Saturday, November 25, 2006

The network

In hexagram thirty we are told of an intermeshing net wish we can rightfully understand on one level as the interconnections of all people and things in the universe. Line one tells us that when our minds are closed in sleep, we are not aware of our interconnectedness. When we begin to awaken we begin to realize the connections but the concept is very fuzzy to us. At first we are simply partially awake, and we don't recognize the means or the why or the wherewithall of the interconnection. It is only through self realization, and inner composure that the outer forms begin to have meaning in our lifes in the sense of recognizing the inner connections. As we study, meditate, and mull over the impressions that we are receiving through life experience we begin to put it all in place. We also recognize that the things that happen to us are not haphazard and accidental, but actually come from deep within for the purpose of teaching us through life experience. Once we fully understand this principle, then all that follows will be seen as a purposeful series of events leading to our own soul growth, and the recognition of who we are and the higher mind within us.

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