Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hexagram Fifty Line Six

The planet is currently undergoing a transformation, which fits in with hexagram fifty very well. The 2012 date of the Mayan calendar does not mean an immediate one time disaster for the planet, but it does mark the beginning date of the transformation to the new age. The sixth line of the I Ching normally depicts a final time after which the new age begins.

Right now, there is a concerted effort on this planet to destroy all forms of religion. This is a very subtle thing, and those that attempt it do not show their hand openly. The days of the Samurai in Japan are gone. I have been told that in China most people in today's world are not that familiar with the I Ching. In the West people who go to church, who claim to be christian are now accused of possibly being terrorists. The world rulers want everyone to believe in a materialistic world with no spiritual realm involved, because if the people believe in life after death, if they believe in firm moral principles, or that there are more important things than life, they become much more difficult to control. Therefore there is a concerted effort to destroy any form of religion. In countries like the U.S. that have a constitution that guarantees freedom of religion, they attack the constitution and say that it no longer applies in our age. These people will win temporarily, and humanity in be in the grips of the enslavers. Yet their day is coming as well. This does not happen over night, but the destroyers will be destroyed, and the beginning of this time period will be the end of 2012. The book of Revelations says, "Here is the faith and patience of the Saints, they that live by the sword shall die by the sword." In other words, our karma is going to be visited upon all of us, big or small, elite or not. First on the little man, then on the big, the elite. Therefore, many of the sixth lines of hexagrams show a battle of some kind. The first two hexagrams certainly are of this variety. They depict the end of the six ages of mankind, at which time there is return, hexagram twenty four. The return is to that of a new righteousness, not that taught by a controlling church, or a naive group of faithful followers, but a true righteous that rightly comprehends the forces of karma, and reflects it in their life.

Therefore, the fifth line of hexagram fifty shows us that the handles of the Ting are not allowing the I Ching to be carried, that is to say, to be moved to a new age. But it is still important that we understand it. The fifth line therefore achieves the proper attitude, and is willing to listen to the sage in the sixth line. This will be the case when the purification rites of planet earth will be over, and a handful of people open to spiritual development will inherit the earth. The ancient texts will be revisited, a new understanding of them will come, and the people will be like the fifth line which is open to the teachings of the Sage, (all true spiritual teachings. As such the commentary says, "Thus the work finds favor in the eyes of the Deity, who dispenses great good fortune, and becomes pleasing to men, wherefore all goes well." The new age will be a wonderful time of peace and prosperity based on only one principle, that of spiritual development. Then we will truly understand its teaching. Our minds will be set free, and we will "hold to our higher self, and not be led astray." May that day come soon!

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