Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feeling Isolated Part Two

Hexagram forty five line six also depicts a time when we can feel isolated. The commentary says, "It may happen that an individual would like to ally himself with another, but his good intentions are misunderstood." Most of us have probably felt that way once in a while. the text goes on to say that signing and lamenting may solve the problem. This appears to me to be inadequate however, as is in the English translation. There must be more than this in the original language that would give us some clues as to other possibilities in this scenario. In some cases though it might be true that "sorrow and lamenting" would have a relieving affect if it makes the other person realize the problem truly was due to a misunderstanding. I doubt however, that this would ever be possible in personal relationships, but may be possible in business relationships. Hexagram three gives us a little information on how to penetrate into the social sphere (since that too is a "difficult beginning"). The commentary in book three says, "To rule by serving is the secret of success." In other words, when we feel isolated, when we seem to not be able to break into the group, when we feel like an outsider, the requisite action is that of finding a way to service the group. We must find a way in which we can be of value. When we can be of service, we can fulfill our wishes, and break into a closed group.

Line five of hexagram three, however, speaks of a time when even the ruler, (who rules by serving, has limited influence. When the first and the fifth line move, the two rulers of the hexagram, then hexagram two is depicted, in which it is necessary to be very receptive to our surroundings. We must follow, we cannot lead. But who do we follow, when we ourselves are leaders? When our influence is limited we must follow the guidance of the superior man, or the Sage, our Higher Selves, which speaks to us through the I Ching. We must learn its principles and its precepts.Only then will we truly be qualified to influence others. We can only influence others as much as we can be influenced ourselves. We can only expect as leaders for people to follow us in as much as we ourselves are willing to follow our own leaders. We must make ourselves receptive to the "will of heaven."

It may be that for the time our influence is limited, and we can only keep our rivals in check with friendly persuasion (hexagram nine) But it we truly keep to our spiritual source, the time is "bound to come, sooner or later, when the difficulties will be resolved and all will go well." (See hexagram fifty line two.) When we understand this principle, which is also mentioned by Jesus when he said, "But seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you," then we attain peace of mind, "the peace that passes all understanding," because we understand this principle, that we can "go out and meet our destiny" without fear or anxiety knowing that all is well in the spiritual realm; that our lives are totally guided, and often the thing that seemed the worst for us turned out for the best because we just let go and let it happen.

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