Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An End to their Confusion

The commentary on hexagram twelve line two says, "They would endure the superior man if he put an end to their confusion." In the same way, we pursue an answer from the I Ching in order to "put an end to our confusion." We do not bother with it beyond that. We do not understand that our confusion is due to a lack of understanding of true spiritual principles. We consult the I Ching in our time of need and of frustration, but when things are going well, we do not bother with it. We do not recognize the need for the "superior person" in our lives except when things are going poorly. For this reason then third line of hexagram forty eight says, "The well is cleaned, but no one drinks from it. This is my heart's sorrow, For one might drink from it." We only drink from the well when we feel a need in our lives.

Often that need is felt when we find ourselves in "untenable relationships." Untenable relationships develop when we do not accept proper protocol and tend to supplant the authority of those in charge of us. In relationships we can develop an untenable situation when we do not accept our proper role and place within the relationship. The same can be said in our relationship with the "Superior person," or the Sage. Just as we have relationships in our personal and physical lives we also have a relationship with our higher self. But we do not recognize the higher self in our lives unless something happens that creates havoc in our lives which then causes us to look for answers. As soon as the answer is resolved, we forget all about the Sage who answered our question until we find it cycling back around in our lives on a higher level. Then we "bear and endure" the superior man once again until once again the problem is temporarily solved.

When we begin to understand the proper role of the Sage in our lives, when we start to honor him, and "not treat him as a tool, (hexagram twenty line four) we realize in hexagram twelve line three that we "bear shame." This is good, for it brings us to our senses. It makes us realize that as described in hexagram fifty six, we are wonderers and strangers on this planet. We have no fixed abode. Our home is the road, that is to say, our home is the spiritual path which we follow. When we start to see ourselves as pilgrims on a spiritual journey, we realize that we must take life seriously and not just play with it (hexagram four line one). We begin to honor the Sage and give him a place in our hearts. We realize that our own, limited conscious mind is not enough to see us through the pitfalls us life. And only when we realize that there is a higher power that we can align with (hexagram fifteen) then we can start to make real progress. We must understand however, that we can only align with the mind of the cosmos; we cannot expect it to align with us. We do not bend it to our will, we bend to its will, but in doing so become aligned with it, and find a great power in our lives.

When we find that great power and align with it, not vice versa, we find we are accepted (hexagram twenty two line five) by the universe. Though are gifts are small, our hearts are now in the right place. We must give up our concept of the I Ching as an unemotional, unfeeling tool that we can just use to get answers to our questions, but we can find out what it is within us that causes us to have those questions in the first place. As such we have "penetration under the bed" (hexagram fifty seven line two). The bed is a symbol for the things that we rest upon in our lives, and by extension, our beliefs, our thoughts,our emotions, and our subconscious complexes. Our subconscious complexes are the very thing that keeps us where we are, that create the problems that we find in our lives. It comes from within, and so does the Sage, who answers those problems.

Hexagram twelve line two tells us in the commentary that "the great man bears the consequences of the standstill." This is because the great man knows that the "standstill" is caused by something within himself. But he bears the circumstances calmly because he knows that "all things work together for good." And though we cannot see the good in the situation presently, by calmly enduring, we recreate circumstances in such a way that they actually work for our benefit. So often, we ask questions of the I Ching because we think life is not being fair to us. We think it somehow should be different, whereas the great man simply accepts his fate, and by doing so puts himself on a firm footing for the future. The very fact that when we understand this and "bear shame," (line three) we by this very attitude "mark a turn for the better. "Through thorny ways, leads to a joyous end."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update on the End of August

I misunderstood Mitch Battros when he was talking about the end of August. He was not talking about the beginning of calamities, but a ten day window during the last ten days of August when there would be some disasters. Of course, we have already seen some of this with hurricane Irene and the significant damage it did. As sad as this is it can also be said it could have been much worse. Mitch is saying he doesn't think this is the end of it, however. He thinks, emphasis THINKS, there could be another significant event during this time frame. The huge displacement of water could create one large or a series of small earthquakes in the New England area. There has already been one significant one on the east coast. We will see whether there will be or not. But so that people will be aware, there is another significant tropical wave coming across the Atlantic. There is a good chance it will turn northward and miss the East Coast this time, but it may not. It is expected to arrive, if it does not turn North, in about ten days, maybe nine now. It may be a good idea to visualize this thing turning north as so many people could be effected. But we will see what our karma is. Forewarned is preparation. I wish the best for everybody.


Football Season Starts Again

I can't wait for this madness even though technically I am not a sports fan. However, I do love to root for the home team. In the NFL therefore I root for the Tampa Bay Bucanneers and in college I root for my home town school, Boise State University. I went there off and on for several years. So I do watch those games even if other teams bore me. I hope to keep it in perspective in that the prime directive is my own spiritual growth, which I am so desperately in need of. But one or two days out of the week I can watch a game or two; especially since I have no wife to alienate as soon as I turn on the TV. This is a great time of year for me as I truly look forward to the season, although, I am well aware of the winter that is coming. Boise State plays Georgia at 8 pm eastern on Saturday Sept 3. As much as I would like to see a play off system in college football, I love the controversy that swirls every year when teams are picked for their respective positions by an AP pole and by the BCS rating system. Since not every team plays every other team the country argues for the rest of the year about who really should be the number one team and it is fun. Boise State plays into that well since they are kind of new to the big leagues, and some people just can't believe they should be ranked as high as they are. But this season should be a good season. Nevertheless, I will try to stay focused on the subject at hand; the I Ching, and spiritual growth and development.


Feeling Isolated Part Two

Hexagram forty five line six also depicts a time when we can feel isolated. The commentary says, "It may happen that an individual would like to ally himself with another, but his good intentions are misunderstood." Most of us have probably felt that way once in a while. the text goes on to say that signing and lamenting may solve the problem. This appears to me to be inadequate however, as is in the English translation. There must be more than this in the original language that would give us some clues as to other possibilities in this scenario. In some cases though it might be true that "sorrow and lamenting" would have a relieving affect if it makes the other person realize the problem truly was due to a misunderstanding. I doubt however, that this would ever be possible in personal relationships, but may be possible in business relationships. Hexagram three gives us a little information on how to penetrate into the social sphere (since that too is a "difficult beginning"). The commentary in book three says, "To rule by serving is the secret of success." In other words, when we feel isolated, when we seem to not be able to break into the group, when we feel like an outsider, the requisite action is that of finding a way to service the group. We must find a way in which we can be of value. When we can be of service, we can fulfill our wishes, and break into a closed group.

Line five of hexagram three, however, speaks of a time when even the ruler, (who rules by serving, has limited influence. When the first and the fifth line move, the two rulers of the hexagram, then hexagram two is depicted, in which it is necessary to be very receptive to our surroundings. We must follow, we cannot lead. But who do we follow, when we ourselves are leaders? When our influence is limited we must follow the guidance of the superior man, or the Sage, our Higher Selves, which speaks to us through the I Ching. We must learn its principles and its precepts.Only then will we truly be qualified to influence others. We can only influence others as much as we can be influenced ourselves. We can only expect as leaders for people to follow us in as much as we ourselves are willing to follow our own leaders. We must make ourselves receptive to the "will of heaven."

It may be that for the time our influence is limited, and we can only keep our rivals in check with friendly persuasion (hexagram nine) But it we truly keep to our spiritual source, the time is "bound to come, sooner or later, when the difficulties will be resolved and all will go well." (See hexagram fifty line two.) When we understand this principle, which is also mentioned by Jesus when he said, "But seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you," then we attain peace of mind, "the peace that passes all understanding," because we understand this principle, that we can "go out and meet our destiny" without fear or anxiety knowing that all is well in the spiritual realm; that our lives are totally guided, and often the thing that seemed the worst for us turned out for the best because we just let go and let it happen.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling Isolated

There comes times in most people's lives when for one reason or another we feel isolated. This might happen for a while after we move to a new location but sometimes things change and old friends are gone and new friends seem scarce. Isolation can be a very hard garden to hoe. Sometimes we may be isolated because people have perceived us in a bad light, or misunderstood us in some way. it is incumbent upon all of us to try our best to see the best in everyone around us. Some people can be hard to deal with, but it will help if we see the good side of them.

The commentary on hexagram eight tells us that if we come to a group too late we might find the doors closed. The people in the group already know each other and feel comfortable with each other and new comers understandably can not be accorded the same luxury. We just don't know the new person.

Hexagrams thirty eight and forty five can also give us hints about how to deal with the feeling of isolation. The commentary on line two of hexagram thirty eight says, "As a result of misunderstandings, it has become impossible for people who by nature belong together to meet in the correct way." The key here is that the people by nature belong to each other's social group. The commentary goes on to say that perhaps a chance meeting will resolve the difficulty. The key is that if they belong together, they will meet, and the problem will be resolved, even though seemingly by accident. Hexagram forty five line two's commentary says, "There are secret forces at work, bringing together those who belong together." I hope that people do not take this lightly. There really are secret forces at work in the universe. There is a "universal subconscious mind," possibly called God, that draws together those who belong together. This is because our lives have a destiny and a plan. Things do not happen by accident. There are no coincidences. There is a divine plan. We see this as well in hexagram sixty one which I have brought up over and over again. If we understand that our lives are guided. If we understand that there is a secret plan, and that we need not strive to attain it, we greatly increase our peace of mind and can relax to a much greater extent. Then life becomes more cheerful and less fearful. We can "let go and let God..."

Hexagram thirty eight line four also has a few words to say of this. "Isolated through opposition, one meets a like minded man, with whom one can associate in good faith." As long as we stand in "good faith" with our fellow man, our destined meetings, whether accidental or not, will be accomplished. Once again, knowing this, there is no need for fear or anxiety as it is all planned out for us. The person we meet is a "like-minded man. In other words, the accidental meeting brings us to someone with whom we have an inner affinity. Hexagram forty five line three carries on this theme with a little bit of a twist. The line says, "Gathering together amid sighs. Our search for friendship, for business relationships, or for meaningful relationships seems fruitless. What to do? Once again we have to let go and just go with the flow. We like someone but they don't like us. We fret,and feel bad about ourselves, but we don't have to, because "there are secret forces at work." Therefore we can just relax. The commentary says that when we are locked out of a group that one possible opportunity to break in is by aligning ourselves with the center of the group. In order to do that it is often important to have a skill that the group needs, or make ourselves useful in some way. Throwing ourselves away in an undignified manner will not work. Neither will throwing ourselves at some one in a subservient manner. They key is to be valuable in some way.

But there is another idea implicit here that can also help us. We ourselves have a group of personalities within us that often fight each other and get in each other's way. We are not an integrated individual, but different parts of us battle each other. In that case we much reach our center. We must reach that deepest part of us that knows and that can unite the opposing forces. Only then can we integrate ourselves within our being. In the same way, only when we can integrate ourselves within our society, and become a fully functioning part of the unit do we really find success in our friendships, business relations and personal relations.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Does 2012 Mean?

I just heard a most fascinating discussion of the meaning of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 on U strongly recommend it, but it does oost for a membership. There are monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual plans available. The monthly plan I think is %6.95. I recommend this particular program. It is about four hours long, the first hour is on a different subject however. But this show is excellent. The guest is David Wilcock, and his work is fascinating. This is not a typical end of the world discussion, It is not about cataclysm. The thing that is important is that it is the end of an age, and there are unbelievable changes coming about, very positive ones indeed. That does not mean there will not be cataclysms along the way. We are already starting to see those. They will not destroy the earth, however. There is a contingency on the earth that is going to fight this in every way possible, because they are absolutely dedicated to making sure mankind never finds out the truth, and they will try to kill as many as they can, but ultimately they will fail. (This last sentence does not reflect David's statements, they are my own.) Part of these changes will be technological, and part will be in the mind. We are going to start finding out how powerful we really are, and our technology will prove unbelievable by today's standards. As much as some will try to stop us from having this, it will come about. This information on the program is invaluable. If you can, listen to it. Coast to Coast is also on the air in many localities late at night, but you can not get archives that way, only live radio. They have many guests, some are quite interesting, some not so much, at least not to me, they all have something of interest however. You might want to find out when it plays in your area, listen up for the ones that are interesting to you, but the one last night was excellent.

Dignity in Relationships Part Two

In followup to the previous message, where we discussed the commentary on hexagram sixty two may it be added that in exhibiting modesty we must make sure that it is not just empty form. The commentary says, "...however, if a man is not to throw himself away, it is important they they should not become empty form and subservience but be combined with a correct dignity in personal behavior." In hexagram fifteen we find that we must be modest even about our modesty. In other words, it can be carried too far. Modesty must come out of a good self image, not a poor one. And believe me men, more mature women can tell the difference and they can tell it quickly. It is as if they have a social radar not understood by men. It is also said they can read body language ten times better than men. We have a lot to learn from women. (There are things they can learn from us too, by the way.)

Men, many of you have heard from women, "You are too much like big brother." What are women really trying to say. Well, often they are saying you don't have that charisma or charm that is display by men who go out and get what they want. It often means, "you are too nice." This is a mystery to men because they think, "how can you be too nice." Well that niceness comes out of a lack of dignity in the way you display your modesty. It is empty form. It doesn't seem so to us men, but remember, women see things differently than men do and they are very socially aware. Their awareness comes from a different perspective on social relationships than we have. Niceness must come from strength, not from weakness. The trouble is we men do not often see ourselves as we really are, so we do not know how we are coming across, and we come across different to men than we do to women.

The opposite can be true too, however, we can become overly arrogant, and this will appeal to some women, but not the more mature women. It is a fine line, and most of us men do not know where that line lies, and it can be different with different women. The ultimate key is a good self image residing in the subconscious mind. But how do we know what is in the subconscious? Well, that is why we read and study the I Ching. To know ourselves, because most of us do not, and if we think we do we are fooling ourselves. The subconscious is a deep well (hexagram forty eight), and if we do not draw from it we remain blind to who we really are. Thus the ancient mystics all said, "(man, know thyself."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Correct Dignity in Relationships

Many men who at one time were not successful in meeting women, then figured out the strategy and became successful have said that in realizing what it took, that women must be nuts. And it does seem that way at first glance because men and women view relationships from a personal perspective. I won't go into this very deeply. I, at my age, do not have any significant interaction with women. I am too old, and find that the present socio political climate leaves both men and women in significant danger when trying to meet and attract the opposite sex. I just don't have the stomach for it. That being said, I will say what some of the experts have been trying to say lately, (I am not qualified to say anything on my own) that women tend to want it to "just happen." As if it were an act of God, or an act of serendipity. Because of that, they are very wary of men who have pick up lines, or appear to have a polished approach that they likely use on most of the women they meet. Therefore, men who smile a lot, who appear to be too friendly can be a major turn off to women. Ironically, when a woman is interested in a man, she often acts in exactly the same way that if a man approached her she would run. She is friendly, flirtatious, and smiles. One more thing I might say before we move on is that what men and women consciously think they are interested in in a mate is totally different than what they are subconsciously looking for. Therefore, if someone says something about how a man or a woman acts, there can be a violent reaction because consciously we do not think we are that way, but subconsciously we are, which creates a whole slew of problems.

Now, let's take a look at hexagram sixty two and something about personal behavior. The commentary says, "Exceptional modesty and conscientiousness are sure to be rewarded with success; however, if a man is not to throw himself away, it is important that they should not become empty form and subservience but be combined with a correct dignity in personal behavior. This information can help us if we apply it correctly in our lives but the problem is, what constitutes correct dignity? How we interpret that tells us a lot about how we perceive the opposite sex. Women seem to be attracted at least subconsciously to men who are strong and have manly traits. They may not consciously look for that. But since they do, a problem arises. What constitutes strength? We are not talking about physical strength, but a way of being. So much depends on the maturity of the people being attracted. A less mature woman might have a subconscious image of a criminal being strong. He has swagger, he doesn't fear the law, so, even if she consciously hates him, there is a strange fatal attraction. A more mature woman might see through this. One thing I might interject before I go on with this is that often what women see as "confidence" is what men see as arrogance. Our total social view is entirely different. So men complain that it seems that only total jerks are successful with women. Women say, it isn't because they are jerks, it is because they have a backbone. But do they? It may appear that way, and sometimes it might be that way, but often it is not, and jerkiness comes out of weakness, not strength. It is one thing to be nice because you are weak, and another to be nice because you are strong. Truly mature women can see the difference, less mature women cannot. The kind of person mentioned in the commentary in hexagram sixty two is likely to attract a more mature person, not a less mature.

The desire that women seem to have, and there are probably some women who wouldn't agree with this, and some who wouldn't consciously but would subconsciously, or vice versa, for serendipity seems to align with hexagram thirty eight line two. The commentary says, "This being so, an accidental meeting under informal circumstances may serve the purpose." As has been said so many times before, conscious intent can spoil the party. In otherwords, as in hexagram twenty five line two we must "not count on the harvest while plowing." If it happens it happens, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. And again, line two in hexagram thirty eight says, "an accidental meeting under informal circumstances may serve the purpose, providing there is an inner affinity between them." If there is an inner affinity between two people, they are likely to meet somehow. Hexagram forty five line two's commentary says, "We should make no arbitrary choice of the way, (Do not count on the harvest while plowing) There are secret forces at work, drawing together those who belong together, We must yield to this attraction, then we make no mistakes."

Men do not understand women. Men tend to try to "make" things work. They try to make things happen, knowing if they don't "make" it happen, it never happens. In some respects this is true. In other respects it is not. All we can do is set our intentions, and allow the universe to "bring those together who belong together." There is something to be said for "the crane who calls in the shade." Subconsciously she brings her own together with her. Both men and women should learn to understand the other's point of view when it comes to social interactions. It will greatly increase harmony and understanding on the planet, and also make us more prosperous and content.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another video

This one is lengthy. It is about the psychiatric profession. It is something people need to consider though. I will make no comments about it positive or negative. If anyone wants to watch it, here is the address.

Binary Star Systems

The following video relates the latest scientific knowledge about binary star systems and now it might be an alternate explanation of the precession of the equinoxes. It also ties in with the idea of great ages, or yugas, or whatever you might call them. I find it fascinating. Hopefully the video will remain available indefinitely. If you wish to watch:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hexagram Sixty Four Line Two

In light of all that we have been discussing, that of developing a deeper and more spiritual mindset that will create unity with our own higher selves and with others, the commentary on line two says, "An individual must develop within himself the strength that will enable him to go forward." The only way to do this is to study the sayings of the Sages of the past, study the I Ching, study all the sacred scriptures, and find within them the nuggets of truth that enrich our lives and make us better persons. The commentary goes on to say, "He must have a vehicle, as it were, to affect the crossing." The vehicle which will help us cross the great waters in the I Ching itself, or any holy book." It is only by taking hold, and discovering the secret truths within it that we improve ourselves, and become a Sage. In this way we "set our life in order and examine ourselves" (hexagram fifty one, the image). And the image of hexagram twenty six says, "Thus the superior man acquaints himself with many sayings of the past, in order to strengthen his character thereby." How much time do we really spend, with the TV off, the radio off, in relative silence, or even strict silence, and contemplate what we have read in the book of changes, or the particular sacred book of our choosing? How much time do we spend in quiet meditation, making our minds receptive to the council of the universe? If we do not do these things we create more disorder and disharmony in our lives, and it doesn't matter how many times we ask about our relationships or our career we get no where. We must know the source. We must be receptive to the source, and we must "practice chariot driving daily." We need to allow ourselves to be "guided by the forester" in hexagram three. We can not do it alone. If we think so we only deceive ourselves, and we will find ourselves in a "gloomy valley." Our minds will become more and more disoriented, until we find ourselves sick and alone, and desperate. We need to make use of the vehicle that will lead us across the waters, (see the Tarot card six of swords for a meditation on crossing the water). Then it will be said of us, that "we do not fall asleep and lose sight of the goal. We are strong and steadfast in our resolve."

Monday, August 15, 2011

More on Hexagram Sixty Four

It is interesting, at least to me, that the commentary on hexagram sixty four is somewhat similar to the commentary in hexagram three. Sixty three's commentary says, "The conditions are difficult, The task is great and full of responsibility. It is nothing less than leading the world out of confusion and back to order." The commentary in three says, "Times of growth are beset with difficulties. They resemble a first birth. But these difficulties arise from the the very profusion of all that is struggling to take form." The reason for these similarities is that the book of changes is never completed. The lessons we are to learn from it are never completed. When we have gone through each hexagram and learn the lessons from that hexagram, we start over again on a higher level of understanding. This is a never ending process. This is a hard concept for us in the west to swallow. We tend to go to school, then to college, then maybe reach for a master's or even a doctor's degree, but then we think we are done. We think we have it all. Actually learning never begins until the formalities of a classroom and passed beyond. Then we get the real learning, the real life learning. That is a truer form of learning. In any true martial art, in any true form of qigong, in any true spiritual disciple, there is never an end of the levels in which we can learn. It is true that everything is based on the first level. Therefore, the very first lesson, that the dragon is hidden, in hexagram one line one, is true at all times and in all situations within the context with which the lesson is to be received. We are always on that first level. We must remember at all times that there truly is a "hidden dragon." And that dragon will burn us if we do not take the proper steps.

In the second lesson the dragon always "appears in the field." We must understand this, that the dragon is there. Whenever we first prepare, on any lesson, on any level, that the dragon is going to appear in the field. The field is the space part of the space time continuum, and the dragon is the fohatic energy that impregnates that space. I know these just seem like words without any meaning. But as we go deeper into the book we come to understand the meaning of those words. Without space there can be no time. Without the field there can be no dragon. Without yin there can be no yang. He who truly understands this could potentially rule the world. The commentary says, "Such a man is destined to gain great influence and to set the world in order." Since we see no meaning in these words we tend to pass them over, and find some way they can apply in a divination, but they never seem to apply to us. Yet we are the focus in every way in the book of changes. The Sage is the speaker who speaks to us. When the Sage speaks to us one way, then the Sage becomes "The great man who makes his appearance in his chosen field of activity. When we have learned our lessons fairly well, then the Sage is telling us that we ourselves are making our appearance. Our chosen field of activity is our own spiritual development. When we concern ourselves with this we imitate the Sage. Thus the image of hexagram forty two says, "When he sees good, (sees the Sage, hexagrams nineteen and twenty) he imitates it; If he has faults, he rids himself of them."

There is an ultimate goal here, that is the goal of all mankind, though most of us do not know it and therefore do not work toward it. The commentary on hexagram sixty four again tells us of the goal. "The task is great and full of responsibility. It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion back to order. But it is a task that promises success. because there is a goal that can unite the forces now tending in different directions." And here is the ultimate goal of all humanity, that of bringing order out of confusion. There is an element on the earth now that is working to create confusion in order to bring order, their order, out of chaos. These people will not stop at anything to gain complete control over humanity. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about first bringing order in our own lives, When we bring order into our own lives we bring order into our world and then into the entire cosmos. This is the highest use of the I Ching. To create unity within ourselves, within our relationships, and within society. When we do this, society is effective, and as the commentary on hexagram fifty line three says, "If he would only see to it that he is possessed of something spiritual, the time will come, sooner or later, when the difficulties will be resolved, and all will go well."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Short Note on Hexagrams Sixty Three and Sixty Four

Just as hexagrams one and two are prototypes for all the hexagrams that follow, so too are hexagrams sixty three and sixty four and they give us an overview of all that is given previously. In that sense they are outside the main body of the book of the I Ching. As such the story really begins with hexagram three (difficult beginnings) and ends with hexagram sixty two (Preponderance of the Small). In contradistinction to hexagrams one and two which have only yang lines and only yin lines respectively, hexagrams sixty three and sixty four have an equal amount of yin and yang lines and they all relate to each other. The only difference between the two is that in hexagram sixty three all the lines are in their proper place while in hexagram sixty four none of the lines are in their positions of correspondence. It would seem thusly that hexagram sixty three would be very favorable while hexagram sixty four would not; but that is not the case. The reason for that is is based on the second law of thermodynamics which says that "all things left to themselves will deteriorate." This however is only half the law. If it were not, evolution as taught in our science classes would be totally impossible. (As it is they continue stubbornly to teach variations of the evolutionary theory in schools as fact which in reality are totally indefensible based on the latest scientific date. That is not to say there is no evolution - but that is a subject of a different matter.) The flip side of the second law of thermodynamics is that when things have completely deteriorated, they take on the form of energy, and energy, being conscious, regroups itself into a higher form of matter that is better able to handle the stress that created the original deterioration. This is a process that goes on eternally.

So, in hexagram sixty three we have a condition of perfection that cannot last. Line four says, "The finest clothes turn to rags. Be careful all day long." Here, thousands of years ago in this book the second law of thermodynamics was already delineated, and we think we are so smart today! But since in hexagram sixty four, even though non of the lines are in their correct places, they do relate to each other, and therefore are able to reconnect, and create new balance and harmony. Therefore hexagrams sixty three and sixty four together do have some affinity with hexagram three,"Difficult Beginnings."

The crux of the situation for these two hexagrams together is that there is the need for the careful delineation of things. The commentary on the image of hexagram sixty four says, "If we wish to achieve an effect, we must first investigate the nature of the forces in question and ascertain their proper place." It is possible for this to be done in hexagram sixty four because all of the lines relate. The problem with all commentary and all written treatises on the Book of Changes is that we don't know how to do that. And that is why there is such a need to study the book and "listen to the master" rather than just trying to divine our relationships and our careers.

From the Taoist position, the need to "investigate the forces in question and ascertain their proper place" refers more to the integration of energy within the human body and develop a right balance of yin and yang which keeps the body ageless and in perfect health. Unfortunately, the very few people who understand this in the modern age are not talking about it, and you can't expect them to as the vast population of people on earth do not have the necessary moral integrity to effect such a change in their bodies, and even if they could, they could become very dangerous to society. So such things are best left secret. From the Confucian point of view, the differentiation and ascertaining relate more to the nature of society and how ruler and subject, father and son, mother and daughter, and man and wife should interact with each other. Hexagram thirty seven deals with this very directly. However, the societal viewpoint proclaimed in hexagram thirty seven is not very popular, at least in western society due to views of "equal rights" between men and women. Therefore we will not get into that aspect too much either.

We can, however, look at it this way. Line two of hexagram thirty seven says, "She should not follow her whims. She must attend within to the food." If we substitute the term yin for she, which is certainly permissible in understanding the I Ching, we have something that is a little more along taoist lines of though, and shows that yin energy should be within. Therefore, the inside of a body is considered yin, and the outside yang. If yin energy just follows its "whims" and goes where it pleases, the inner organs do not get fed the proper energy and the integrated energy needed to keep the organs healthy. Yin and yang must interact with each other in the proper way. If they do not, we have the problem discussed in the sixth line of each of the first two hexagrams where in one it says,"Arrogant dragon wll have cause to repent." and in hexagram two it says, "Dragons fight in the meadows." Remember that in the commentary on hexagram two it says, "But strictly speaking there is no real dualism here, because there is a clearly defined hierarchical relationship between the two principles." The key here, in terms of our relationships, in terms of our interactions with employees and employers, in terms of our interactions with authority figures, is to figure out the right relationship between these two energies, and be able to integrate them into their proper places where they can harmonize with each other. Only then do we gain true wisdom. Only then do we have the chance of becoming a "Chuang Tzu." But the point of integration is not easy to ascertain, and take years and years of study. I as well as everyone else am on a quest to understand the proper integration of these two energies, in order to make my and our lives work, and to be happy and productive in a society full of individuals with their own personal energies. This is the ultimate goal. It is described in hexagram sixty four. (Here the book comes to a close, only to find that at the end of the road is a new beginning, and "we will come to the place where we started, and know it for the first time.") The image says, "Thus the superior man is careful In the differentiation of things, So that each finds its place."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Last Quarter of This Year

My best sources,who have been very accurate in the past, and there are several of them, are telling me that the end of August marks the beginning of very serious trouble on this planet. This involves not only the economy, including the stock market, but the weather, and war. Comet Elenin is expected to have its closest approach to the earth around Sept 11th, and some people think it may be the "blue star" predicted by the Hopis. Whether it is or not, it does seem to portend some very serious stuff. My mind has been caught up in contemplation of this for a few days, and I can't do anything else. Sun spot activity is heating up,and is going to get serious. This is scientific, it is not some prophecy. There have been a few coronal mass ejections lately, that if directed straight at earth would literally burn the ground where it hit. I recommend to everyone that they do not take this prediction lightly. I mean the end of August is the start, not the high point, but we are coming close to some really serious calamities. I just ask everyone to prepare as best they can, and pay attention to what is going on in the news and elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Lines Two and Five

When lines two and five of hexagram fifty change, the resulting hexagram is thirty three. At first glance there seems to be no relationship in themes between these two hexagrams, and yet there is in each at least one thread that corresponds. The second line in hexagram fifty retreats from those who are envious of him. They are envious of him because of his special relationship with the ruler in line five. Since the ruler protects line two however, those who wish him or her harm are not able to perpetrate their acts of disharmony upon him or her. The second line protects him or her self by remaining in the company of those who are close to him or her. The line says, "There is food in the Ting." Food is shared only with those who are close to us. After transformation, and the disarming of "the huns in the northern borderland, the territory won at such bitter cost," (hexagram sixty three line three and sixty four line four) we are able to return home (hexagram twenty four and thirty seven) to be with our families. As such we retreat from the outside world.

But the second line in thirty three has one person he does not retreat from. The second line does not retreat from the ruler in the fifth. The line says, "No one can tear him loose." We must have that kind of an attitude at one level in regards to maintaining that connection with the universal spiritual force. We must maintain that attitude in relationship to the Sage, the I Ching, and demand of it its messages to us, (in a respectful manner of course) not allowing any external agent, (those who are envious of us) from disrupting our communication with the I Ching (the food in the ting). In the same way in our relationships we must hold tight to those who love us and maintain in every way possible a good relationship to them. As it says in hexagram thirty seven, line five, "As a king he approaches his family." Those we share food with, the food in the ting, are those we should foster special relationships with and not let them go. They are of utmost importance to us. The commentary on live five in hexagram fifty says, "A man who is modest and approachable in nature." Naturally we are approachable in nature to our family. They are of the utmost importance to us and come before everything. Husband and wife much treat each other that way, so too an employee and employer, and so too our relationship to the sage, who feeds us spiritually from the I Ching. Notice that the fifth line of fifty is noted as holding on to something, just as the second line of hexagram thirty three. The fifth line of thirty three retreats however, in all friendliness just as the second line of fifty retreats from those who are not of his family, not out of anger, but simply because he knows those who are his own and those who are not. Once transformation has been completed in our lives, we know who we belong to and who we do not. We retreat from the latter, and cling to the former.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Riding the Wind

Another place where the wind trigram is prominent is in hexagram forty four. The irony here is that the hexagram as a whole does not really pertain to this, at least not on surface observance, but the image certainly has something to say of it. The hexagram as a whole on one level warns us of not recognizing a dangerous element in the beginning because it seems so small and powerless. As such we do not take the initiative and remove it from our lives. On a taoist level it has more to do with the rising of energy through the spine up into the pineal gland. Something we won't go into here.

But the similarity of the image with hexagram twenty is noted in the commentary on the image. The commentary says, "The situation here resembles that in hexagram twenty, Kuan, CONTEMPLATION (VIEW). In the latter the wind blows over the earth, here it blows under heaven,; in both cases it goes everywhere." The idea once again is that the ruler, or teacher, gives commandments to men, which are meant for his benefit, not as a means of establishing tyranny.

In hexagram twenty however, the ruler is a little closer to his people. In hexagram forty four the populace is not necessarily listening. The key to hexagram forty four is that the conditions of meeting, or "union" is based on ulterior motives. As long as there are ulterior motives, the union can not be properly formed, and the teachings of the sage cannot be properly implemented. As long as we have ulterior motives we will never truly understand the message of the sage, or in other words, the true meaning of the I Ching. Hexagram forty eight line three says, "The well is cleaned, but no one drinks from it. This is my heart's sorrow." The I Ching is expressing its own sorrow that it's wisdom is being ignored, as it always will be as long as our hearts are distracted by the "foolish things of the world," and not by the true things of the spirit. As long as there are ulterior motives one cannot set aflame the wood of hexagram fifty to keep the fire burning and transform him or herself into a new being called a "Chuang Tzu," or Sage.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Spreading His Commands Abroad

Hexagrams, including hexagram fifty, which contain the primary trigram of wood, or wind, often have a connotation of either giving commands, or of consolidating fate. The former is true especially if the wind trigram is the upper trigram. In hexagram fifty we have wind in the lower primary trigram and the subject regards consolidating fate, and making our position correct. Of course the only way we can do this is to understand the commands being given to us by higher sources, (the lines that we receive) and integrating them into our lives. He or she who misses this point, and only uses the I Ching to solve a particular problem in their lives, is acting in a precipitous manner and not allowing the full value of the I Ching to manifest. We do not hear the commands. We only hear what we want to hear to solve the particular problem and the rest is anathema to us. When we treat the I Ching this way we cannot "make our position correct."

The I Ching says of itself in hexagram fifty seven, (double wind trigrams) that "it spreads its commands abroad." Furthermore, the commentary on the image says, "Only when the command has been assimilated by the people is action in accordance with it possible." Therefore, it must be understood that unless you understand the crux of the problem, you cannot understand the solution to the problem." Many people are good I Ching readers when it comes to a simple and straight forward answer, but completely miss the basis for the answer, and miss the deeper insights of the I Ching which could, in a manner of speaking, "set them free." Hexagram fifty seven speaks of "action without preparation of the ground." In other words, we act without building the base upon which those actions can become fruitful.

We can only build a base for fruitful action when we "daily practice chariot driving," and assimilate the teachings of the I Ching into our daily lives on a regular basis. Hexagram twenty three line six says, "There is a large fruit still uneaten." This is because we haven't taken the teaching of the I Ching to heart, but only used its message superficially to correct an immediate problem. When we do this we are looking at life as in hexagram twenty line two, "through the crack of a door." But hexagram twenty gives us a much deeper understanding of the I Ching if we will take it to heart. Hexagram twenty shows the Sage, (I Ching) in the upper trigram giving instruction to the people, the lower trigram, and the people are receptive (lower trigram) to it. As such the image says, "...Contemplated the people and gave them instruction."

But for the people to receive it there must be a deep trust in the rulers, (our spiritual teachers) that can only be developed when it becomes clear that the ruler can give instructions that actually work in our daily life and will give us benefit. When it has been proven by the ruler that they can indeed give the people the "life giving water" of hexagram forty eight, that the people trust them so deeply that they look up to him and anxiously await the next set of commands. As Jesus said, "My commands are not grievous." In other words they are not given in a spirit of ruling over you, but in a spirit of teaching you the right way. When the people are so impressed by the rulers, they develop within them such a deep sense of awe that they create within a meditative state, (nuclear trigram K'en)while they anxiously await the commandments of the ruler. We must develop within ourselves this same state of awe when we consult the I Ching, anxiously awaiting the answer, but in a spirit of awe. As hexagram four says, "Without this modesty and this interest, there is no guarantee that he has the necessary receptivity, which should express itself in respectful acceptance of the teacher." When we consult the I Ching solely as we would an encyclopedia, we do not have the necessary receptivity to truly understand the answer.

The teacher must have a resume so to speak that shows his ability to manipulate the forces of nature and to make his prophecies come true, and the student must recognize this awesomeness, and that there is a good reason to come to the teacher for instruction. When this happens it is the case that teacher has such a grasp of the spiritual laws of the universe that when he expresses himself, the people of the earth will be "swayed by him as the grass by the wind." In the modern world, especially in the west, such admiration, such respect for the teacher is largely unheard of. It does not come to us naturally. We must be taught this inspiration. There is no great leader that we look up to so reverently that we have the "deepest inner concentration" while waiting for his words. Nevertheless,this "inner concentration," This meditative state of mind, this awe, is the very thing that allows us to "apprehend the mysterious and divine laws of life...and to give expression to these laws." Finally, the commentary on hexagram twenty says, "Thus a hidden spiritual power emanates from them, influencing and dominating others without their being aware of how it happens." We must always keep our hearts true. We must given up our preconceptions and our "limited viewpoint on life," and give credence to the spiritual powers above us that are always spreading their commands, as the "large fruit still uneaten," (because we do not perceive it) our misconceptions, our superficial viewpoints, as one "seeing through the crack of the door," and in such humbling ourselves, so that we are receptive to the pure teachings of the sage. Then we will be ready for that transformation into the new age, where we have a new enlightenment, and the commands, (lower trigram hexagram fifty) that leads to that enlightenment, (upper trigram) and a higher order of civilization. When we do that the wood, (lower trigram) feeds the fire, (upper trigram) and our flame burns forever.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Line Six

The planet is currently undergoing a transformation, which fits in with hexagram fifty very well. The 2012 date of the Mayan calendar does not mean an immediate one time disaster for the planet, but it does mark the beginning date of the transformation to the new age. The sixth line of the I Ching normally depicts a final time after which the new age begins.

Right now, there is a concerted effort on this planet to destroy all forms of religion. This is a very subtle thing, and those that attempt it do not show their hand openly. The days of the Samurai in Japan are gone. I have been told that in China most people in today's world are not that familiar with the I Ching. In the West people who go to church, who claim to be christian are now accused of possibly being terrorists. The world rulers want everyone to believe in a materialistic world with no spiritual realm involved, because if the people believe in life after death, if they believe in firm moral principles, or that there are more important things than life, they become much more difficult to control. Therefore there is a concerted effort to destroy any form of religion. In countries like the U.S. that have a constitution that guarantees freedom of religion, they attack the constitution and say that it no longer applies in our age. These people will win temporarily, and humanity in be in the grips of the enslavers. Yet their day is coming as well. This does not happen over night, but the destroyers will be destroyed, and the beginning of this time period will be the end of 2012. The book of Revelations says, "Here is the faith and patience of the Saints, they that live by the sword shall die by the sword." In other words, our karma is going to be visited upon all of us, big or small, elite or not. First on the little man, then on the big, the elite. Therefore, many of the sixth lines of hexagrams show a battle of some kind. The first two hexagrams certainly are of this variety. They depict the end of the six ages of mankind, at which time there is return, hexagram twenty four. The return is to that of a new righteousness, not that taught by a controlling church, or a naive group of faithful followers, but a true righteous that rightly comprehends the forces of karma, and reflects it in their life.

Therefore, the fifth line of hexagram fifty shows us that the handles of the Ting are not allowing the I Ching to be carried, that is to say, to be moved to a new age. But it is still important that we understand it. The fifth line therefore achieves the proper attitude, and is willing to listen to the sage in the sixth line. This will be the case when the purification rites of planet earth will be over, and a handful of people open to spiritual development will inherit the earth. The ancient texts will be revisited, a new understanding of them will come, and the people will be like the fifth line which is open to the teachings of the Sage, (all true spiritual teachings. As such the commentary says, "Thus the work finds favor in the eyes of the Deity, who dispenses great good fortune, and becomes pleasing to men, wherefore all goes well." The new age will be a wonderful time of peace and prosperity based on only one principle, that of spiritual development. Then we will truly understand its teaching. Our minds will be set free, and we will "hold to our higher self, and not be led astray." May that day come soon!

Health Food Stores Raided

I should get back to the I Ching tonight, but there is something very disturbing going on in America now. The FDA Is raiding health food stores, one in Los Angeles was hit yesterday, for no other reason that that they distribute health food. Owner's are being imprisoned, stock and cash are being confiscated, and store's are being put out of business. This is ultimately because Monsanto wants it that way as they want to be the sole distributor of food, and they intend to distribute genetically modified food. Soon no one will be able to get healthy food. Also, I hope people are aware that these Salmonella outbreaks and e coli outbreaks and other things that are happening are happening because big business plans them that way, to make the public accept irradiated foods, which are of no use to the body. They want to starve us to death while at the same time selling us food that is lifeless and useless, making a profit as they slowly finish us off. People need to become aware of what is happening because the food supply affects everyone on the planet.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Daily News

I'm sorry I have been a little slow about posting lately. Will try to get back onto schedule tomorrow. I have been so entranced in what has been happening in the news lately. The news is ominous and the things I have been talking about for years are about to come to fruition. This is mainstream news now, forget alternative media. After the debt debate in the U.S. congress the President of the U.S. called members of the tea party terrorists. The BATF has been called up to watch out for anyone who believes in the constitution or goes to church because they are likely to be terrorists. How do they come up with that? It goes back to the bombing in Norway. Time magazine calls the bombing the result of christian fundamentalism. While I do not agree with Christian fundamentalism, I know exactly what they are trying to do. They are turning mainstream America in a bunch of terrorists. There is not much time left people. This is not a joke, this is real. Look for things to really starting heating up this month, and within the next year, be prepared for serious, serious assaults on the common people on this planet. It is getting very, very serious. I have been so in awe of the news, what is happening in the stock martket, what is happening in this country, and what is happening in the world, I cannot very well think of anything else right now. But I will get back to the spiritual message. I am however, very concerned for the people of the world, realizing that there is going to be vast change coming up very soon.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Line Five

Whenever a nation wishes to become great, there is only one way to do it. And that is through spiritual principles. It matters not how industrious the people are, or how well meaning. If they do not have a spiritual backbone they will fail to become a great nation. Therefore, after any reformation, or revolution, or overthrow of tyranny, if the new form of government is not transformed by spiritual principles, the new government cannot last, nor can its people maintain freedom.

Line five of the I Ching says, The ting has yellow handles, golden carrying rings. The Ting must have the capability of being transported from one place to another. If the new kingdom, or the newly reborn person, does not have a basis in the understanding of spiritual connection with the universal subconscious mind, that country, as great as the principles it may be founded upon, will "fall back into the moat" (hexagram eleven, line six) if spiritual practices are not instituted. If we do not discipline ourselves,there will of certainty be an outside power that will do it for us in the most unpleasant of ways. We must build our personalities, our families, our communities, and our nations on spiritual principles. The I Ching has been carried from East to West. It now has handles, (line five) through which this could be done. The West also has the Bible, which respectively has been carried to the east also. When nations East or West honor their spiritual traditions, and use the "handles of the ting" to carry their spiritual sources with them throughout their daily lives, and apply the highest and best of the principles incorporated into their respective societies, they follow a spiritual tradition that can transform their lives, their communities, and their nations into a living and viable entity that empowers us the best that we can be. But if we disavow that spiritual tradition, if instead we rely on cold dead materialism, and science that rejects any evidence of that which goes beyond physics, and insists that the material world is all there is, we as a society will lose our place of leadership in the world. In time our Empire, personal or national will crumble, and be given over to another. We must depend and rely on our spiritual heritage, honor it, give it place in our lives, and learn to become a "Chuang Tzu," else we will devolve rather than evolve. This is universal law. If we do not choose to revitalize our spiritual life daily, if we do not "practice chariot driving," if we do not carry the "ting" into our daily lives, we will be like the "wall that falls back into the moat." We need to recognize the reality of the aliveness and the consciousness of the I Ching itself, show it its proper place of respect, (hexagram twenty line four) and partake of its wisdom daily, else we fail in the great work. And if we fail, we start over from scratch. Education will not help us evolve. The daily activities of most westerners, and in this age, most easterners as well, will not help us to evolve into Chuang Tzu's. We must restore the Sage,the Holy person, to his proper place of honor in our lives, and give him more than lip service. Only then can we carry the message meant for us into our daily lives, and become of greater service to our fellow man, and become a higher vibrational being, full of energy and love.