Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just as I thought!

No one is out there listening. Well, I will carry on a conversation with myself here for a while I guess. It doesn't hurt me to remind myself of eternal truths now and then. For the Great Treatise, the I Ching says something to the effect that, it does not proffer enough to read the words, one must take the text, internalize the lessons therein, and make the text his/her own. In other words, the dail.y lessons have to be lived, not just intellectualized. Do you think you have the great wisdom the master's have? Then perhaps you are not honest with yourself about who you really are?

Is the world what you think it is? An objective reality outside of yourself independent of you? The other night I dreamed I was a butterfly, but then again, perhaps I am a butterfly that dreamed he is a man. Or perhaps the whole world is an illusion created by our own minds. Indeed, it is. It is, it truly is. "I thawt I thaw a puthy cat. I did, I did thee a puthy cat." (The world according to tweety). There is wisdom in everything. Why do we not see it?

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