superior man does not see any longer in the world the tumult and the turmoil that he once saw, (see the commentary on the image of hexagram 52) because he realizes that the outside world is a mirror image of his inside world, and to change the outside world, one sees clearly that one must change the inside world, and this he can do, by following universal law.

One can get a really interesting perspective on the nature of the physical world by studying "hyperdimensional physics," as related by Richard C. Hoagland and others. One website worth browsing is

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A petty man cannot do this

Actually, we are all petty people because none of us can do this with any consistency. Hexagram fourteen lne three says, "He is harmed by great possessionsnother, ., because instead of sacrificing them, he would keep them for himself." There are certain principles and laws upon which the cosmos, or if you prefer, the universe, is founded. And often they are in computerese, counterintuitive. It seems that in order to have we must get, but all of the ancient sacred texts tell us that the true way to get is to give. As is said in the text, "A prince offers it to the Son of Heaven." In otherwords, he sacrifices in order to have. Like the monkey with his hand in the cookie jar, we cannot escape the jar until we let go of the cookie in our hand. Now, I am sure some will say, nonsense. You make your money, and you invest it. Yes, but to make that money requires a sacrifice of some kind or another. If not the sacrifice of money, then it is the sacrifice of time and labor. Then in investing it, one gives others a chance to use that money for their own good, and in return, both share a fortune. But more than this, I am talking about an attitude; an attitude that says, "it is not exclusively mine." An understanding isrequired here, that when we give to others, we are truly giving to ourselves, because we are all one.An attitude of sharing is an attitude that will eventually be returned to us, and in our hour of need...

Hoarding wealth at the exclusion of all else is a sign of fear, a fear of lack and poverty, and even if we do not experience that in this lifetime, we will eventually, for as Job said, "The thing that I have greatly feared has come upon me." The image in hexagram fourteen says, "...And thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven." This is because he does not fear. He understands that what is his , upon being sacrificed, will by the belevlent will of heaven, be returned to him. In essence, everything, including money, is just energy, and the more energy is used and expended, the more becomes available to us. In this way, we can pray, "Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors."

Friday, February 23, 2007

More on the family

Hi everyone

In Michelle's comments she made some good points. I was making my statements in reference to how the I Ching in every line is talking about itself, and itself in relationship to us. I hope to write more on this later, but for now, I might mention that when the text says, "the perseverance of the woman furthers, it is in many ways speaking about perseverance of the yin form of energy. The yin form of energy can refer to many things. It can refer to a receptive or yielding kind of energy, it can refer to a devoted kind of energy, it can refer to an indirect approach, or many things.

If one notes the structure of this hexagram, one will notice that the middle line in the lower trigram is yin and the middle line in the upper is yang. These are the proper places for the yin and yang lines to be respectively. The second line is centered and balanced, as is the fifth. Also, note, in terms of relationships, which I will talk about eventually, but not a lot because I am of no great authority on the subject, that almost always when the second line is yin and the fifth yang, the hexagram as a whole is structured to be generally positively geared toward relationships. (That doesn't mean though that every changing line is going to be positive.) If we look at the structure of hexagrams overall, the structure is that the lower hexagram is inner, and the upper is outer. In this hexagram, the second line, being yin, says, "She must attend within to the food." In other words, the properly placed yin energy stays within a given structure, and supports the family. While the yang, in the upper hexagram, supports the family through his work and his discipline.

Now, anybody reading this, let's do a little experiment. actually, you will have to do it more than once, over and over again many times, but in time you will feel it. Practice breathing, especially if you can get into a meditational state, practice breathing energy, or chi through your hands. At first, and for many many tries, this will be little if any more than imagination. But in time you will feel the chi. When you begin to feel the chi, you will begin to realize as you breathe in, that the hands turn cold, as you breathe out, the hands will turn warmer. This is because within is yin, and another quality of yin is that it is colder. These energies are real, but their reality can only be experienced with practice. lf you find a good chi kung, or qigong master, you can learn much deeper aspects of this energy. But you will also come to understand that the qualities attributed to yin and yang are not just arbitrary, Buddhist and Taoist monks spent centuries experimenting with these energies in order to describe them properly as to how they really work.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The family

Hi everyone

The thirty seventh section of the I Ching discusses the family. We all know what family means, both nuclear and extended; let's extend it one more step. Our relationship with the I Ching; for I mentioned sometime ago that in every chapter, every verse, the I Ching is talking about itself, and more specifically, speaking of itself in relationship to us. Between ourselves and the I Ching, we are a nuclear family. And in this family, there must be order, and a proper delegation of duties and responsibilities. In modern western society, there is sometimes exception taken to the stanzas in this hexagram due to the belief that we are more evolved than people of the past, and have a better understanding of the proper relationships between men and women, and the text sometimes seems somewhat sexist. I am not going to get into that tonight. I would wish that we look at this from a more spiritual perspective, and see the role of the female as our own role in relationship to the I Ching, the Sage, the Buddha, and/or the Christ. The judgment says, "The perseverance of the woman furthers." Since there is no direct human spoken language between the Spirit and ourselves, there must of necessity be a perseverance from us in learning to understand and apply the cosmic language. As Paul said, "If our gospel be hidden, it is hidden to them who are the lost." So who are the lost? Well, in a sense we all are, for we do not understand the hidden cosmic language. We may think we do, but we do not. So it is in our best interests, if we want to evolve, and eventually become literally sons and daughters of God, that we understand the language that he/she (for God is both) speaks to us. As Jesus said, "I speak to them in parables, because they cannot understand. As we travel the spiritual path, we come to realize more and more, that when we are on one spiritual level, the parables mean one thing, and when we pass on to a higher spiritual level they mean another. This principle applies whether we study the I Ching, or the Bible, or the Tao, or any other deeply spiritual manuscript. It is we who need to persevere, for the Sage, or the Christ, already knows the truth. It is we who need to dig for the "pearl of great price."

Furthermore, it is love that holds the family together. Without love, we are nothing. All things are accomplished through love. Accomplishments that are made without love will not endure. It says of the I Ching in the fifth line, "There is no fear." The commentary says, "...on the contrary, the whole family can trust him, because love governs their intercourse." Remember the discussions we had about love? God is love. He/she is not simply equal to love, but is in fact, love itself. God is defined by and as love. And as such we say, "we love him because he first loved us. To repeat myself, love is the key. It is absolutely the key. Jesus said, "This is my commandment that ye love one another." I am constantly repeating myself on this subject.

Now I will put it a little differently. Love is the opposite of fear. Hate is not, for hate is just the flip side of love. We hate when our love is rejected. But see, that is where we fail, for deep abiding love still loves, even when it is rejected. It loves even as the "crown of thorns" is placed on our head. It loves while the crowd mocks and jeers, and it loves when it is despitefully used. It loves when it is hated. This is hard. This is very hard. Yet we need to learn this kind of love to be close to the Sage, to the redeemer, to the savior, call him/her/it what you will.

Without these nuclear family ties, the sage cannot easily speak to us. Without love, the Sage has difficulty approaching us, and giving of its sustenance, as in hexagram forty eight. Without love, it is hard to approach, and understand the "king of glory." We are redeemed, but not with silver. We are redeemed by understanding first the truth that we are living our lives as an illusion. That we are dreaming, and have not awakened to our true nature. We are redeemed by accepting into our hearts the love of the sage, the love of God, the love of the Christ, of the Buddha, call it what you will.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mercury Retrograde

Good grief!

It seems only a few days ago when Mercury was retrograde last time and I lost my computer, etc., etc., etc. And to make matters worse, this Mercury retro is exactly conjunct my natal Mercury. I think I will go hide under my bed this time. Actually no, but I will post before, I think, it actually does go retrograde. And tomorrow is Valentine's day. With Mercury retro I bet there will be broken hearts all over the world. E-vines that don't get sent, etc. etc. I am sending mine fast, to get there before the trouble begins. Well, I am sure it won't be that bad. Science says there can't be anything to astrology, after all, there is no scientific evidence. What a load of crap. Of course there isn't going to be evidence for something they can't possibly understand. Why don't they study it sometime? Then they might get an awakening.

Why does it work? Because we are all one. The heavens declare the glory of God. It is all one thing. So, since there is nothing outside of us, the heavens simply reflect the mindset which is within. I realize this isn't going to convince the skeptic, but neither would they be influenced even if one came back from the dead. They would say it was swamp gas, or the military was sending up flares. Trouble is, people actually believe that nonsense. Want to get a good grip on what the earth life is all about? Read the ancient texts...with an open mind. And for God's sake, don't forget to send your valentines day flowers, e-cards, etc.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The I Ching as guidepost

I had mentioned at one time, or more, that in every line, the I Ching is talking about itself, and I do believe this is true. I want to qualify this statement, however, with the statement that even more so, it is discussing its relationship with us. Therefore, when in the image of hexagram 40, it states, "Thus the superior man pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds," it is talking about universal law. As such the laws of the universe are natural, and are an attribute of the universal subconscious mind. God is not above law, nor is law above God, they are one and the same thing. They are not only equal, they are in essence, one as the other. There is no separation.

We talked earlier about the nature of God being love. In the exact same way, God and love are the same essence, one is not above the other, and they are not only equal, they are one another. Often the question comes up, how can a loving God allow these terrible things to happen? When men kill and massacre, even slaughter other men or women, when unbelievable cruelty is perpetuated on one's enemies, it truly is hard to say, how can God allow this? One reason for this is that God truly is love, and being love he can not love any less the evil person who tortures another than the good person who is being cruelly hurt. God is not a person up in the sky who intervenes. He is pure love for all, and my mean all creatures. But just as he is love, he is also law. And that law cannot be violated. Therefore when we see the horrors of war, as terrible as it is, we must be reminded of the verse that says, "he that liveth by the sword shall die by the sword." And you didn't think karma was in the Bible! Think again, it is there in almost every verse.

This gets into a philosophical discussion of the nature of reality that a lot of us, especially in the west, are not ready to accept, no matter how eloquently it is discussed. So I will not go into a lengthy discussion of it here, except to say, "there is nothing outside yourself to fear. There is nothing outside yourself that can hurt you. Since everything and everyone is one, those who hurt us are simply mirror images of what we have inside us. Therefore, no God judges you, for there is nothing outside of ourself if all is one. When we get hurt it is because we have judged ourselves, and judges ourselves is no less cruel than judging another. We need to understand this, that to forgive another is to forgive oneself. Self forgiveness is the ultimate. For it is because of a feeling of guilt that we have judged ourselves as separate from God and all there is anyway. Our anger ultimately is not with our fellow man, but with God, because supposedly, he allowed it to happen. We created the separation, in our mind. In our conscious mind. We have not forgiven God nor ourselves for the state we find ourselves in.

Thus when the I Ching says the superior man pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds, it is talking about the I Ching's relationship with us. It is talking about the relationship of our inner self with others. And in the western world, the disciples of Jesus asked, "How many times should we forgive another? Until seven times? And Jesus said, nay, but seventy times seven. In other words, always and eternally, for our karma will never end until we have totally forgiven.

There was once a discussion on another forum, where an I Ching novice insisted that forgives is an insult to ourselves. I understand that argument, I really do, but it comes from a lack of understanding of the true nature of reality. More on this later.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Too much time listening

I have been spending way too much time listening to This is a pay for service, but cheap, and I highly recommend it, whether you agree with the material or not. I haven't found enough time to post here. It is hard to listen and type at the same time. I really enjoy George Noory's show. I enjoy Art Bell when he is on too, but I tell you, I perceive Art as being very hard headed, and not realistic in his interpretation of things. There is a lack of wisdom and good judgment on his part in my opinion. Nevertheless, the material you get here cannot be found anywhere else. I will soon get into greater study of the I Ching, for those who follow this post and enjoy the I Ching, and have a deeper understanding of spiritual realities, for unless you have a deeper spiritual understanding, this site will not appeal to you.

I am looking for people who are extremely concerned about the national ID card that comes up in May of 2008. I am looking for people like myself who will not accept it, no matter what the consequences are. A group, perhaps, who wants to try to make it if necessary, even in the wilderness, where it would not likely be possible to survive by oneself. If anyone knows about groups like this...

Whether you believe in a literal interpretations of the book of Revelations or not, there is, on some level, a very on the line actualization of the events recorded in the book. I don't think I will go into this very deeply right now, maybe soon a discussion on it, for to understand this book, one cannot help but be astonished at the way these prophecies and scenarios are playing out right now. And I am not a Bible thumping, Bible believer, but there is something going on now, that fits the prophecy.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hexagram 57, in part

Just a note about hexagram 57, as following on the discussion of hexagram 50 line 3. In 50 line three we left off with the rain falling and remorse is spent. In hexagram 57 we see this in just a bit of a different way. Hexagram 57 tells us how to reach into the dark corners of the mind and uncover those hidden complexes within the subconscious mind. Within each of us there are elements of belief that have been impressed upon us in this life or in a previous, that may be emotionally tied to fears or anger, or they may be beliefs that are different than other belief systems found in the unconscious mind. As the belief system kicks in we find ourselves now doing this, now doing that, as the case may be. It is not until two belief systems are forced to confront one another that one will triumph over the other, and we will be free of the less fruitful belief system. Hexagram 57 tells us to reach into the deepest corners of our minds and ferret out the fears and rages that ravage us inside without our conscious awareness. Without bringing into conscious awareness all of our contradictions, and all of our fears and rages, we cannot become an integrated person. On the spiritual path we find these fears and conflicts by paying attention to what happens to us in the so called, "outer world." For our fears will be reflected in our outer life. What we fear we attract. What we secretly desire we attract, and if we have conflicting desires in our subconscious, we will attract first this, then that. A point has to be made here, and it will be brought up later with greater force, but it is essential to understand, everything that comes from without of us, is a reflection, a mirror image of that which we are within. If you don't like your outer circumstances, your inner world is creating that reflection. So, in the I Ching it is said, "Thus the superior man goes within." Often we can see the superior man doing in effect this when, "He approaches his temple." It is also said, "He carefully examines himself."

In the Christian tradition we have what is called "The dark night of the soul." When we search within and find only darkness. All seems lost and foreboding, yet one keeps one's faith. Our seeking and our attempts to go within seem in vain, nothing seems to be happening, yet there is nothing to be done except in continued perseverance to seek out the source of the problem within. It is only when we can "penetrate under the bed," (the bed being a symbol for our belief systems, that which we rest our faith and actions upon; the source of our tendencies and characterstics) that we bring light to bear on the undesirable events in our outer world, why the happen, and what it is within us that is causing these events. (Remember that it is all an illusion, created by the mind.)

More later

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hexagram 50 line 3 Part 4

And the final note in hexagram 50 line three states, "Once rain falls, remorse is spent. Good fortune comes in the end." There is consistently in the I Ching a note of good fortune for those who polish their character. It is, as hexagram forty five line two says, "There are secret forces at work, bringing together those who belong together." The specific meaning here is people, but a more general meaning is, "bringing to those who deserve it, the fate they rightly attract." In other words, since all is one, and that one has awareness, everything in the universe that has a similar vibration will be brought together to be with the person carrying that kind of vibration, and, "if a man will only see to it, that he is possessed of something truly spiritual...." He draws to him the kind of fate or fortune that is consistent with the character that he possesses. The dark side works throught subtlety and deception, This gives it tremendous power, but it too inevitably, by universal law, brings with it its own negativity, and as hexagram 23 says, when evil totally consumes the good, it begins to feed on itself, and brings about its own downfall. By plotting the downfall of others, we attract a karma, or a fate of downfall to ourselves. But if we work toward the good, then eventually, the rain falls, and there is rest.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Almost a forecast

Well, last night I talked about weird weather. This morning I woke up to the news of horrific storms in central Florida. I am in Central Florida, but more to the west. Hundreds of homes were damaged in the region. Churches and other buildings were flattened. They say tornadoes wiped out a very large area. Right where I am, it just rained all night. But it is just another indication...

It has also been reported that the Bush administration has tried its best to suppress information about global warming. I have known this for some time, it actually goes back to previous administrations. This is paritally man made, partially cyclical. There is an old Biblical saying, which is playing out today... "As it was in the days of Noah." I am not trying to scare people, but I am trying to wake people up to a number of things. One, our government is not being honest with us. Two, or schools and universities are not always teaching us scientific truth. Three, there is a spiritual reality. I am not saying the Bible is the literal and 100% word of God. I am saying it carries a message we dare not ignore. And lastly, we are not being honest with ourselves. The weather is cyclical mostly, beyond man's control, but by control, I mean conscious control. Everything is one. When we take attitudes and beliefs that are not in harmony with universal law, universal law must by its very nature create a correction.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weird Weather

I have heard about weird weather around the country, and a superstorm formed in Europe this winter. I have seen a gradual change in the weather over my approximately 60 years of life, but now, it is hitting a climax. This has been the most bizzrre winter in Florida. Of course, we do not get the super cold weather and snowstorms the rest of the country gets, we get the hurricanes in late summer. However, after an unusually quiet summer in terms of hurricane weather, we are having a winter that exhibits constantly changing weather. They are not big changes, grant you, but changes nevertheless. Most of life, in most areas I have been in, the winters, while maybe cold and stormy, tend to have a somewhat peaceful feel to them. The wind does blow, but usually not excessively. It is quiet. Not this year. From a quiet summer, that is normally not quiet here, we suddenly head into winter, with no fall whatsoever, straight from hot to winter weather, but the wind, the wind, while not super powerful, is nevertheless, quite strong. It comes and goes, but comes more than goes, and lasts a long time. Now, lately, we have had the variation of a day or two where there is not a cloud in the sky, and it is bright and cheery, even if a little windy, to days where strong cloud formations are blowing fast across the sky, often very cloudy, yet with strong variations in colorings, and many openings into blue sky. Nothing unusual when it happens for a day or two, but odd things have gone on all winter long. And today we are having some fairly strong winds. Another odd thing is sometimes on the ground you don't feel a lot of wind, but a little ways up, tree branches are swaying, flags are shaking as if in a strong wind storm... Well, okay, what I am saying may not be very convincing, but to me it is, and it seems... Big changes in this country coming in government, and the loss of rights and freedoms of the governed, big changes in nature as well, to correspond to the attitudes and feelings of men and women on this planet. Something is brewingl. Of that there can now be no doubt.