Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And again

It has been well known in the East for centuries that all things are connected. Now, western science is beginning to catch up. (Why is it the scientific field which we have so venerated in the west is in many ways centuries or even millenia behind the thinking of the East. There is no scientific evidence... Did it ever occur to them that there is no evidence because they don't know every thing yet?) Hexagram 30 tells us that this is an image of a net in which animals are ensnared. The entire universe is an intermeshing net, in which we are trapped. We are all a part of the universal whole, and in that sense we are all one. There is no separation. The atoms, electrons, quarks, whatever that make up matter are all interconnected, and the latest scientific evidence shows that fundamental units of matter are really universal, and even seem to be aware of then nature of other electrons that are at a distance. This is because all matter is maden upn of mind stuff. Matter exists because of the vibrations created inn the mind of, shall we say God? Knowing this is true, and recognizing the reality that there is no separation, how careful should we be that we treat our fellow man with respect, dignity, and fairness, for in hurting another, we hurt ourselves.


Michelle said...

It's funny you should mention Western science catching up....

I watched a program recently where they talked about Albert Einstein's theories, and one of the images used to describe how everything in the universe affected everything else was a big net on which the planets, suns, etc., sat. It described what happened with the vibrations along the net when the heavenly bodies moved close enough together to gravitationally influence each other. It seemed like they were describing hex 30 for sure!

gener202 said...

Hi Michelle

You and my website seem to be synchronistically connected. It is good to hear from you.

I love my new laptop, except that it is hard to get used to the keyboard. But there are a number of coffee shops where I can plug in at no cost, and I can use it with the battery only, it is just great! Ijust need to add more memory even though this one has significantly more than my previous.


Michelle said...

Hi Gene,

My son bought a laptop but didn't like the keyboard either, so he took the one off his desktop computer and plugged it into the laptop. Perhaps you can do the same if you like your regular keyboard better. Personally, I don't think laptop keyboards are very wrist-friendly. Glad you are enjoying your new computer, though!