Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Does 2012 Mean?

I just heard a most fascinating discussion of the meaning of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 on coasttocoastam.com. U strongly recommend it, but it does oost for a membership. There are monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual plans available. The monthly plan I think is %6.95. I recommend this particular program. It is about four hours long, the first hour is on a different subject however. But this show is excellent. The guest is David Wilcock, and his work is fascinating. This is not a typical end of the world discussion, It is not about cataclysm. The thing that is important is that it is the end of an age, and there are unbelievable changes coming about, very positive ones indeed. That does not mean there will not be cataclysms along the way. We are already starting to see those. They will not destroy the earth, however. There is a contingency on the earth that is going to fight this in every way possible, because they are absolutely dedicated to making sure mankind never finds out the truth, and they will try to kill as many as they can, but ultimately they will fail. (This last sentence does not reflect David's statements, they are my own.) Part of these changes will be technological, and part will be in the mind. We are going to start finding out how powerful we really are, and our technology will prove unbelievable by today's standards. As much as some will try to stop us from having this, it will come about. This information on the program is invaluable. If you can, listen to it. Coast to Coast is also on the air in many localities late at night, but you can not get archives that way, only live radio. They have many guests, some are quite interesting, some not so much, at least not to me, they all have something of interest however. You might want to find out when it plays in your area, listen up for the ones that are interesting to you, but the one last night was excellent.

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