Sunday, November 12, 2006

I hope soon

I do hope soon, that I can create a webpage on a regular website, not to get rid of this one, but to link to this one, for a number of reasons, among them, I can keep the links readily available, so that the don't eventually scroll away. Also, maybe eventually I will do an ocassional reading, so that people can get a feel for what my style is like, and maybe even create a reading program right on the site that people can use. But don't expect it soon. It takes me forever to get to anything. I haven't even gotten to some of the books I bought five years ago, so be patient. nevertheless, after Christmas, I hope to get a laptop, and take it with me wherever I go. Then I will get more done.

Christmas. for some reason, has always been a time of year that is the hardest financial burden of the year, and it doesn't involve Christmas gifts. I don't mean I'm hurting in anyway, it just seems to cycle around that way and I have seen it happen year after year. Last Christmas it was a bunch of dental stuff, plus getting ripped off by an ex roommate for a lot of money, and a few other things too. This year a new computer is going to cost me around $1000 I suspect, not to mention all the files that are gone, including a lot of I Ching work that was meant for a book I hope to write. Usually by March/April though, which is birthday time, things lighten up and I am fine. Anyway, enough of that. I suspect there is something in my astrology chart that relates to that. Being an Aries, Capricorn is the toughest time for me... Maybe, just maybe my old computer is still salvageable, but I still want to get that laptop regardless. I have all kinds of dreams, too many for my own good. Do we all dream? I hope so, they say it is good for you.

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