Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hexagram thirty continued

While the rain, (of hexagram twenty nine) pours downward into the earth, the light of fire radiates upward into heaven. So to, the soul and the spirit, at death, the soul goes downward into the earth forces while the spirit rises to heaven. In the Wilhelm Baynes commentary in Book three it is stated, "n order that his psychic nature may be transfigured and attain influence on earth, it must cling to the forces of spiritual life."

And in the same way the soul must cling to the spirit and vice versa in order to maintain a union of spirit and soul at death, then it can be said of the person as in the book of Revelations, "and I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go no more out," into further reincarnations that is. But the psychic nature must be transfigured. As the apostle Paul said, "awake thou that sleepest." All of the greater mystics have told us that we are asleep and that we need to wake up. We are in a deep sleep, for we do not know our true nature, that we are gods. When the pharisees accused Jesus of making himself equal with God, he answered, "Does it not say in your own scripture that ye are gods?"

The first line refers to morning. Here we are just waking up, the commentary says, "The mind has been closed to the outside world in sleep," and the footprints run crisscross. This is because we still do not understand the depths of meaning of what has been presented to us. Meanings are still unfamiliar to us, and so is the depths of our spiritual nature, so we do not know which way to go.

More on this later

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