Sunday, October 08, 2006

A quiet heart

Again hexagram 52, the W/B version states that the hexagram turns upon the problem of achieving a quiet heart. Why do we need a quiet heart? In order to achieve balance one must know both movement and rest. When we rest the mind we become more in touch with the inner self. Why do we need to become one with the inner self? Because here is where true power lies. Oh, not necessarily power over others, but power over ourselves. Why do we need power over ourselves? We discipline ourselves to reach for and attain the goals we desire, but more than that, we become one with the cosmos. The Wilhelm Baynes version of the I Ching says in the commentary on hexagram 52, "...therefore he has that true peace of mind which is needed for understanding the great laws of the universe and for acting in harmony with them. Whoever acts from these deep levels makes no mistakes."

More on this later.


Michelle said...

Hi Gene,

This is true...if we listened to that inner voice of intuition, we would never make a mistake. It'st only when we don't listen, or try to second-guess the inner voice that we end up in the wrong place.

gener202 said...

Hi Michelle

This is true. It takes an unusual awareness though to know what is truly intuition and what we wish to think is intuition. How often I hear people say, "if only I had listened to my intuition" when earlier I had heard them say, my intuition tells me.... It can be a tricky thing.