Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Daily News

I'm sorry I have been a little slow about posting lately. Will try to get back onto schedule tomorrow. I have been so entranced in what has been happening in the news lately. The news is ominous and the things I have been talking about for years are about to come to fruition. This is mainstream news now, forget alternative media. After the debt debate in the U.S. congress the President of the U.S. called members of the tea party terrorists. The BATF has been called up to watch out for anyone who believes in the constitution or goes to church because they are likely to be terrorists. How do they come up with that? It goes back to the bombing in Norway. Time magazine calls the bombing the result of christian fundamentalism. While I do not agree with Christian fundamentalism, I know exactly what they are trying to do. They are turning mainstream America in a bunch of terrorists. There is not much time left people. This is not a joke, this is real. Look for things to really starting heating up this month, and within the next year, be prepared for serious, serious assaults on the common people on this planet. It is getting very, very serious. I have been so in awe of the news, what is happening in the stock martket, what is happening in this country, and what is happening in the world, I cannot very well think of anything else right now. But I will get back to the spiritual message. I am however, very concerned for the people of the world, realizing that there is going to be vast change coming up very soon.

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