Monday, October 09, 2006

Trying to get some links here

I am not sure how this works, but I want to add some links, as I get permission, first of friends, then of sites I think are important. Above is my first one, but I am not sure it will post as a link, you may have to type it in.

Okay let's try this again.

Now it works. click on again and it automatically goes to Michelle's website.

Speaking of which, nutrition is an important part of developing oneself as a chuang tzu or a fully integrated individual. More on this later.

And here is a website I would like you all to visit. This is a very, very important website. It is gnostic in nature and has an extremely important message. Click on message and it will take you to

Here is a special site that is really good for those who are interested in the I Ching for divination, or want more information on it of a different type than what I present, or want a community of friends for interesting discussion, and general friendship, I recommend...This site Click on this site, and it will take you to

Okay, lets do this again, this time it will take you direct to Hilary's answers. Click on direct.

And here is a wonderful site that will help explain what gnostic christianity is like, it is a multiple level of audio recordings about, generally, the gospel of John from a gnostic viewpoint. You won't get this in a typical sunday school. Click on Sunday school.


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