Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Side Post

I have been listening to several, many talk shows lately, and reading as much as I can, and have received information recently that is blowing me away, when I thought I knew pretty much everything. I cannot even begin to pass much of this information on. Most of the material is not new to me but has been put in such a light I have to redigest and regurgitate this material on a regular basis to fully understand it. So many people automatically assume that when you talk about 2012, conspiracies, weather patterns, etc., you are just trying to instill fear or reacting fearfully yourself. Nothing could be less true. There is a golden new age coming and it is going to be unbelievable. It is appearing more and more that in this new age people are going to become fairly adept at CREATING THEIR OWN REALITY. Yes, I mean exactly that. This is coming. But the world rulers, the elite, who operate from behind the scenes do not want mankind to know this or be able to put it into practice because it marks the end of their rule. That is why we see in mainstream news daily more and more information that those in the know would understand as a financial rape of the world's economy for the sake of the elite. The hum that many people are reporting hearing in their cities is caused by the creation of underground bunkers as those who are elite, and have a technology that is not available to the common man, to be used to protect themselves from the mayhem that is coming. At the same time, they are forcing inoculations on people presumably to protect us from flues and viruses, but really have cancer causing ingredients in them, as well as other dangerous substances. See the story about inoculations in Texas where young women are being brain damaged by drugs in vaccines. Of course the drug companies dispute it, but it is being reported all over Texas.

There is too much to talk about. Who knows what comet Elenin is all about? There is much speculation on it. I don't know what to think. So many things happen that those in the know realize have deep connections in the human psyche, but don't create any disturbances big enough for the who are strictly on the literal level to notice. This is an exciting time in many ways. We are gaining so much knowledge so very rapidly, yet the majority of the world still concerns themselves with such things as "Dancing With the Stars" or college football, at the expense of any real education. Education does not end at the senior year, it is a lifelong challenge. And there is far more to the world than what we learn in college.

As I digest these things, and come to understand them better, I will try to pass on all the information that I think is really valid. As the apostle Paul said, "Wake up, thou that sleepest." And as Jesus said, "When you see these things happen, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh." These things are not to be taken necessarily literal, although sometimes there are literal aspects to the story, but the real story, in all sacred literature, is allegorical and symbolic, and not to be taken literally. The trouble is there is no end of learning the meanings, and will we ever get to the bottom of it? Well, the book of Daniel says of the last days, "Many shall run to and fro, (traveling from place to place regularly) and knowledge shall be greatly increased." We are living in the last days, (of the Piscean age) and knowledge is beginning to be greatly increased, more so than we can imagine, even about the allegorical meanings of the books. A new age is coming. There is much destruction in the meantime, but we will survive overall, and face a glorious age more than anyone can imagine.

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