Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hexagram Sixty Four Line Two

In light of all that we have been discussing, that of developing a deeper and more spiritual mindset that will create unity with our own higher selves and with others, the commentary on line two says, "An individual must develop within himself the strength that will enable him to go forward." The only way to do this is to study the sayings of the Sages of the past, study the I Ching, study all the sacred scriptures, and find within them the nuggets of truth that enrich our lives and make us better persons. The commentary goes on to say, "He must have a vehicle, as it were, to affect the crossing." The vehicle which will help us cross the great waters in the I Ching itself, or any holy book." It is only by taking hold, and discovering the secret truths within it that we improve ourselves, and become a Sage. In this way we "set our life in order and examine ourselves" (hexagram fifty one, the image). And the image of hexagram twenty six says, "Thus the superior man acquaints himself with many sayings of the past, in order to strengthen his character thereby." How much time do we really spend, with the TV off, the radio off, in relative silence, or even strict silence, and contemplate what we have read in the book of changes, or the particular sacred book of our choosing? How much time do we spend in quiet meditation, making our minds receptive to the council of the universe? If we do not do these things we create more disorder and disharmony in our lives, and it doesn't matter how many times we ask about our relationships or our career we get no where. We must know the source. We must be receptive to the source, and we must "practice chariot driving daily." We need to allow ourselves to be "guided by the forester" in hexagram three. We can not do it alone. If we think so we only deceive ourselves, and we will find ourselves in a "gloomy valley." Our minds will become more and more disoriented, until we find ourselves sick and alone, and desperate. We need to make use of the vehicle that will lead us across the waters, (see the Tarot card six of swords for a meditation on crossing the water). Then it will be said of us, that "we do not fall asleep and lose sight of the goal. We are strong and steadfast in our resolve."

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