Sunday, October 22, 2006

building up chi

It is by building up chi that we build up life force, by building up life force we increase health and longevity. This is something our western scientists are only beginning to understand. And the only reason for that is the influence that has come to us from China, Japan, and Indian yoga that has forced them to sit up and take notice.

There are multiple means of building up chi in the body, Mantak Chia is probably one of the foremost authors on this, and he has written maybe as many as twenty books on the subject. Another author is Yang, Jwing Ming. He writes more from a martial arts standpoint. He does more questioning of his own, trying to find deeper answers to the meaning of life. If you want longer life, I suggest you find a valid, I mean valid, Chi Kung, or qigong teacher. If you are close to a larger city there is probably one somewhere.

In ancient China there were two apparent groups of I Ching users, or two models, one being the Confucian, and one being the Taoist. Don't get me wrong, they are not mutually exclusive, but their focus and emphasis is different. Didn't mean, of course, that you couldn't be involved with both. The Confucian model was concerned with ethics and morality, while the taoist model was concerned with energy manipulation. Due to the fact that the Confucian model has survived more intact, this thread will concern itself with that more. But as more study is done, and more emphasis is made by me on the meaning of the trigrams, rather than just the lines, more will be discussed on the taoist model also. It is with great regret on my part that the taoist model has not survived so well intact. At least not in social circles. I am sure there are those who follow the taoist model, but they are not talking, and perhaps with good reason. The knowledge of energy manipulation can be very powerful.

Remember though, true power is not power over others, it is power over the self.

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