Sunday, September 04, 2011

Odds and Ends

Well, the first week of college football is over and it was an exciting one for me. Boise State won their game against Georgia, and is hopefully finally gaining some national respect but we will see.

National weather continues to be a problem, and international as well, as there are two serious tropical storms, one in the Atlantic and one in the Gulf that could cause problems. The one in the gulf, called Lee is already causing problems with massive amounts of rainfall, and we will see how serious it gets. Japan has been hit by a typhoon in the last twenty four hours, and has had some damage. There have been some earthquakes and volcanoes in spots, serious, but not enough so to get much national news coverage. However, it seems apparent that we are being at least a little besieged by natural calamities and such, and will monitor it to see how serious it gets. We are in a period of turbulence around the globe. It doesn't mean end of world, but it will be serious for a while.

In the meantime we check in with the story of the global elite, and for the present it seems that not much new is happening, except that the story of the fast and furious project gets more serious. Nevertheless, many of the people involved are likely to go scot free because that is the nature of the way things are these days. Some may ask, why aren't people being arrested like you predicted. The answer is, they don't need to be yet. Not everything is yet put into place by the global elite so that they can do anything they want. This is the way they work, very slowly. If they worked fast the would alarm people, and the world would wake up to their activities and fight back. But it is coming. Ron Paul, in answer to some questions while on the campaign trail stated that the government is getting ready to invoke martial law and clamp down as American's become more aware, and realize how serious the economy and other factors are. We might have riots in the streets here. Not tomorrow, not the next day but it is coming. Once again, they mover very slowly.

The I Ching, and other sacred texts are a master mind of information that people could use to understand what is going on. Yet so few people use these books. If so, it could wake up people much faster. If we only understood where the global elite come from, and that they have been around since the beginning of modern man. So much info is lost because the global elite insist that sacred books are just books written by cave men and are not to be taken seriously. Before they taught us that they taught us to take them literally so that in time we would find out they are not reliable, then they could put together the next phase of their plan which is to belittle the sacred texts and make them out to be a joke written by cave men. So much wisdom is written into these books that I wish I could get a lot more people to listen and comprehend why I keep preaching about unity and higher selves. We could literally change our lives and then our societies if we understood this one basic concept.

Hexagram eight teaches us that unity is the natural way. Just as water that comes down as rain finds its way back to the oceans and collects into a unified whole, so is it the nature of mankind to do the same socially. But the unity has to be for the right reasons. The right reason is not by force as in hexagram seven unless it is necessary to create a collective force to protect a country. The right way is to let those who belong together come together as in hexagram eight. Each person finds his or her right place in the collective as he or she sees fit. And though they choose one group over another, still the groups fit into the collective whole. The same needs to be true within ourselves. We need to find the collective center, (lines two and five) and allow the center to draw all personality fragments into one collective whole. The only way to do this is to understand that there is a greater part of ourselves than the conscious mind, and we need to recognize this and integrate all parts of us into one collective whole. Then we become chuang tzu's or the "superior man."

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