Monday, November 27, 2006

At this point

At this point, I have, since starting on hexagram thirty, actually talking about a hexagram
to Carol Anthony’s. She feels that six hexagrams seem most often to give a full story for a self development type reading. Hexagram thirty was not the first hexagram. Hexagram sixteen line five was the first one. Here is the sequence as I received it. I hope to discuss this sequence of hexagrams as we go along.

1. Hexagram 16 line 5 changing to hexagram 45.
2. Hexagram 30 line 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 changing to 8.
3. Hexagram 36.
4. Hexagram 48 line 2 and 6 changing to 53.
5. Hexagram 61 line 1, 2, 5, 6 changing to 2.
6. Hexagram 24 line 1, 2, 4 changing to 40.

Hexagram sixteen line five describes a person who seems to be under pressure, but his central position keeps him from becoming desperate. This person keeps on going in spite of the pressures incumbent upon him. We can often get this line when it seems things are not going our way. We work and work and work, and there seems to be no good results. Since this line changes to hexagram forty five, we can conclude, though not necessarily, that the pressure that we feel relates to our desires and needs to congregate with others. We care about assimilating, and creating a group, or a circle of friends for a common goal. Since hexagram thirty, with the changing lines enumerated, changes to hexagram eight, we get a confirmation of this particular subject. Hexagram thirty also relates to clinging. Once again, the particular them of this hexagram that we must pay the closest attention would be that of clinging to a group,

We have already discussed to some extent esoteric ideas implicit in the lines in hexagram thirty. One thing we should reiterate at this time is that the lines in this hexagram refer to the way of the superior man where,” he cultivates himself, and awaits the allotted time.” He is not concerned, nor fearful of the future. He is at peace and content with himself. This can only happen, however, when there has been a “real change of heart.” A man must be born again, so to speak, not necessarily in the fundamentalist Christian sense, but must gain full understanding of his place, purpose, and function in the cosmos.

The final line, line six, carries this on further. When a person has recognized his or her own inner thoughts, and has had a real change of heart, the person begins the task of disciplining themselves. Bad habits are rooted out, and the person works on what has been spoiled.

In continuing with the theme of being persistently ill, feeling a lot of pressure, hexagram thirty six suggests that the superior man does not “unresistingly let himself be swept along by unfavorable circumstances.”


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