Sunday, October 01, 2006

We Westerners are so impatient. (Western compared to Asia I mean). We expect everything like, right now, and with microwave ovens and cell phones we generally get it. But what about the game of life itself? Hexagram five teaches us something about patience. It tells us that it is not possible to accomplish everything at once.Well, we knew that didn't we? But I suspect, not really. How much time does it take to really accomplish something of value? Rome wasn't built in a day you know. It all depends on how we look at it. And how much lasting value do we really want our achievements to have. If you are looking for spiritual mastery, I suggest you look at it from the perspective of several lifetimes. If you want to learn c+ programming, go to college. C+ programming will get you more money, spiritual growth will save your soul, best if you can do both, but can you? We each must decide which direction we want to go, life is a sacrifice, quit complaining about that truth and sacrifice.

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Michelle said...

Hi Gene,

In talking about sacrifice, I always like to go back to the original meaning: to make sacred.

In that light, yes, we should all do what is required of us to make our life sacred.

When we make a choice to pursue one thing, say an education, we must give up something else. However, making our life sacred has nothing to do with "giving up" but a lot to do with "giving." :-)