Friday, November 17, 2006

Not much going on

Not much going on during this mercury retrograde, although I have found that the only time a mercury retrograde is really meaningful is the time that mercury is actually stationary, and that is the stationary at the beginning, not the end of the period. It seems like the few hours maybe a day or two right during that time is the time of significant communication failures, and then only for those who's chart resonates with that particular retrograde. But maybe not. At any rate, my computer will not be fixed til the end of the month, because the computer repair person is on vacation, and my laptop will not arrive til about that time also. So in the meantime, perhaps it is better for the most part anyway, just to meditate on and chew over the lessons...

One of the I Ching hexagram images says, "thus the superior man goes indoors for rest and relaxation." That I think is a good thing to do periodically, all the more refreshed to start the lessons once again at the appropriate time, for this is the way of heaven and earth, everything in its proper measure, and at the appropriate time.


Jose Carlos said...

Hi Gene

You know me from the Division Theory forum. I'm JC.

How are you these days?

When I read through this text of yours, two ideas came to my mind. First, about attachment. Then, about Epicurus, although I actually have never read Epicurus, except for a few excerpts.

We are very much attached to our computers, aren't we? I don't have a laptop, either. So, when I am traveling around (I do a bit of traveling with my family twice a year), I have to stop by lan houses now and then just to have a little surfing, check my mailbox, etc. I know I can't stay too long away from the keyboard and I don't think that is good. Anyway...

As for Epicurus, he wrote about proper measures, didn't he? I think that had he read the I Ching, he'd have felt very familiar with it. He wouldn't be surprised, but being surpised is probably out of the proper measure, isn't it?


gener202 said...

Hi Jose

I finally got around to writing something about attachment on this site, there should be more later.