Monday, October 16, 2006

A lack of seriousness

Often people get into metaphysical studies not because they are more moral than others, or even more serious, or what some might call high quality, or great, people. They start to study metaphysics because their life is not working. But too often we get caught up in looking no further than something to help our immediate life, without realizing that there is a deeper message. We tend to reject this message because, even if we recognize it for what it is, it does not seem to fit in with the nature of reality that we have been taught growing up. Therefore we reject the deeper message. In the same way in Jesus time many of his followers eventually rejected the message because it was too difficult to swallow. Often those who reject the deeper level insist on a lower level message and create a cult or a religion around it, thinking this is all there is. Hexagram 63 line 5 discusses this. It speaks of greater and greater outer forms, but inner seriousness is lacking. In hexagram 4 it is said that the inexperienced tend to obstinately cling to unreal fantasies. These unreal fantasies can be our view of an objective world outside of ourselves. In hexagram 4 line 1 it is said that the inexperienced are inclined to take everything carelessly and playfully. The inexperienced must be shown the seriousness of life.


Michelle said...

I think that there is another reason that sometimes people reject a deeper message.

It is so different from their current beliefs and understandings that they just can't grasp it without time to ponder the significance. Problem is, they seldom take the time, or someone else tells them it's not worth the trouble, and they just give up.

gener202 said...
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