Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Health Food Stores Raided

I should get back to the I Ching tonight, but there is something very disturbing going on in America now. The FDA Is raiding health food stores, one in Los Angeles was hit yesterday, for no other reason that that they distribute health food. Owner's are being imprisoned, stock and cash are being confiscated, and store's are being put out of business. This is ultimately because Monsanto wants it that way as they want to be the sole distributor of food, and they intend to distribute genetically modified food. Soon no one will be able to get healthy food. Also, I hope people are aware that these Salmonella outbreaks and e coli outbreaks and other things that are happening are happening because big business plans them that way, to make the public accept irradiated foods, which are of no use to the body. They want to starve us to death while at the same time selling us food that is lifeless and useless, making a profit as they slowly finish us off. People need to become aware of what is happening because the food supply affects everyone on the planet.

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