Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A note about the Constitution

I want to make clear a little more about what I said about the constitution of the United States the other day, and divine rights. As I had mentioned, in all of history prior to this time, rulers ruled by what they considered to be "divine right." In other words, they could trace their history back to the time when "the gods" ruled on the earth, and being their offspring, they had the divine right to rule. As such, the people, being not of the same race and stock, were considered the private stock of the king or queen. "They were considered peons,or peasants, if not from the noble class, and therefore had no rights. As such they were subject to their lords of the noble cast who were in turn subject to the king or queen. Now the king or queen, granted were not all powerful and were sometimes overthrown by the nobility or by members of their own family who were considered also of the ruling class, but over the common folk they had complete and total control, and their lives, and their property were subject to the whims of the king or queen without any recourse. The constitution of the United States addressed this problem by proclaiming that the "people," in other words the commoners "had inalienable rights given to them divine providence, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." In effect what this was saying was that it was not the king or queen who were given the divine rights, but the commoner. This was an upstart assumption that shocked the heads of Europe, with many of the nobles and rulers, and they were not about to allow such a thing to happen on earth. Being who they were, with money and power, they began to undermine the new commonwealth in every way possible. This new country had turned the order of rulership on its head, saying that the government should be afraid of the people, not the people of the government. They would not have that. And today, through the international banking cartels, and underhanded actions of the worlds elite, the "rule by divine right" people have overthrown the constitution of the U.S. and disavowed any rights attributed to the people. Recent court decisions have given the government the right to take away arms from the people, and the concept of terrorism or terrorist has been transferred from religious extremists to those who would maintain the validity of the constitution. Now people who believe in the rights of humanity, of the constitution, have become the terrorists, right in their own country. Many do not see the ramifications of this today, but they will soon. There is an ongoing effort now to take away guns from all Americans under the guise of keeping us safe, but it will do just the opposite, because once the rights of the common persons are taken away, the divine right to rule holds sway once again, and no one can do anything about it. If you don't think this is happening, you haven't even been watching the mainstream news, let alone any alternative news sources.


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