Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few short notes

Just a couple of general notes for now. As far as the gnostic side of this discussion, as I reread Peter Novak's "Original Christianity" I realize that a lot of what I might say is already in the book, so a third time I am recommending that book as a marvelous study in gnostic Christianity. And I will try to limit my personal discussion a little bit more to the I Ching except in areas that are not covered in that book. I am not at home right now, when I get back I will get out a few of my other books that I think have awesome content in the book and link to those books. In the meantime, here is Peter's website. And here is a link to another interesting book by Freke and Gandy that I think is very very good. These authors have at least one other, I think two, books that are in my opinion very illuminating.

A further note. I have received an email regarding a complaint about the pearl.org website. It is stated that this site plagiarizes material and creates their own documents. I am not removing the link because the link is specifically to the audios on the gospel of John which I think has a lot of value. As far as the accusations, I do not know one way or another. The reader can decide for him or her self.

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