Friday, October 20, 2006


Chi is a novel concept to the west, or at least it was fifty years ago, now it is accepted in some circles, and some scientists are doing some work with it, while the mainstream still doesn't want to accept it. If they did they might have to accept that there is something beyond the physical. Of course, those scientists who insist there isn't are losing ground fast. You don't believe in conspiracies? Here's a prime example of one, a conspiracy to make sure no one looks beyond the physical. No scientific evidence! What a crock. Would it be too hard for the scientists to admit they don't know everything, that plenty of so called science is still being discovered, and fifty years ago they said there is no scientific evidence for things that there are scientific evidence for now? Whoops, can't say that: Because there can be no scientific evidence for something there was no scientific evidence for before. ahem! Let's get on with it, leave the scientists with their foolish arrogance, with their false bravado, and their insistence that because they are scientists they know everything. Actually, some scientists may be getting close to knowing everything, but don't expect to see their papers out too soon. The establishment won't tolerate anyone rocking their boat, just as the Pharisees in Jesus' day wouldn't allow him to rock the boat, or shake up the waters. We can't break with tradition, now can we?

Anyway, Chi, what is it? Well, the closest translation in English is energy, but that in itself doesn't cut it. So you have to speak a number of words to even come close to what the Chinese meant by it. I prefer to call it life force. Some call it bio magnetic/electric energy. In Star Wars Yoda called it life force. That doesn't complete it though. Even the Chinese of today, I am quite well convinced, don't fully understand the meaning of this word. For there is an intelligence in it. It is alive and it is aware. Maybe not the type of awareness we have, but an awareness nontheless. Now that doesn't mean it just takes a notion and follows that notion willy nilly regardless of any laws or principles, for it is to a certain extent law and principle itself. But it does have a mind that acts, and while it, like electricity, will follow the path of least resistance and follow other natural laws, part of its law is karma. So don't expect to be able to learn to use chi, develop it within yourself, then go harm your neighbor with it, its law is karma, like anything else. Actually, it is anything, and everything else.

Now the interesting thing about this Chi is that it follows the principles of duality as well as everything else, and even though it is one unified whole, it has two sides to it, yin, and yang. We are getting back to this principle, but more on this later.


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