Saturday, November 04, 2006

A new Age

Among some circles over the years, it has become somewhat popular to be a part of a so called new age movement. However, you can count on it, anything that is popular is wrong. Not that there isn't a new age coming, there is, and not all the new age movement is wrong, only that part of it that has been popularized.

I don't have time to look it up right now, to know the details, but in the new testament there is a story about Jesus telling the disciples to follow a man carrying a water jar to the upper room. Ideally, this is where the passover meal would be eaten. To the average Christian this is simply a story about how the disciples got together to eat on the passover for the last time before Jesus's execution. However, it appears to have a greater meaning. The man carrying a water jug to the upper floor is a picture of the symbol for the age of aquarius. During the age of Aquarius we go into the upper room in the sense that we gain a higher level of consciousness.

The Mayan calendar, and the Egytian for that matter, tells us of the end of the age in the year 2012. I have done a great deal of research on this, and am sure, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this calendar is correct. It is also the same story in allegorical form in the Jesus story. I listened to the dreamland show tonight on and got some confirmation of something I had expected for a while. Not guaranteeing these dates are correct, but they certainly are starting to pop up as very significant.

In June or July of 2005 a bill was signed in the U.S. and Britain, requiring the use of a national ID card starting in 2008. This ID card will be tied up eventually, if not right at first with an RFID. That means that you will be tracked every where you go. Everywhere. It will also be required to make any purchase anywhere. That means, if you don't accept it, eventually you will starve. Now to me, though I have heard no one else talking about it, it sounds exactly like the "Mark of the Beast" spoken of in the book of Revelations. Whether it is or not, I have long felt that it would be after the NID goes into effect, that the final demise of the old age will go into effect, and the new age will be in its early stages. The interviewee on dreamland mentioned in reference to the Mayan calendar, that things will really start unravelling in 2008, Over the last several years, the planet Pluto has been transiting the sign Saggitarius. Pluto is the planet of tumultous change and disruption. Saggitasrius is the sign of religious zealots. With the terrorist attacks of the past we can see this fit. In about 2008 Pluto moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of Government. Convulsions, massive changes, and disruption in government will be the rule. A church lady I used to know always said, "I do not know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future." Perhaps it would be a good idea to know who holds the future.


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Thank you anonymous, for that info. I will look into it, as the Mayan calendar is of vital concern to me.

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