Thursday, October 19, 2006

Michelle's Words

Michelle has some good things to say here, so I thought I would make it a post as well as a comment.

Michelle wrote

I think that most (if not all) sacred writings are written so that they may be understood on many levels.

A very simple outline: First there is the level of taking a writing literally, then there is the level of taking it symbolically, then there is the level of living what you have learned....becoming a living symbol of the writing as, for example, the way a Daoist does with water symbolism.

In order to get there, yes, the ego has to go. The thing I have noticed about people and the Bible is that most of them are ruled by the ego, and are too intent on convincing you that, whether literal or symbolic, their interpertation is the only right one, and if you don't believe and follow them, you're going to hell. (I guess some of them haven't heard that the church has admitted that hell is not real.) They spend much less time living the lessons, which is a shame I guess. (I don't actually know too much about the lessons and the Bible, so I better stop talking before I get into trouble!) :-)

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Hi Gene,

I'm honored. Thank you!