Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hello everyone. A short note on timing. This will have to be carried on more at a later date, because time is of the essence, but just a note about how everything is a sine wave. I will later relate how I came to this conclusion a number of years ago. At any rate, a sine wave has a rise and a fall. It has amplitude and frequency. More on that later.

At any rate, the I Ching is a tool to inform us as to where we are on that sine wave. Sometimes we are on the top of the wave, and everything is easy, and goes well, as in hexagram 35. At other times we can do nothing, as in hexagram 51 line 4. But nothing ever stays the same. It always returns to its opposite. Hexagram 54 line 4 tells us that "movement is crippled." It is as if we are in a prison cell and cannot go anywhere. However, nothing remains the same. The meaning of the I Ching is the book of changes, because everything changes in accord to the law of entropy, and reverse entropy. Often it is only a matter of waiting. In hexagram 3 line 1, it mentions that "our freedom of decision may be impaired, but if we bide our time, things will quiet down again, and we shall attain what we had hoped for."
At times we may be able to accomplish small things only, while we are waiting for the times to change. This is the case in hexagram 62. In hexagram 29 line 2 we get much of the same meaning. "We must calmly weigh the conditions of the time, and be satisfied with small gains. But hexagram 45 tells us that by putting together small things over and over again, it eventually comes up to something big.

When we cannot do anything in the outer world, we can still do something in the inner world. We can contemplate the situation, and look to spiritual guides in the inner world. We can also contemplate our own life and the results we are producing. It is only when we have contemplated, as hexagram 20 tells us to do, and know the causes in the inner world, that we can bite through to the truth of the situation, and make the situation fluid once again.

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