Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A slow moment

It is a slow moment, because I have to watch Boise State University play football tonight against Fresno State. In order not to waste time, I am doing as much yoga and such as I can while I watch. It is necessary to do yoga and some form of qigong or tai chi every day. See hexagram 26 line 3. "Practice chariot driving and armed defense daily."

The book of Daniel predicted that in the last days humanity would be very mobile, and knowledge would be greatly increased. Wow is that ever true today. Obviously people are far more mobile than ever before, and I do not remember a time in my younger years when you could walk down the street and hear people not only speaking Spanish and Chinese, but Romanian, Russian, Japanese. French, and Thai. What amazes me even more is the number of books that are coming out now, relating not only advances in the science of physics, but all the sciences, brain wave technology... It is a brave new world. The Hebrew King Solomon said, even in his day, "of the making of books there is no end. One should study for the theoretical background, but at the same time must put the knowledge and information to use so that it becomes wisdom, and a superior person.

Some of the books I recommend, if you have a billion dollars to spend on books anyway, are: "I Ching, Oracle of the cosmic way," by Carol Anthony, "Tao, the watercourse way, by Alan Watts. "Mystic Path to Cosmic Power," by Vernon Howard, "Cloak of the illuminati," by William Henry, all of Sir Lawrence Gardner's books, any of Ken Wilbur's books, and "Putting on the Mind of Christ," by Jim Marion,

Well half time is just about over, so expect something perhaps a little more exciting tomorrow.

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