Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update on the End of August

I misunderstood Mitch Battros when he was talking about the end of August. He was not talking about the beginning of calamities, but a ten day window during the last ten days of August when there would be some disasters. Of course, we have already seen some of this with hurricane Irene and the significant damage it did. As sad as this is it can also be said it could have been much worse. Mitch is saying he doesn't think this is the end of it, however. He thinks, emphasis THINKS, there could be another significant event during this time frame. The huge displacement of water could create one large or a series of small earthquakes in the New England area. There has already been one significant one on the east coast. We will see whether there will be or not. But so that people will be aware, there is another significant tropical wave coming across the Atlantic. There is a good chance it will turn northward and miss the East Coast this time, but it may not. It is expected to arrive, if it does not turn North, in about ten days, maybe nine now. It may be a good idea to visualize this thing turning north as so many people could be effected. But we will see what our karma is. Forewarned is preparation. I wish the best for everybody.


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