Monday, November 27, 2006

Clinging to something

Hexagram thirty, being a doubled hexagram carries with it, as distinct from hexagram 56, the concept of fire that replenishes itself. In hexagram fifty six, the fire is constantly burning up its fuel supply and moving on to new sources. This concept is also born out a little in hexagram thirty line one which changes to hexagram fifty six. But here the fire clings to its original source which in some way is always replenishing itself. In hexagram thirty man replenishes his spirit by being dependent on and clinging to the "harmonious and beneficient forces of the cosmos. Man must realize that he or she is not in this life alone. If we try to control others, and our environment, it may work for a while, but at the critical moment it breaks down. It is only by giving up ocntrol, investing in loss as we discussed much earlier, and that is the "way of the cross," (let a man take up his cross daily, and follow me, as Jesus said), that we find ourselves aligned with a higher power that does have control, and does not burn itself out. (Note that line four burns itself out. There may be a discussion of that later.

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